Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malacca Prophetic Seminar

This is such a back date post that i procrastinated for 4 days to do this post with the reason that i am too tired and i have loads of things to do, which i don't, for the time being and just wasted my time Bejeweled Blitz-ing ... FML~

oh wait! I just counted! I procrastinate three days only! Fuu~


This was a Thursday, where i got class till 6.30 p.m but i skipped it and quickly rushed down to Kuala Lumpur and waited for mum and drove all the way back to Cheras just to bathe and then out again, heading straight to Puduraya Station. My first time there and i think it is awesome, minusing the funny smell, the overcrowded-ness, and the amount of foreigners there! It was like an old fashioned untaken care of mall in the station itself! How chio right!

Then we were directed to our bus but this funny ticket man whom directed us to the wrong bus, almost boarding it to Johor! what turf~ Then luckily my aunt realized the accident made and quickly got down before we were shipped there illegally~ Lol~

Finally settled down and awaits the 2 hour drive to Malacca.
Yes, i looked tired i know, i saw the eyebags, i notice the unruly hair~
Don't have to pint point ok~ Lol~

This is my point of view. Me from an altitude!
You know why?? Because! I finally get a wish come true and that is to be seated on a double deckered bus WITHOUT being in London!
Except for the altitude, nothing much impressive about Malaysia's double deckers.
It is fucking small! No place to even walk up and down, or make out! Lol what turf~

Reached exactly thw hours later, with no R&R that almost cause me to pee in my pants all the way there and the fucking sit is so unadjustable cause the space is equals to no space, i nearly broke my neck! xD
Greeted by my another aunty and was taken back for a good night rest~ A room by myself! wee~


I should count this as the first day. Woke up really early cause i am not used to other people's things especially bed. So had a great long morning chat with the aunty that i feel i am so near the twilight of being an aunty! Lol~

To church then!! And the folks here are really very different from my own church. People here all worships like nobody's business and they don't mind kneeling down and shouting out loud in praises~They just enjoy worshiping God. How i wish my church people would just leave their ego down and worship like there is no tomorrow! That would be awesome right!

Then they had this really big space outside meant for cafeteria purposes, for us to just sit down, eat and talk..

Where there is food, they will be crowds...
How come i don't see that in many needy homes~ PEOPLE~

Their senior pastor, Pastor James who married a Chinese lady named Pastor Maggie..

The founder of Prophetic Seminar, Pastor Paul Ang who married an Indian lady named Pastor Christina Ang

Invited speakers from India which is very comical and i did not sleep and listened through out! How awesome!

The super duper awesome band and the cute saxophone guy! Oh my god, i'd fell for any guy who knows how to play the saxophone!

The handsome yet talented song leader which i got a so not flaterring picture of him here singing! Great awesome voice~

The two beautiful sweet voice back up singers!
Excuse my big flab! Lol~

Ok~ i shall continue my days 2 and 3 in the next post cause the uploading of the photos are melodramatically slow and i got better things to do than to wait it load.


k@i-cHi said...

Oo pastor Paul Ang! He come to my church to share once in a few months...He is funny!

Victoria said...

Really?? but he is budak klang la so thats not very surprising too! and yes he is funny! he likes to do the cina apek smile! lol~

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