Friday, June 19, 2009

Me Love!

Never had i thought that time flies, flies as fast as this. In a year time, I am now in my second year and in a blink, i will finish my diploma! FINISH DIPLOMA! When I feel like i was just a newborn. I still can remember when once i had straws fetishes, i used to drink using it where ever and when ever i had the chance too. Then on one fine Sunday, daddy gave me a foldable straw and i was so fond of it that i used two hands to hold it and i forgot about the porcelain cup and down it went. I was so shocked that i will get canning from my mum, i ran quickly out straight from the house door towards the porch barefooted! I did not get canning but i got laughed at. what turf!

If i must too, i have got a lot of childhood stories that i can tell cause i remember those vividly cause i was so cute like that what turf! I was a fat little girl that when people walked past me even strangers, they would stop abruptly and give me a pinch on the cheeks or a big fat hug that suffocates. Then i would just laugh. They said i was cute. But i think(as now i look back with pictures)i was too awfully fat! And i feel disgusted. That's why now diet lo!! Lol~
Point is, NOW SECOND YEAR COLLEGE ALREADY! My friends ditched me and went head on with presentation cause their name starts with A and mine is V! what turf! Why wasn't i named with early alphabets too??! But i still love my name! ^^

The two besstie cum presenter of the day!
Amelia so proud what turf! You watch out girl! Lol~

we both hate our own hair cause of the faded colors that made our hair looked like our head rusted or something like that! Like lala what turf~
So we were thinking of blonde-ing ourselves.. We want something outrageously chio but can't decide on it!

Us again!!! Yes! Bleuks!
And the duo! This funny extravagant duo! Me Loves!
Yi Shuan and Wei Gen. And we both got hard time remembering their name cause it is MANDARIN!!
Actually they just slipped into our picture but they still can smile like they were supposed to be in this picture! Lol!

The camho-er! Lol~ And yes, she is booked people! Lol~

Then we went back together and we yet again do the silliest thing ever!! Lol~

Not only that i lean to it
i scraped it!
with my ticket!!! Lol~
Look at my gleeful face! hahahaah!
*picture by Amelia*

She too then join in the fun and started to scraped the paints off too!
with her nails!!!

Kami Anak Malaysia!!
Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! xD


fluotone said...

quote:The camho-er! Lol~ And yes, she is booked people! Lol~

Awesome! I would like to make a reservation for 2 please. Say, next sunday, your place 8pm? Lol!

=.= destroying public property. This could be used as evidence :> naise~~~

last but not least,
You've completed you Diploma. Well done! Study smart champ!

Victoria said...

HAAHAHAHAA!! booked!! lol~~ nice one!
hm~ gonna end diploma next may la my dear faithful reader! but thanks for the wish! ^^

fluotone said...

2 words.. Jia You!! o.^

Victoria said...


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