Monday, March 8, 2010


Undeniably, Youtube is one phenomenon that is inseparable from our daily lives. New movie out, ew youtube for trailers. New song out, we youtube for movie video. When we're bored, we youtube for youtubers that makes funny shiats videos for a living. When people are horny,*rewind* they go for Xtube wtf Hahaha.. *applause for my gay lecturer*

Youtube-ing was what I did the whole day today, despite that I had shitloads of assignments to do, notes to study, papers to re-sit and OH, new books to read. I went to the book fair WHEE but that's another post cause I am having this really awesome mojo to blog about Youtube, yea me weird whatevf*winks*
Okay, It wasn't really the whole day cause that made me sound like I am super lifeless. I am not. i went to church *cricket sound* Anyways, after a whole afternoon of youtube-ing and exchanging what seemed amusing and worth exchanging videos with a bestie of mine.... I realized that I youtube loads of Korean songs, Japanese songs, KevJumba, NigaHiga, Shane Dawson, Peter Chao(for a dose of my awesome foul language wtf). I used and still am stalking this few guys, OMG ALL GUYS KAN WTF! No pun intended kay~

KevJumba's Videos are really awesome as he does it for charity raising, and his new video is a tad bit different from what he usually does. And it's mad funny la..

This particular video made me realized that there aren't any good songs anymore this days and how unattentive we were to not notice! Okay.. ME not noticing it, all I ever wanna do every time I hear those songs are to club fml.

Shane Dawson has this parody of Degrassi Part 1 and Part 2, I have no idea what Degrassi is but wild guessing, its something like Lizzie Mcguire. Differences are Lizzie's shows are more kiddo and Degrassi are more er sexual(?).

Part 1

Part 2

Western schools are freaking awesome LOL. No Facebook and Twitter in Malaysia, double the awesomeness wheeee LOVE Malaysia max(not).

Shall not post Peter Chao cause I don't want you all to be as awesome as him or me in our foul education wtf. And you know what(!), I lost my blogging mojo! I wanted to post a few videos that I like and I thought I wanna rant things out cause this few days at home with the muthaf-ing hot weather, I am not so right in mind and I feel easily irritated. I totally need college, friends, boyfy, and a better weather! RAWR! And a swim UNDER a CLOSED pool kthxbye!

Wooohh ohhh must post this! I had been listening to this for days now and in church as well, oh while I pangsai as well wtf.
Almost Alice - Avril Lavigne(!!!)
Major love the starting and her hair and the rabbit GOT RED EYES!

Did you all know that there is Lollipop all male version! Big Bang for grab! Wheee.. TOP ftw, wheeee cute max
Lollipop (PART 2)
I read a comment, and a guy went all spazz out for TOP (!!)
WHATURF was that LOL.


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