Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Day @ MIECC, The Mines

Delayed my Hennessy Artistry post by 2 weeks, desolee! Was waiting for pictures, nice ones, so that I don't have to do one post on the event and another post to show pictures, that would be a bit annoying right? Teehee!

Anyone who is still unfamiliar with this leader board?? Where have you been?!

I have been to every Hennessy Artistry that is held in Kuala Lumpur, the first one at The Opera, second one at Zouk, the third one at MIST . Basically it's almost the same thing but it depends on the artist that are performing =)
October is where the largest and grandest Hennessy Artistry to end the year with. They even did the media launch on a different day so that full preparation for THE day can be carried out with no other disturbance, you can read about my media launch of Hennessy Artistry @MIECC, The Mines

However, on the day it self, the heavens decided to rain a little and makes it hard for us to reach the registration counter. I got a bit wet due to the rain and wasn't really happy about it and they have tighter rules and they really stuck to the 'underage' thing. C'mon, tell me, how many 30ish uncle would sit down every day and does blogging? You tell me. They should really think thoroughly about this for next year's Hennessy Artistry =P *cause I have to save some friends from disappointment the other night!*

Myself at the big big freaking huge board and so coincidently I stood right at the spot where Kardinal is! Can almost hear him sing 'this girl is so dangerous' wtf wtf xD

Me and Samuel =)

We actually intend to take more pictures and hog at the board longer than usual but due to the super great spotlights and the crowds that were all eager to be in the spotlight, I took only a few and ran off due to the heat haha!

Me and Kar Wai, on the upper photo
Simone and I, on the lower picture

With the rest and superstars =P

We then walked into the place where we had our press conference the day before and yeap, you guessed it

We were still very fond of the photo-frame look alike board.
Samuel, Me, Simone, Kar Wai and Vincent
Samuel and Vincent were the official photographer of the night where they can lansi like that of their passes and shoved the other 'Photographers' to the side and take their nice spots. LOL WTF!! xD

Grabbed a drink before we entered into the main hall and I was so happy that they are serving free flow of Hennessy mixed the whole night! *squeals*

This is like a quarter view of the hall as there are stages separated into V,S, O, P. Not forgetting that there are space at the above a.k.a bird's eye view. It's freaking humongous(full stop)
This is probably like 6 of MIST club wtf wtf xD

Camwhore a little(actually a lot but I'm posting some only)before the event starts.
Shannon,(duno who), Leonard, Me and Samuel
Edwin, Xiao Tong, JFook, Calvin, Me and Samuel

With Simonso

With Thong Kai. Super sporting guy! *hearts*

This need not anymore explanation, right?? =D
I was doing the duck face the whole entire night after reading antiduckface.com LMAO!

With Edwin and Calvin!
Same age with me punya orang! xD
Calvin say I show boobies wtf *slaps*

The event started off with Deja Voodoo Dolls 'goreng-ing' away on the guitar with his psychic wtf just look at the pictures okay? Samuel got a music cd from him just by taking pictures with him and to tell the truth, his songs in the cd were just okay but he really rocked up the stage that night, being the first performer and all =) Thumbs up!


Then, it's our sexy Kua-lalala Lumpur Mizz Nina's turn to make everyone go hoo haa on her dancing and especially her beautiful voice! She sang a total of 3 song, if I'm not mistaken and she ended it with her "What You Waiting For"

The girl dancer on the floor is a really good dance and there is Mizz Nina with her hands put up high to cheer to the crowds! =)

Da Mouth, hailed all the way from Taiwan came to Malaysia just to spice things up at Hennessy Artistry Finale  at The Mines. I'm not a great fan of them but definitely am one for their Djs and am loving their super-mixed-up band members that varies from Japanese to Chinese to Korean to Indonesians~! Talking about the Art of Mixing! *winks*

Aisa, pretty petite, talented and is Japanese! *hearts*
Aiya, can't see the Deejay!! *sad face*

And the last line up is/was/were/will and always be the one that everyone was at Hennessy for!*at least for me* And he can never choose a better appearance than the rest by appearing onto the stage like this! 

Offishal Kardinal!!
*she's so dangerous, ohhh that is girl is so dangerous!~ Yeahhh~*

The line ups were awesome and the crowds were massively great as well but something happened that night and I did not enjoy the last Hennessy Artistry as much as I did with the previous. I end up tipsy cause I think I drank around 18 cups all together since 11pm - 12ish am, cried over something, then drink again, then cried over the same thing again and when I was a bit more awake, I can't remember where my BlackBerry went(epic)then the next thing that I remembered was dancing a little to some clubbing songs with Samuel and I told him that I want to lay down. So I lay down at the stairs outside the hall with my heels off and probably thousands that went down the stairs got a 'holy view' at my 'holy chambers' wtf wtf!!

Was contented that the friends that I've invited because I have extra 4 passes(2 pairs) *thanks to Helenness and Simonso from BlupBlup* were happy and they enjoyed themselves very much despite me being emotional and shits lol!
Thanks again to Helenness for giving me the opportunity to write up on Hennessy Artistry and go to every Hennessy Artistry all year long! *hugs* Been such a contented year for 2010 because I have been clubbing/partying my ass off and not forgetting to all the events that I've got the opportunity to go =))

So looking forward to 2011's Hennessy Artistry and can we have it monthly?! xD
I hope all of your that reads my post will enjoy reading on my year long experience of all the Hennessy Artistry: The Global Art of Mixing 2010 that I've attended! And give me your comment/say/bitchings/whateveryouwanttowrite! Party with me more next year? 


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