Thursday, October 7, 2010

7aste Monte Carlo, Ecoba - 8th October 2010

I have been hearing a lot about 7aste and I did not really care about it, I can't even pronounce it right! Seven-ace is what I pronounce it as instead of "taste" due to the "7" that they used instead of "T". Can anyone tell me why the "7" instead of the "T"? Is there any symbol or recognition of the number "7"?

To fill in my ignorance and lack of knowledge on 7aste, I have been stalking around blogs and I saw that the last 7aste event was early of this year's May?! Where was I and why din't I heard of it, for this year? *blur max*


On this coming Friday which is the 8th of October, I will be attending my very first 7aste Monte Carlo event at Ecoba! Will you be there? I hope you do because it is free admission, provided that you're one of their members which you have to sign up online and when you're there, your own id is all you need to verify you as the member of 7aste and go in for free! If you're not a member yet, you would need to pay RM77.

So hurry up and sign up! Will I see you this Friday??


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