Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh My God

Title will be a tiny winny bit of misleading i guess~ But well, your author here is also a tiny winny bit lazy for words so i shall picturized it all for the few days that i had not blog. Picture is random and not in any order..

The famous durian and coconut cendol in Malacca that i ate the other day and i still can taste the taste of the rich durian in my mouth.
And no, i BRUSHED my mouth ok~

The super fake and commercialized Malacca tree! So fake and so commercialized how Malacca has been and i feel that they are on this tiny winny bit of being too over commercialized in promoting the greatest Land of History in Malaysia till they almost stappled everything there
what turf~

It is easy and legal to change my own gifted name.
Though i sound like i am some retard kiddy in big human body with that name here~
Can i say what turf~ My name is Victoria with a R-I-A, not L-I-A~

It seems that my new classmates adorns and loves black as much as i do too! Now i have every reason to shout to the world telling how i very the love my classmates!
And they ARE my elements! Love~
*eh got X on my table like X-Men wtf* xD

Now i'm speechless, over the haze i can't see ya~
So don't blame her if she knock ya~
Cause we'r all blinded by the haze~


FAT #2
And yes, i post two fat picture of me cause i like to humiliate myself like that
what turf~

The weather is wilting me every by the second now and god, the haze~ I thought i got allergies with my geolens cause i see things at a very unclear sight and i was worried sick! Then only i realized that the haze got worst as days goes by...
Even after a heavy storm. Only God can create a miracle and clean the air now.Fast.


Jeffro said...

Hmmm.. should i start calling you FVP? that stands for FAT VICKY POH.. =P

fluotone said...

a new development.. this fascinates me =)

Victoria said...

@jeffro:lol wtff! i dun like ppl call me vicky with my surname, it just sounds weird, i duno why but sound weird la wtf~

@floutone:what new development? you mean the horizontal development? lol!

fluotone said...

ya the one that goes horizontal and vertically downwards..hehe!

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