Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to More Civilization

I am now back in Kuala Lumpur after 3 days being in Malacca for a christian conference. Malacca was awesome and so is the conference, never regretted to go though i was suppose to go to Standout with Tiger and Nuffnang. There will always be a next event right, Nuffnang..*winks* but this conference comes unknowingly, so i think i had made the right choice and i thank all my friends who tells me about the goings of the event and the pictures that they took there. You guys and girls had a damn great time, right??!

There are a few pictures that i would like to use to blog about my event but i left my cable at my cousin's house and yet to go get it, maybe by end of this weekend.. till then, i could hear the pictures screaming "I WANT OUT!" Lol~xp
I never thought that a small place as such like Malacca could give me nothing more than the feeling that i am in Kuala Lumpur. There isn't really much difference being in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca,really but Malacca has more trees all along the road and the people there don't just simply go whack down your car/the car windows no matter where you park your car. We could just leave the main gate wide open, knowing very well that they will not be any case of breaking and entry unlike Kuala Lumpur where even just a crack of the window, you will come back to an empty house.

Bottom line is, i am back and i miss Malacca's environment and my aunty there. I too need more than just a three day trip to a non-Kuala Lumpur-likely-place before i start working out my ass on assignments and courseworks, but i am very clear that that could only be a wish.
*whack ass and start studying!*

*the classmates are such sweet hearts because they actually invited us the three newbies to go to an outing with them eventhough we don't mix much with them. But we declined cause we want to study, sleep and we are broke what turf! Me especially.
*i am actually currently in the mood where when i go online, i tell myself i should update my blog and not abandon it and then reluctanly logs into Blogspot and ended up not blogging. I am not tired of blogging just yet, but it seems like i don't have the strength and the will power to type with my super long nails which kept getting stuck under the keypads what turf right~ LOL!

Till then~


samanthacje said...

cut ur nails lah aiyo! :P

Victoria said...

Samantha babe, cant! Lol~ annoying right me! Lol~xp

fluotone said...

ya listen to sam, she has a point :p

Victoria said...


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