Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tickity Talk Talk

I know when i MIA from blog sphere, i will be "away" for a few days but when i am back, i talk a lot or in this case, i type a lot. There is just so many things that i feel like telling the world today cause i am not ashamed like that what turf.

So~ i procrastinated yet again another whole day today and not doing my assignments! In this case, assignment which is WDM cause i went and check out what is required and i found that it is quite easy and might can finish all up last minute. But i need to download a few things like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, so am downloading now but it is taking like forever!~ So the excuse now is, "The stupid farking thing not downloaded yet!how to do la what turf!!"

I check my emails everyday and maybe like gazillion times perday cause i am so busy and famous like that what turf. No~ i check cause i like to check! Lol~ Joking~ Then i received an email title "Wonderful Scenery". So being the gungho bitch about scenery, i was more that excited and i totally hypervetilate when i saw those awesome picture taken from all parts of the world. Then when i scrolled towards the end, mahai! out came a super scary looking blue color boy/ghost, the one from JU ON that goes "ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" non stop and freaked the shit out of me. cause it is wee hours now. Thank a lot Jia Jiat!

On the other side, i saw this really nice pictures of dessert which made me go hungry now! And to make it fair, i want you all to be hungry with me too! Muahahah!!! so here goes!

There!!! My sweet but sinful love! THE LOVE FOR ICE CREAM YA ALL!! Though i am lactose intolerant but i will still eat this babes! Lol~ I got the sinful love for chocolates too but i though you all might be super bored already cause you get to see but not taste! Later you all lick the screen! Lol~

Finally download reached 50% after 3 hours! FML~


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