Thursday, November 11, 2010

Port Dickson, Ahoy! Another "Us" Post

Has been long since I've posted up a post on what I do on weekends and with whom I spent my time with. It's always events that I've went that you all see here, so here I am posting some pictures I took with my BlackBerry on what I did last weekend. Probably no explanation and not caption, but then again, I'm a word-whore~ Sue me =P

Lamb by him, Egg Bread by me. =)
"Must present nicely then only take picture", quote from Samuel

Ohai! On our way to Port Dickson
I just can't stop taking pictures because I want to keep them as memories to show to *blank* when they asked of us. =P

See, I told you, but I just have to tell this to the whole entire whole. Reached Port Dickson around 2 ish and as usual, all the chinese stores would be having their tea breaks already and there isn't much mamak at PD. We were kinda hungry and we made U-turns till we got fed up. So we succumbed to..

FOL LOL! And Samuel decided to end 'A Bug's Life' 
(LOL pun intended lol I din't know that I'm such a hilarious person wtf okay serious face)

Then dinner at night!
Seafood! Fucking awesome and yes, both of use made that pile cause we're both just awesome like that xD


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