Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Then

And then she decided that she was too lazy to blog about her last two days in Malacca with the reason that she is busy with her assignments and tutorials but has the time to online as soon as she reach home.

And then she decided to not continue her 365 project but just to continue doing normal post with the reason that she always need to memorize the number of the post before hitting the "New Post" tab and then quickly jotting down the following number before her puny brain forgets. Also with the reason that she does not blog constantly now due to procrastinationS, she has lost count, literally, with the amount of post that she did and how much she need to continue. Lastly, she still don't get the difference of that project with the normal blog post, with the exception that we jot down AGAIN the date that has for our post. Ridiculous ain't it??

And then, she was so angry today and she burst all her unhappiness and sorrow and frustrations to the uncle that sells book at her college canteen. Partly was his wrong because he seemed and sound like he doesn't want to sell the Malaysian Law book to her and kept making her go asking for it hour by hour day by day~
Her outburst also sourced from her tension-ness with her new college semester and she seem to be unable to keep up with the pace pathed by her other collagemates! She wants a really good long vacation in Bali and does spa cheaply, everyday~

And then to make her day today even worse, her wisdom toothS had finally realized the boredom of being engulfed by gums and decided that today is the best day to keep on continuing growing out~ and might last for the next week, or the next two, or the next three? FML~
I can't even open my mouth to talk, laugh, chew, bite with having the tingle of pain! Does God take away wisdom tooth miracously if i be a good girl and ask and pray everyday, day and night?

And then the public transport were the only thing that finally made her sigh in a sigh of relief when it came aften 5 minutes of her waiting and reached home earlier than expected. But fml too cause i had been in college for 9 hours straight for classes and i might sumarrize myself as NERD! NO WHAT TURFFF~

There were so many "and then" in life that made us kept saying "if only i knew"... Coincidence never exist, i believe~ I believe that eveyrthing moves and rotates around with a purpose made and assigned by the hands above.

*her last~ And then he eyes now has this prickly pokey feeling and it is annoying shit ok!!! Fuck weh! So i am going to go sleep now and keeps eye close~


fluotone said...

hey champ,

I can help with the tooth if you want. All YOU need is a few painkillers and all I need is a string and a door :>

poor canteen-book-selling uncle. that is why.. never mess with a womans wrath :p

cheer up dawg. today will be better! :)

samanthacje said...

girl, dont be so upset! go sleep and when u wake everything will seem better i promise! :)

Stanley said...

Came across your blog so though I'll say hi! I have wisdom tooths too so I can relate =D

Victoria said...

@Stanley:hey!!! finally someone that can relate!!! <3
I shall go visit you since we related lolwtf~

Stanley said...

HAhah, thanks for dropping by! LOL, my eyes almost popped out when I knew that it costs around Rm600 to pull out wisdom teeth! And I have 3 =_=

Victoria said...

ARH WTF!? Omg stan! really? goshness! I got two! My god! omg~
*drop opened jaws*
I could get hell loads of shoes and bags and clothes and shoes and bags and clothes and shoes again*did i just say shoes?*

Mygod! Then it is all settled and out? cause mine is still very stubbornly attached and hell pain

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