Monday, June 22, 2009

TOEFL English

For once in the past 5 weeks, i had been wasting my precious time going all the way to Setapak from Cheras by public just to attend the one hour or was it one and a half hour English class and then waste another 3 hours just to reach home, then i sleep through out the day cause too damn tired.

I love languages. English, Bahasa Melayu, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin.. you name it and as long as it is a language, i don't mind if i were to have to learn it. I even sacrifice time just to go to the pathetic one hour class ok. Even so, the class and the teacher isn't as great as once i thought college's English classes would be a tad bit more harder compared to the secondary level. Sadly, it's the same. Blardy same. We still have to learn the present tenses, past tenses, conjunctions, the -a and -an vocals, those ironic phrase that i like so so much etc.

During my first year second semester in college, i was so happy to see that i will have English class as one of the unit and i told myself, "hey! that's a secured A!". Yes, i am proud like that and i did get my A! An A+. Sorry i show off like that cause i am vain like that! Lol~ Then there wasn't any more English classes till now. But it doesn't have any difference, just that we have to do more live performance spontaneously like making your own advertisement in what ever form and tell them why we chose that medium, you know, things like that.
You know what, i don't know how to relate my college's English class's standard to the topic that i want to say, The TOEFL English.


To those that doesn't know TOEFL, it is Test Of English as a Foreign Language which is a standardized test of English for academic purposes, and is commonly used in university programs as a benchmark of proficiency in English for entrance requirements. Which also means that TOEFL brings English to a whole new level compared to what we used to study over and over again for 13 years! The same whole fucking thing for 13 years and yet there are people that still fail English what turf.

As a language lover, i would surely love to bring and test myself to which stage i could go and then stop and scream "I had enough!!" which i hope is from a high altitude in life. I would love to learn TOEFL. Reason?
Cause i planned to work and travel. People told me not to be so stupid cause there aren't work and travel and things aren't as clear cut as how it was made sound to us. But no harm giving TOEFL a try and then only i decide on the work and travel case right? Initial plan was to study till i get Advanced Diploma in E-commerce and Marketing. Yes, read again, TARC only has Adv Diploma and not Degree which i think is a waste of time doing Adv. And money.

I believe so that TOEFL can bring me far, if i pass my TOEFL that is and if i could and i would, once i am outta this country, i won't be back. With the whole family of course. People always say that grass are greener on the other side of the world. Personally, i don't think so. You still have to strive hard and be treated as an immigrant. But at least, the money currency or value there are greener than this side of the world ok! That i believe! So let's rephrase people, its~ "Money value are greener on the other side of the world"

pst, i got no class today! Going to watch "Drag Me To Hell"! Finally!


Strictly English TOEFL Tutor said...

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fluotone said...

wtf.. and already spam has invaded your comment box :P

how was drag me to hell? did it literally drag you to hell lol =)
I heard its a spooky show

Victoria said...

Floutone::LOL! that was what i thought so!
Drag Me To Hell was awesome! You get to laugh and to get spooked at by the great theater sound actually. There are quite a lot of flaw but you will still enjoy it!

Go have a watch!

Anonymous said...

Instead of the TOEFL, have you heard about the PTE english test? (Pearson Testing of English Academic)

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