Monday, June 1, 2009

MiFi MoFo PoFo From Both Besttie


First of June. Yay or Nay?

As for me, yay i suppose cause both of my besttie/sisters/elder sisters, lol~ they will kill me if they see the word ELDER, bought me early way way too early birthday present but i love it wey!

YES! Mifi is my new found love!

No~ I am not Mifi but i am your new found love/a happy bitch! xp
supposingly this picture is nice one wtf but i shook my hands cause i took this in the KTM.
Was on my way home after a very very happy day!

Mifi baby enjoyed the right too though its does not show in her expression and luckily she is wrapped in plastic bag to not dirty the place if she barfed!

Went to MidValley to have lunch with Jessica Tan, my jie! I thought of like suddenly appear in MidV and message her to say i am there so come have lunch to surprise her la~cause it's my bad for not meeting up. But plan fail abit i assumed, cause i messaged her to confirm her where abouts! Lol~ Nevertheless, we had a great time at Sushi Zanmai, didn't we jie?*winks*
Might have pictures if she uploads people, she is very the busy this days!

Mifi baby on couch!
I am going to hug her to sleep every night now~ so ditching my Bear Boo~

* i got my reason for getting a Mifi instead of a Mickey.
* i feel that Jessica jie and I had so much in common that i find it weird as in "HOW TURF CAN LIKE THAT LAA??"
* eh, i can't Twitter with my phone! How?? I will die being not connected to the "world" for three days okkk~~ F wey~
* ok damn disappointing wtf, turns out that our English teacher is Ah Neh wtfff~ Lady samo! potong stim!


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