Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Media Launch @ MIECC, The Mines

As most of you who reads my blog would definitely have come across the most mentioned name for this year's blog posts and it's none other than the grandest party ever, Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing. Being lucky, I get invited to every Hennessy Artistry that are held in Kuala Lumpur!

The final one happened on the 23rd of October 2010 but this time around, they held their media launch a day earlier and we totally had fun and got the privilege to drink and drunk a day before the real event where people drink drank drunk drunk and drunk lol!


Was actually late by an hour + on that day because I had something to do earlier on and a lunch appointment. When we arrived, Da Mouth, Kardinal, and the rest of the line ups were scattered all around and some were no where to be seen. I din't get to see Mizz Nina personally and did not get a picture with her! *emo*


But I've got a picture with Kardinal! *woots* And as soon as I stood next to him, everyone went "Woah he's a giant beside her..". Honestly, I don't know whether is that a compliment for him/me or is that an insult for him/me, being short all my life has really made me grew accustomed to hearing such a thing, I shall think that that is an insult to him and a compliment to me! LOL!! Kardinal was really really friendly and after the media launch, he rushed over to a radio station and was right away to work again, promoting Hennessy Artistry that was/were held at MIECC the very next day.

Most of the bloggers were then there to savor Hennessys with mixtures of Apple, Citrus, Berry! Loads of photo taking session and this time around, they built this photo-frame-like with the word 'Hennessy' printed at the bottom and there goes us~

"Hennessy ROCKS!"
Like totally!

ShannonChowz, Moi and Samantha Winchester(shall give you face and not call you by your real name!) LOL!
Future Hennessy babes? Lol! Not the center one please, 5 feet only, too short, 6 inch heels also won't help wtf wtf *emo*

Thought that this is all for the Media Launch of Hennessy Artistry?
You're so wrong because~


What is a Hennessy event without Hennessy itself!! Me getting myself a cuppa and a cup after that, then two cups after that, a cup more after that that and more~ *infinite*

Since I was late right, I was actually walking into the hall in a very rushing manner and I wasn't aware of people around me then suddenly someone called out to me. Took me a few second to make out who's called out my name and realized that the person was Ashleigh!

Finally, a picture with you! =)

Ashleigh is practically at EVERY Hennessy Artistry, working with them ba~ =) Very very good PR skills and me likes him, very friendly indeed. "A girl's name for a guy" is always what he would say whenever people asked of his name! Lol FYL man, F.Y.L =P


Thanks to Helen a.k.a Helenness (but please people, don't call her by her Twitter handle la hahaha because it sounds funny) for the invites for every Hennessy Artistry. And special thanks to SimonSo and his BlupBlup for giving me extra invites too! Yes, I've got 4 invites to Hennessy this time around =P

Everyone that was there and probably some left and I did not get a picture with you all *sad face*

I, then left to KLCC with Samuel to settle something but still unsettled wtf fml... But both of us were very much excited for the real deal!

Can you feel our RAWR-ness for Hennessy Artistry?!!

Stay tune for updates on the day itself!
Monday, October 25, 2010

Just a Lil Update & Sea Monkeys

Bonjour, it's Monday again and after a long but eventful weekend, my Mondays seemed blue-r than ever and all I'm looking forward for are nonetheless, WEEKENDS. Epic win-ly, my weekdays are spent getting invited to events and planning them in order so that none clashes and that I can go to all because I'm kepoh like that wtf lol!

Woke up feeling all sick on my Friday, 22/10/2010 but then everything starts from then. The best weekend I would say =)

Hennessy Artistry's Media Launch @ MIECC, Mines
Lol! That is Jason Ong hiding and holding to the bubble talk, pictures with my tak malu Samantha Winchester babe! LOL!

Managed to go for the media launch despite having a tight schedule in the morning. Was really thankful for Jason Ong because he managed to F1 us there and I had a great time ber-camwhoring with every one though I was there an hour + late and all the line up are all done with their speech and some even went back already fml. Still I had the awesome-st fun day taking silly pictures =P
After event post on this will be up soon! It was fabulousness =P

Then it's Saturday,

Belanga @ Empire Shopping Mall, Subang

Went to Subang in the late Saturday afternoon because I was invited to a food review and to tell the truth, this is the first time I'm doing a food review and I don't really know exactly how but all I did was eat eat eat and I am a VERY picky eater but I ate and ate so that really does explains all, right? A review up on Belanga Cafe really soon, so stay tuned for more Kelantan dishes and names you've never(probably)heard of =)

On the same Saturday, it was Hennessy Artistry!

Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing @ MIECC, Mines

This is crazy I tell you and just when I doubted MIECC, this place is freaking huge! It's like 2 football field in vertical. The amount of people that were there, awe struck me and being short isn't really much of a help but thanks to 4 inches and so on, I can see everything wtfwtf hahaha! As Samuel darling got his OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER (no, the guy in the pic is not my Darl wtf)for the night, I was really really up close to the stage and hopefully baby gets really good shots and I will be doing a cover post, with pictures all credits to Samuel =)

Dropped dead tired as we reached home around 4 and slept only at around 6. We knew the time because the Azan was to be heard already and am still talking our heart off haha!!

Korean BBQ & Steamboat @ Seoul Garden, One Utama.

This is where my blog post will start as all the above are just to tell you what are the upcoming post that I will be doing because I need to wait for pictures to be uploaded and people to tag me the pictures so that everyone is in the post that I will be doing =) But too many friends weh, so if you don't see your face on my post event post, no worries, you're still my friend and I've probably talked to you anyways =D

The food there is awesome and with a tummy filled with Hennessy from the night before, I was so hungry I can eat 2 horse RAWRS! It's kinda true because when Samuel stopped eating, I was still there happily bbq-ing my Bulggolgi Chicken and fishing out what is still boiling in the steamboat soup hahaha! Had an awesome lunch with Samuel and his famille consisting of his elder sister and his mother =) thanks aunty for the awesome brunch *loves*

We were then all so bloated, we then went for a walk at One Utama and hehehe, I finally got what I wanted for so so so long at InQBox!

Does this looks familiar to ANYONE?

I chose a pink tank out of the rest of the blue and green one because I want to act girly and make Samuel look girly because I placed this tank at his house teehee wtf he loves me much!

I bought my Sea Monkey!! And no, I did not buy rubbish that costs me a hole in my purse and no, this is not RM80+ that you see in Toy R' Us because this only costs me RM18 at InQBox. I really really love InQBox because they sells all weird shit things there but I seldom find the need to buy things there because some aren't really worth the price =)

The things that came in the pink tank are, a big packet of Water Conditioning Powder, a capsule of my Sea Monkey eggs and a small Tupperware of Food for them, just like in the pictures below~

Water Conditioning Powder and Live Eggs(in a capsule wtf)

The Eggs in a capsule! Which Bie claims it to be plankton =.=
I shall hereby declare that this aren't planktons like the one in SpongeBob SquarePants RAWR!!!

The Food to feed the fellas.

Anyways, I left it at Samuel's place and all I ever did in our process of having 'babies' are just pouring in the conditioning powder and let it for 12 hours(yesla!need to wait for 12 hours before pouring in the eggs!). Samuel then poured in the eggs from the capsule at around 4ish to 5ish this morning. And supposingly, the fella will be seen swimming around after a good 3 - 4 hours in the water but Samuel saw none this morning at 730ish *sad face*

Really hope that there is something and I wasn't con of my RM18. Shall wait for Samuel to go back and tell me what can be seen in the tank now =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jason Chan @ Brotzeit KL Malaysia

Jason Chan a.k.a WaLauWei on Twitter, by far is thecraziestmost frequent visitor to the 2 weeks old Brotzeit at Mid Valley Megamall. Claiming to have the most delicious pork knuckles in town at Brotzeit, Jason once again invited some of us over at his "crib" for some noms noms and loads of beer *rubs ze beer belly*

Do follow Jason Chan a.k.a WaLauWei on Twitter and experience it yourself, his obsession towards Brotzeit KL. Lol!

Being at Mid Valley wasn't my initial plan as I have promised Amelia to meet up with her and it has been such a long time since we've ever really sat down over a meal and just talk. About anything! =) And I do miss those time that wewastedspent together in college, either gossiping or commenting on just about everyone lol!

Amelia and I, at Brotzeit.

Had our dinner together first and talked a long long talk, to update each other on what each other are up to in our own lives. Now that we don't see each other that often anymore. And I'm happy for her and proud of what she managed to achieve in such short period of time.

Jason, Cherli and Ashley
(I din't go with them and this is Josh's picture but I wanna portray a 'going-to-Brotzeit' ambiance wtfwtfwtf hahahaha!!!)

Then we headed over to Brotzeit around 8-ish to meet up with the birthday boy, Jason. And he was already half way down his 3 litre pine of Paulaner, face all turned red and was talking nonsense like a real drunkard already!

All hyper and drunk punya Jason =P

Met some other new people/blogger as well and was surprised to see Shawn Khik there!

Caroline, *I don't know your name, sorry!* and Rebecca
That is Michelle's hand pointing at I-don't-know-what xD

There were so many beer, pork knuckles, pork ribs, cold platters, Paulaner, beer and many many more beers and food involved last night!


Love the desserts!! Had this like near 11, omgawd so sinful to the tummay! *dais*

To tell the truth, yesterday night was the first time in my whole entire life have I seen a 3 litre pine of beer. I think I nearly choked on my own puke while thinking about me having to down 3 litre of beer, all by myself! Ambulance, sil vous plait!!? xD

Some other guy beside our joint table, got treated to a 3 litre pine of Paulaner

We basically, was just chilling out, filling our stomach with nomsnoms and beers, taking and kena take WTF/selamba moment pictures, talk some more, Polaroid camera from Jason flashing all around and "giving birth" to baby Polaroid pictures wtf wtf *jay kay lannngg~*

OUMAIGAWD, I want a Polaroid camera! =(
Seriously kena poisoned kaw kaw on the thought of having one.

Cho kawaii nehhh~~
Josh's idea! Random much~ xD

Was there till around 11-ish and headed home, with tummy filled with Paulaner perisa banana(hahaha!!!)and all the other food *burps* Exscuzee moi~ =p
Had a group picture taken all together by Chef Helmut and it turned out great! As awesome as the night we had together =)


Thanks a lot to Leonard as well for the very good customer service provided and he is very hands-on too! Despite that he is the Boss of Brotzeit, he actually took out a cloth and a bottle of cleaners and was wiping away at tables! *muka impressed* So down-to-earth that it's almost unbelievable ~ =)

Hehehe~ Jason got so high that he practically did everything that we asked or did not ask him to do hahaha!!


*who randomly added me on BBM =P but it was all good*
Hope you had a blast last night despite being.. erm.. I don't even know whether are you drunk or just tipsy. Lol!

All pictures above credits to Josh Lim, you can find other pictures, here.
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Natio: Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier

Just the other day when I was complaining that I'm experiencing a hormone change(I make myself believe that instead of the fact that I'm lazy with my facial regime) thus all the break out on my precious face that has never had more than 2 pimples at one break out, now it's like 5, my colleague came about and blessed me with

Natio Aromatherapy's Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier

Super long name and you'd go "What?!" right?
Well, Natio is an Australia-based company that holds onto the phrase "Nature nurtures best" and seriously, their whole product line which ranges from eye care to skin care to make up are created from natural plant extracts and essential oils. From what I see on their brochures, grapes seemed to be the 'main' thing.


This face mask functions to absorb impurities and refines my skin's texture. It's basically a cleanser that purifies my skin and this is suitable for Normal/Dry, Normal/Oily and Young skin. I fall into the category of Normal/Dry and Young skin.
After having to leave it on the table for 2 weeks, I took the initiative to give this a try as my pimples are not showing any signs that it will go away *pobre*

Containing kaolin bentonite which is a clay mineral that can be found abundantly at tropical rainforest, lemon palmarosa and sesame, this mask smells like a mixture of lemon with sesame oil and it is pretty soothing when you're applying it onto your face. Unlike some mask which has strong perfume smell in it, that just gives me headache and a very uncomfortable experience.


I was expecting a very thick and mud-fied content from the 20 ml tub but it turns out to be pretty liquid-fied! I was pretty amazed at this myself till the extend to think that this 'mask' might not be a mask and this might not work as how they say it will *shifty eyes*


So I squeezed out a 20 cent's coin size onto my palm, to be applied onto my face. Unlike any other mask that takes probably around 20 minutes to dry, this takes only about 10 minutes(?) and you're good to wash it off already. Truth is, I did not read the behind part of the tub so I did not know how long should I leave it on my face. I would just wash off the/any mask as soon as I feel that it's all dried and feels tight on my face. *shifty eyes*

The outcome?
I feel that it's a bit dry for me but I can definitely see that I have a more 'clean&clear' sort of face texture and smaller pores! Wheee~ and my pimples are all totally gone after 2 days of using Natio's Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier =D

This isn't a 'before and after' picture as I did not take a before because I thought that this mask wouldn't work on pimples and I was proven wrong =)

I really have very dry skin, as you can see from the pictures taken with my BlackBerry, thus the poor quality, so I thought of trying it on someone who has an oily skin. And that someone would be my own brother (LOL!)


He too, left it on for about 10 minutes or so and washed it off over a tap. He says that his face instantly feels refreshed and the black heads aren't that visible anymore. When the next morning arrives and we were getting ready for sports, he came up and told me "See, my face aren't oily today!" because he has a really oily face even though he just woke up.

Natio's Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier will definitely has it's place on the shelves of my facial "thingies" and my brother has already finished up the rest of the 20ml tub! *stares* Time to get the large tub then! Teehee!
To know more about this product and where to get it, please do email me at agape_tori29@hotmail.com or ask me on my Facebook =)
Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Other Guys - Movie Review

Bam! Everyone should so give me a pat on my back because there are new things to read here, every day, yes, EVERY DAY. Because I have finally learnt how to schedule post wtf, just like how I finally know how to lock my BlackBerry's keypad after using it for 2 - 3 months(?). I can't even remember how long have I had my BlackBerry.

Since we are en route of how blur I am, all thanks to Jackie who asked "Hey are you going for 'The Other Guys's' movie screening tomorrow?" on a Monday night, then only I realized that I got the dates wrong. I thought it was on a Wednesday like how all the other movie screenings that I used to go to. So here I am once again, to thanks Josh Lim for his generosity at giving me tickets even when I did not do a pre-post(cause I'm lazy wtf)and not forgetting ze cute Jason Ong who gives me extra invites every time I asked of them *cries of joy* You both, ze awesome-ness! *hugs*

Woots, big ass invitation e-card cum e-poster from Adverlets larh, who else =P

This time, Samuel is/will/have/had/must/was/am/always (lol, choose one wtf) my date for the movie and I asked for extra invites because I want to bring my 'bodyguards' to the screening as well. Joking about the 'bodyguard' thing, they are actually friends that I wanna add 'BEST' in front of the word 'friend' and you will just 'LOL' at how the three of us meet each other and tadah... here we are today =)


The movie started off with Dwayne Johnson(a.k.a The Rock) and Samuel L.Jackson being the super police and were chasing after mild drug dealers and the total damaged made out of the police chase isn't that 'mild', yet the citizens still adores em'. Tell me who doesn't, with the body and the macho-ness lol wtf!

However, never did I expect them to be THAT blonde and to jump off a 20 story-height building with their last word, "Let's aim for the bushes!" and then jumped off the building where there isn't any bush at all! Don't say bush, I don't even see a dying leaf on the pavement of their city! Lol, I think they are too expensive to hire, so Director must make them die after a 10 minutes appearance lol wtf~

'When the top cops are busy, our only hope is The Other Guys'(or rather, DEAD =P)is what it's written on the poster of this movie because

Doing a negotiation using a ice cream truck's microphone

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are just plain, normal and day dreaming kind of police but when the two top cops(blondely)jumped to their death, both of 'the other guys' feels that there is a need for them to be THE heroes.


But they aren't the bestest of friends and things always seem to not work out for them. Along the road, they learnt that every thing is possible when 2 becomes 1.

The wrong arrest

Which eventually got them into so much trouble.
Overall, this is a must watch movie for all and it is a funny but action packed movie!
Friday, October 15, 2010

Triple Birthday Celebration @ Gaja, Bangsar

On the 9/10/2010, I was invited by Jason Chan, Jeremy Choy and Michael Yip to a triple birthday celebration because they were all Octoberians. Is October a good month to give birth or what because every other day, I would have birthday parties to attend and seriously am broke for the month, including all my clubbings, yumcha sessions and outings.

Like 3 generation together wtfwtf Just joking lol!!

Jason's birthday falls on the 18/10, Jeremy's birthday falls on the 10/10 and Michael's birthday falls on the 6/10. Technically Jeremy is the star/hero/birthday boy for the day as he is celebrating his 21st! 几粒米 is finally a big boy! =)

A group picture of every one that came on that day!

Met a lot of new people whom are so much more friendly and so much more crazy lol! Jacquelyn, Alex, Marilyn, Samuel, and I was there pretty early, whilst waiting, we played Monopoly Deal! This is the shiz now, no longer BlackJack haha.

Marilyn getting blur and frustrated because she can't get hold of the game haha, first timer ba~ And I was playing and talking to the author of Bolehland.net
(sorry, I forgot your name lol)

The eating session was suppose to begin at 8p.m. but as usual, all are Malaysians and timing isn't a priority and by then I was actually dead hungry lol. As I entered the Gaja restaurant, I immediately smelled grilled lamb and I told Marilyn, "Yayy! Got lamb to eat" wtf -.- Not that I have not had grilled lamb for ages but that's like the second best thing in my food category, first is chicken meat wtf hahaha!!

Me chatting with BolehLand.net
(Every time I type BolehLand, I immediately feel sarcasm because Malaysia memang tak boleh wtftwf xD)

As per any normal makan makan and birthday celebration, mingling around is the most that we can do and that is THE ONLY purpose =) To share, to learn and to care~ Then we had a mini game session where someone was randomly chose and they will need to do/act/say whatever the audience wants them too.

"Yes, I is love to camwhore"
LOL!! =P

When everything ended, the few that was left are either drinking or chatting our lives away, which is what I did. Then Jason came in with an Instax camera!!! *squeals*

Me and Jason

Marilyn and I! Heart this babe =)
And we met and knew each other in pretty random way, in which I think I would blog about it when we have had more time to know each other better and flood each other's wall with tagged pictures of us camwhoring together hahahahahah xD


All together now =)

Then the clock strike 12 and it was 10/10/2010. The birthday boy went


All pictures credits to Samuel Chew and DustyHawk

10/10/'10 is also a memorable day for me because he came back and everything seems to be falling back into place now. I really hope that this time, this will last. And typical as I am, I don't give others second chance, you screw it then you pay the consequences. But there's just something about you that I would want to try things all over again, no matter how the ending comes, I would have no regrets because we tried =)

You know you love me and you know I do.
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