Monday, November 1, 2010

'National Geographic' at Lot 10

Familiar much?

What does this remind you? Lions going after helpless zebras in the cruel animal kingdom where the strong will live and the weak shall die. Its the law of nature!(says Samuel Chew, wtf)
Anyways, Rebecca Saw a.k.a @WackyBecky invited me to a shop opening named National Geographic and there I was tweeting about it and I told people that I'm gonna go see animals wtf hahahaha!

 Really 'woody' kind of decoration and I like the feeling, actually.

Was there the earliest and all the confusion of what 'National Geographic' at Lot 10 was =) This shop sells everything and anything that hikers would ever need in the jungle. Crocodile Hunter much? What really attracts me is the cafe that is situated at the left side of the store, with really good quality wooden chairs and it was really cozy.

The event started of with a speech of introduction and then we were brought around to tour the store, which I did not do even though I was there early. Shy ma, wtf lol!

Umbrella Stand with Lamp Fitting(RM1200) on the left 
Wind Breaker Jacket that costs RM1454 on the right side.
(was really doubtful of the jacket though because it looks like a normal jacket but the Store Manager claims that it's usable if you were to climb Mount Kinabalu wtf)

When everyone arrives, we were bought to tour around the store. The first section was the Kid's section and this is my favorite-st place. 

Snake based!! Me loves snake!!
This somehow reminds me of Singapore's Ris Low xP

Jess trying out the kid's version of telescope and it's not mere toys, this telescope works!
I did not see through the peep hole as I was busy snapping pictures using my BlackBerry.
Yes, all pictures here are from Curve. They should install flash in and I don't mind paying a few hundred extra, seriously.

They were doing all the asking and explaining questions and to tell the truth, I don't really have anything to ask especially anything that has got to do with hiking to capturing snakes in the wild. I'm amazed(yes)and might love this outdoor activities in the near future but just not now, so I went off lurking and to find myself in a room filled with bags!

Hello sexy and black looking hiking bags!!
(pictures are damn pixelated *sad face*)

I want those in black!
This is the accessories section. Bags? Accessories? Hell yeah! =D

Moving on with our tour, we were brought into a much open space where nerds will go all 'oohs' and 'aahs' because it the books section where all the stories of other people, countries, and all the 'National Geographic' things that we used to learn/watch.

Somehow, I love the big world map on the wall. I would really do not mind having one of those and perhaps some planning on my to-go places? *winks*

And that was the end of our tour. When we arrived, each one of us were passed a small paper to vote on which we like most to the least. After touring around, you can be sure that the kid's section is my top of the list and the least I like would be the map and books section.

I really like the cap but we weren't given any goodies *sad face* not even a cap *hurm*

Was treated to finger food and everyone was mingling around amidst eating =)

The event ended with a big group shot but no one tag me on this pictures yet *sad face*


FeeQ said...

haha ok ok... i go tag u and the rest now XD

Victoria said...

Feeq, hahahahaha!! don't la terasa wtf cause I know you all busy la thats why I did not rush you all =)
Thanks yea for the pictures =)

thenomadGourmand said...

Thks for coming yea babe! Nx round mz be a makan trip k! ;p

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