Monday, November 22, 2010

Fishing Amongst Hectic Weekend

Had one week off before going back to working life again and boy, I would rather not have weeks off because I'd be more tired than anyone compared to when I am working. Intended to rest at least 2 days, sleeping in till late and waking up to sit infront of the computer, but that was all just thoughts. But Wednesday was worth the early wake ;)

Because, I went to this beautiful place that no where in the city can offer me.

Pretty isn't it?
And yes, those are fishermen wtf lol!

I went fishing!!
Something that I have not been doing and missed doing since I was 9. =) Thanks to Samuel that I get to tag along with his bunch of friends to fishing.

Samuel preparing his bait for the fishes.
I don't know what are the names of the bait and the last picture is where Samuel casting his bait to the center of the pond.

I did not fish actually, more like went there and SIT & STARE & be the PHOTOGRAPHER lol =P But I promised to fish the next time the guys are going again. It was so fun to see them running towards their rods that caught fishes bla bla bla all the adrenalin of 'fighting' and 'playing' along with the fish that ate the bait and all the skills of know-how-to-fish really made me understand why Samuel likes fishing so much.

Part of the adrenalin picture when Chung caught his fish fish of the day.

It wasn't quite a wait for the first hour as 2 fish were caught within that hour by Mervyn and Chung.

Mervyn here caught 2/3 fish(I can't remember)and was like 'the man' of the day lol!
Him and his signature goldfish-smile, wtf I really LOL at this every single time I see it.

Samuel too caught his 'fish' and then fed it to the cat who has the easiest job ever.
Linger around fishermen, act cute a bit, meow meow a bit to show that she's alive and all cute like that wtf, let people pat pat a bit then act cute some more. Then there goes small fresh fish for her.

Samuel and I and I =P

Random pictures of the boys trying to figure out how much the fish weighs and there is the pretty pink bug I saw!

We were there for the entire day and they got like 3 - 4 fish! And it was the damn heavy laa~

The boys with their fishes! =)

This is what I 'caught' =P
I look cute right wtf and there is my ching chong slippers that I damn like!
And the two guys behind looked like the boh suang me wtf *slaps* =P


yinkoon said...

Interesting catch. :)

Victoria said...

yinkoon: I know right and I enjoyed through out the whole entire trip =)

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