Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Lil' ChitChaty

I am feeling a little chit chatty this few days thus the frequent update on this blog, even though I have got no pictures whatsoever to let you all see lol. Have to mind torture you all with words, if there are people who reads my blog and posts that is. Unlike Mervyn, who has most readers from the United States wtf when all of you has most of our readers from Malaysia(like duh). He got the weirdest title for a blog which makes me confused every time I wanna read it, I would wanna refresh it cause the title says "Error Loading Page" wtf!! I got conned EVERY single time I wanna read his blog =__=
(I got conned once again when I went and get his link to tag him and i F5!)

Woke up with a jolt yesterday cause Mummy has this great "fetish" to wake us up even though she is in the office and we are at home. Even though we clearly state that we have no class or no working shift, she just wouldn't let us laze and sleep our ass off till 5pm! LOL, I have done that before and totally got scolded for nuts =p
I wrote a blog post, reheated some food to nom, bathe, got ready and I went out to meet up with boyfy. Like finally =) Terubat rindu wtf =p And yesterday was my first time to Taylor's Lakeside College(however the name is la okay, I cant remember). It was so huge the first thing that came to my mind is "I will surely get lost if i were a student here"wtf and the second thing in mind was "Where is the lake?!!=)"

And boyfy drove me around the college area and showed me around a bit. There were 3(?)main parking lots, which are fully parked, not surprised at all cause big college ma~Then I saw the lake =) and a ladang lembu!! LMAO!! Which is like directly beside one of the parking lots xD
I don't think I smelled anything, I don't know~ Cause we ended up parking at the another side punya parking lot. I really like the college a lot cause it's really opened air yet a lot of shades, you get what I meant?? Its all opened on the sides of the walk but roof-ed on every side walk so I won't get direct sunlight and it's cooling!
They have the nicest library ever I think I can hide in a corner and fall asleep and people would all go home, not knowing that I had curled up somewhere,hibernating wtf LOL!!

For the first time in my whole college life, I studied more than 2 hours yesterday wtf! I totally broke my own record of studying max 2 hours and I am proud cause I am having a neck ache now Lol... But I enjoyed studying with the Taylorians. There arent much difference with my friends back here in TARC cause, amidst studying, they will end up doing something silly and LTAO and then continue studying. Then there are groups of people who gambles as well, totally reminds me of my classmates wtf =__=

As per yesterday, I woke up feeling like an avid blogger again and I don't really care whether there's readers or no but I enjoy "writing" =)

I totally enjoyed yesterday! I studied as well as meeting up with boyfy and I had a great time with friends as well =)
Can we do that everyday?? Teehee! I go bathe now, it's so damn hot today =(


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