Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awesomely Madness!

Mad hot today and the few days ago and the few weeks ago and the few months ago! Can die what turf! And burn fats! Lol~

Today's class was "awesomely" boring! It's like today is super special that none of the class interest me! Not even Business Law! Let the picture do all the explanation and here are my say of "When You Know You Chose The Wrong Course To Be In!" by Victoria Poh Must cite la~ Or else people go copy right it themselves! xD

when friends start to camho you and you just strike a pose and say "Cheese"!
In her case, its "HAHAHAHAHAHAH"! Lol~ Madness!

when you got so bored of camho-ing people and things around you, you start to camho yourself! xD
see my pink nails! chio or no?!

when you rather sacrifice sleeping time and think that you can sleep in class and still pass with great grades! Ain't this girl and besttie of mine super awesome!
So i shall name her the Sleeping Ho! Lol~

when everyone is misusing the computer even though there were no internet connection, they some how find simple web building tools like paint and start to just sit there and do coloring!
Lol what turf! I still love them all!*muackx*

btw, realized that a lot of computer are not on?!
That is how TARC's computer lab is~ Got loads of computers, but can't use! Double sweat!

when you start to camho with friends that sits a sit away from you!
see my sepek eyes! Lol~

the multi million dollar capture! Lol~

Love ya all! continue reading my not so interesting post ok!?
Bye for now!


fluotone said...

the last picture caught me off guard lol! i almost had a heart attack hehe! not so sepek(t) after all :D

Stanley said...

U in TarC? Cool! AHhaha, I have many friends who study there.

Victoria said...

@Fluotone: lol~"the last picture caught me off guard whats that suppose to mean? good way or bad way?? hehehehe~
I used to be very the sepek wan!=x

@Stanley: really?? are they still there now?

fluotone said...

I'm not saying any further *whistles away* :p

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