Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Tribute to My King of Pop

As everyone would have know, The King of Pop has finally left us and thus the industry is now at a great lost of one really very talented young soul.

I am not being hu ha and only appreciates him when he died. I HAD ALWAYS been a fan, a great fan of him but i don't go around saying "HEY PEOPLE! I LOVE MJ! I THINK I AM GOING TO MARRY HIM WHEN I GROW UP!" Hell no. I am not as such. But his songs plays through my Mp3, Mp4 wherever and in whatever situation i am in.

I jumped up from my morning usual sleep in the car routine when i heard the radio commentator say "We are in a state of shock when we received the news that our King of Pop died of a cardiac arrest." I went what turf and i wanted so so much to replay to hear what i thought i just heard when what i thought i just heard isn't just a thought but was what and how i heard it was.

Thus, i leave it as a defame that people used to pull on MJ when all his life has people defaming it so i thought "what turf! another defame la kns! how can he die? got concert what this July!!!"
Honestly i was that damn pissed off when i thought it was another defame cause i am very looking forward for his world tour concert, his great comeback! Even my cousin from Japan awaits and bought his tickets. Now wasted lo buahahahahahaah!!! erhem~ excuse. I am still sad. Please.

I remember how mum tries to cultivate us, ok it was just only me, to listen more to music as i was quite a loner when i was younger as in 4 years old onwards. Loner was me cause i am very exposed to the "another world" so everywhere i go and do scares me and that holds me back from going to ANYWHERE. Thus grews my love for Elvis Presley and then Michael Jackson. Though i love Elvis more cause he was the first pop king, another era that is but here is my tribute to my first love when i had started to know how to love, and that is to Michael Jackson.

No. I am not going to post a great big ass picture of my idol here like everyone does in their post of tribute for him. I am just going to keep this simple and nice as how i always wanted MJ to be in my heart. A simple yet sweet hearted man with a great big talent hiding all his mystery. I used to think MJ of Phantom of The Opera due to his love for plastic surgery (i think he looks smexy being black though) and thus that plastic replaces the mask and also hides his true inner self. People never wanted to know about him but to just enjoy his Thrillers and Black or White which really represent who he is. He sings about himself. To those that does not or pretend to not know Black or White, go have a hear, you will know what i meant.

I will now miss the original MoonWalk, the Grab Crotch dance, the Glitzy Spinning Wheel spin, his great big sexy high tone "OWWWWW!!" and most of all his smexy "Heyyy" sound which made him sound gay and orgasmic to girls! Lol~

The King of Pop.
Michael Jackson.


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