Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Week of ...(you fill it in)

Presentation week begins. Meaning that i can do less on tutorial and i can just walk into the class without my tutorials and just to have fun sitting there listening to people talking. Some are awesome and some are just, well, a tad bit too plain and i totally ignore and talk to the others.

Within this week itself, i learnt, self learn that is, people would do anything just to get to the top. In this case to get the best or highest marks in presentations. People would go all out to impress and be impressed. People would defame others so that they get all the good sit and sits there and laugh. People would even bring innocent fishes to tutorials and get the tiny fishes all scare when we kept knocking onto it's home howling for it to fight! When that darn fishes just want to swim around and be dandy.

well, i was the one that keep knocking onto it's home and then awaits them to start fighting cause i want to get the best shot of this Fighting Fish. But all i get was them swimming upwards cause i think they boring kept touching the ground. That's my two cent point of view cause i wouldn't know. I am not a fish. Totally homosapien that is typing! Lol~

But those are some awesome looking fighting fishes right? I totally love the white one.

There are also people that wouldn't care about anything or anyone around them and then selfishly lavish themselves in what favors them. Totally being ignorant, 24/7 around the clock and when karma its them, they jumped up and approach you with "What happened just now ar?"

Like this guy here. He sleeps through the whole day in, be it tutorials or lectures. Its like he is a nocturnal and he can't stand when the light hits his eyes and he must have it kept shut.
There are even more pictures of him sleeping but i think one picture speaks a thousand words. Ok~ i totally changed that say! haha what turf.

People always say that, after a hard week, it is time for all be it monkeys donkeys frogs or anything in between to rest and savors their one week of sowing. Then it will be reaping again for the week ahead. Ok~ so i totally sow and reap myself in the pool today and was omfgwtfbbq awesome fun!

totally wasted and dewasted myself out in the pool today and i think my swimming got better! I am currently on a train to regain my last time record of two minute under water, to regain my stamina, that is what i wanted to say.

So i cam-ho while waiting for the other which are my aunt, mummy, cousin brother and his wife to all get ready and head out to have brunch. I was so so hungry here after two hours swimming! Solid swim ok~ Cause i am aiming the V body shape! Yeays!

then i went and run around holding the camphone and started snapping pictures with thy loved nephews! Here is Yuan playing the comp when a minute ago he shouted,"Yi!! come and take a picture of me playing the computerrr~"
Then when i took it, he look away! what turf! xD

I then plushed back down to the chair and there comes my happy family!
I heart them! And especially loves this two rascal which had bring me higher up to the family hierarchy and made me a proud Aunty.

Though i am only 19.


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