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Hennessy Artistry Aftermath 2010

Hennessy Artistry totally rocked The Opera down on the 19th of March and this time around, I am able to be part of it! Yes, this is my very first time to a Hennessy Artistry event after hearing much about it last year where artiste like Lenka, Boys Like Girls were part of the Artistry family, and rocked the night away with their wonderful talents. Lenka was what I missed and I really do hope that she would join again in either one of the 6 Hennessy Artistry (5 more upcoming one!)


This weighs like 2kg++(?)
One of the bar used by bloggers to take vain pictures of themselves, you should have seen a guy from Adverlets(i think)who hogged over the place for a good 5 minutes, asking other photographers to take vain pictures of himself xD

Me and my partner, which is my boyfy, were there an hour earlier before the Media session starts,hoping to grab the limited 20 pairs of media passes given out by Hennessy Artistry. Sadly, all 20 pairs were taken already! How early those 20 bloggers came la~ 4 hours earlier wth?!
After much fuss given to Helen, we got our 1 media pass and 1 normal pass and we lingered around the stage - taking self vain pictures!

Me and boyfy at the Hennessy Artistry backdrop.
See! It's still so bright and all cause we were there damn early thats why.

You can only meet guys like this is the blogging world LOL
Boyfy smirked me and said I missed this cause I was elsewhere on the phone xD

We were then given a chance to be a DJ for the day(actually a few minutes wtf)where you can always spin the "table" like how you always do to your plates when you were younger!(you're lying if you say you don't do that =p)


Not only that, there is this competition going around where you're allowed to compose your very own mixed up song, being a self employed DJ, and your turntable music will be recorded down and you will be in the running for great prizes! Awesome not! Get free booze, get chances to win awesome prices... Told you to check out my post and come~ Regret right? LOL

Boyfy looking happy after recording his own mixed music(twice i think!!) xD
If you're wondering where is me turning the table, I chickened out. Cause I tone deaf like that wtf..

After much mix mashing, we then headed over to the Media area to have an upclose session with the participant such as DJ Sarasa, Shawn Lee, Bunkface and DVJ G Mix..


A toast for Hennessy Artistry!
Pst.. DJ Sarasa lookey Fab!! Now you'd know who is my favorite among all
I was harping to have a picture with her and even pulled boyfy towards this alley cause they say DJ Sarasa is resting behind this door while waiting for her turn. At the end of the day, I got no picture of myself taken with her! Emo gila! But my guests got it!! WTF JUST BECAUSE THEY LEFT THE CLUB LATER THAN US! RAWWR..

Our guests of the day with their Hennessy C-y-itrus(wtf inside joke) and Hennessy Berry.


Joshua(whohasablogbutitissomehowdead wtf)trying his luck with the DJ mixing.
Cute right?But taken, kthxbye xD

"Yunsin looking fab on TV!" was what Joshua said wtf xD

After much messing around at the DJ area and there is this Light Creation room, boyfy and I headed back to our Media(chewah)area and we saw

I swear I heard Samuel squealed with glee wtf LOL.
The whole 75ml of Hennessy V.S.O.P was down to 0ml within the first hour xD
How thoughtful of Hennessy Artistry to give each table one 75ml so that we can drink till heart desires, and if your heart desires more than that, you can pay yourself another bottle of Hennessy VSOP.

All of this happened before the party starts! Can you imagine the excitement that I and all of us went through when the ACTUAL party started!? So here ends my first part of Hennessy Artistry 2010 and there will be more pictures on the next post.
All pictures credits to my boyfy, Samuel =)
You can go to for more of what happened the other night and while you're at that, be Hennessy Artistry's fans at


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why don have my pic one :(
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Jess said...

same! why dont hv my pic one :(
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Victoria said...

Lol jess! Cause I dun have a pix with you and me! only got you and samuel in which this is my blog but i got no camera to take pix with... its already flooded with his picture wtf xD

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