Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Vox!


A short update for today and even though this is nothing interesting i will still update cause i will not be able to go online for the next three days starting from Thursday! Please miss me ok~ Lol~

Class today is awesome like seriously! And i had finally reconfirmed that i am either born to LOVE laws and history and those shenanigans or my mum tried to talked me out of it but still i should have taken Law course and proceed to being a lawyer! Because today is my very first day of Business and Cyber Law tutorial class and indeed, the old apek is berry the boring but still, i concentrated and i listened through out due to my interest in law cause i am like so kepochi like that what turf!
Then when the class ended, our NEW class representative did the sweetest thing ever, and that is by askingforcingus three to stand up and self introduce to the whole class cause we are the new membersinvaderslike that. Then they asked whether am i related to one of our previous lecturer just because the lecturer favored me and always called my name in the lecture hall.. like what turf =.=

Overall, that was the nicest thing i had ever since experience for the past one year from my college mates. Cause the last class's people were as snobbish or more than sluts. And now i shall declare that i am nothing but SUPER FREAKING AWESOMELY DUPER TARANTULALY HAPPY that i am now in a new class with the bestties.

Friends forever yea~

Then then then~ damn happy la today cause i no know that i am not alone and the saying is indeed true, "there are many other types of trees in the forest, so why cry over a tumbled one?"~ And so i shall open up the options and live by it. I will never ever sing "Baby come back to me" cause now i know, you're not one in the million...
And please don't stalk me, don't just appear offline on msn cause i know you're there, don't just come and read my blog, don't just view my photos... and pretend you had never whisper those words to me. It once hurt but not now, I'm so over you.

* I realized that a lot of people heys me in msn but when i hey back they stopped talking! what turf is that people?! If you don't intend to talk, then don't even bother to say hey~
* He was really in a bad mood today and i feel pissed off by him too, i don't know why but everything he did is a prick in my eyes.
* Ok! I love my new class!
* Ok! I am damn excited to go to Malacca now since i still can Twitter from my handphone! Just got to make sure that it is loaded with moolahs and the battery is always full! So follow me at
http://twitter.com/Victoriagape, see my tweets and my updates! Thank Kay-uu~


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