Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Media Launch @ MIECC, The Mines

As most of you who reads my blog would definitely have come across the most mentioned name for this year's blog posts and it's none other than the grandest party ever, Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing. Being lucky, I get invited to every Hennessy Artistry that are held in Kuala Lumpur!

The final one happened on the 23rd of October 2010 but this time around, they held their media launch a day earlier and we totally had fun and got the privilege to drink and drunk a day before the real event where people drink drank drunk drunk and drunk lol!


Was actually late by an hour + on that day because I had something to do earlier on and a lunch appointment. When we arrived, Da Mouth, Kardinal, and the rest of the line ups were scattered all around and some were no where to be seen. I din't get to see Mizz Nina personally and did not get a picture with her! *emo*


But I've got a picture with Kardinal! *woots* And as soon as I stood next to him, everyone went "Woah he's a giant beside her..". Honestly, I don't know whether is that a compliment for him/me or is that an insult for him/me, being short all my life has really made me grew accustomed to hearing such a thing, I shall think that that is an insult to him and a compliment to me! LOL!! Kardinal was really really friendly and after the media launch, he rushed over to a radio station and was right away to work again, promoting Hennessy Artistry that was/were held at MIECC the very next day.

Most of the bloggers were then there to savor Hennessys with mixtures of Apple, Citrus, Berry! Loads of photo taking session and this time around, they built this photo-frame-like with the word 'Hennessy' printed at the bottom and there goes us~

"Hennessy ROCKS!"
Like totally!

ShannonChowz, Moi and Samantha Winchester(shall give you face and not call you by your real name!) LOL!
Future Hennessy babes? Lol! Not the center one please, 5 feet only, too short, 6 inch heels also won't help wtf wtf *emo*

Thought that this is all for the Media Launch of Hennessy Artistry?
You're so wrong because~


What is a Hennessy event without Hennessy itself!! Me getting myself a cuppa and a cup after that, then two cups after that, a cup more after that that and more~ *infinite*

Since I was late right, I was actually walking into the hall in a very rushing manner and I wasn't aware of people around me then suddenly someone called out to me. Took me a few second to make out who's called out my name and realized that the person was Ashleigh!

Finally, a picture with you! =)

Ashleigh is practically at EVERY Hennessy Artistry, working with them ba~ =) Very very good PR skills and me likes him, very friendly indeed. "A girl's name for a guy" is always what he would say whenever people asked of his name! Lol FYL man, F.Y.L =P


Thanks to Helen a.k.a Helenness (but please people, don't call her by her Twitter handle la hahaha because it sounds funny) for the invites for every Hennessy Artistry. And special thanks to SimonSo and his BlupBlup for giving me extra invites too! Yes, I've got 4 invites to Hennessy this time around =P

Everyone that was there and probably some left and I did not get a picture with you all *sad face*

I, then left to KLCC with Samuel to settle something but still unsettled wtf fml... But both of us were very much excited for the real deal!

Can you feel our RAWR-ness for Hennessy Artistry?!!

Stay tune for updates on the day itself!


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