Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got Unwinded

It was helluva week for me and with the help of my classmates, we, the three newbies got ourselves all comfy and laughing all the way through out classes and lectures too till i got my name, my surname that is, called out for laughing and giggling all the way what turf!

Got a few things all rolled up and packed up to be handed up to the lecturers, thus a heavy burden lifted of thy shoulders. Me and another besttie got really close and good to the few of the students in class too. Not much cam-ho-ing pictures cause we had got no time, but the rest does! So i had all my studies look, my terkejut look, my cheeky look, my sleeping picture etc all over in their phone till i had got no idea how much and how widely spread it is now! xD Oh wells, they wouldn't make use of my pictures la~

Meet a blogger that day in college when i was in a state of auntism and was in the state of pandarism too cause i did not sleep the night before sweating on my law report. I must say, we met and stared at each other in the most awkward situation ever but nonetheless, i am happy that you know who am i and now we acknowledge each other. Hope this friendship last a mile longer on each mile.

Slept very very less this few days thus the eyebags. Hm~ wonder whether has i grown thinner?? Cause rest less and eat less plusing the stress. Stresses would be more appropriate. Then why do the rest still has the time for OO Night or whatever shit nights that they are having! Can't they like do it abit more glamourous and please, don't reuse things that were use for the newbies of 2008 at the year of 2009! That shows poverty! Lol~

Other than that i am still very very healthy, not H1N1 affector and affectee. Bro isn't one too but he has all the syndrome! what turh~ and i saw an awesome pink furry mask for the H1N1 today! But why furry??what turf


fluotone said...

Rumours, and I stress rumours
have been going around that 4 people from your educational institution is infected with H1N1 and that err school nearby is not helping either..

SO stay away from me! :p hehe ..

other than that, glad to see you dedicated with studies but its equally important to-get-some-sleepism too allright =)

Victoria said...

@Floutone::yea i noe! God! they were all talking about it this past few days and i have resorted into shaming myself by using the awful looking mask cause i kiah si like that! Lol~

Hm~ sleepism will continue as soon as i am all done with assignments! ^^ thanks for thy concern!

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