Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Vox!

Hell yes! There is another vox online and that is not me. It is not even my own hosting domain what ever what ever, but i got surprised to see when i vainly tried to google myself. Instead, i got to Vox, or something like that the link. If the link doesnt work, just google Vox!

To add to the irony of it, i still name the blog Voice of Expression and i still name myself vox. Surprisingly, that name is still available and the blog add too. So i am going to stick to it and try my very best to update here and there. In fact, i updated a post at and now i am updating here. Sometimes i feel so stupid that i had to tell of the same thing twice at different places. First, it made me sound like a despo and am begging people to please notice me and read me. Well, hello~ News flash, I am not! And i will not be attn seeker. Hell no! Secondly, don't you all just feel dumb and annoyed that you have to repeat things twice, let the arena of different place to stand.. Well, i feel that it is stupid and actually a waste of time. Though i know some would just copy paste! Whst turf~

So yes, the bottom line is i would post twice of the DIFFERENT thing on the DIFFERENT blog site. that is if i update la ok~ What turf! This days i had only Malaysian Law assignments for breakfast, Business Communication studies for lunch and Fundamentals of Marketing for dinner. I even had supper lately with my Web Page Design for Marketing. Ain't my life cool! Makan buku, tidur Buku, main Buku!! lol~

If you all want to be Vox, then you all could visit the another side of me here at Voice of Expression which is the second blog! Who wants to make a bet that Vox can't last long with two blogss????!


samanthacje said...

i dont get it!

Victoria said...

Go then you will get it sammy!

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