Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He is A Hidden Poet

It has been quite a stressful and frustrating week for me as many things goes haywire when I thought that I had every thing nicely planned out.. Furthering studies, to go on a vacation with Bie and so on. Shit happens and new plans had to be made. Not easy, at least there are something.

As frustrated as I can be, Bie tries his best to unfrus(?!)me and I am thankful for that, really. Cause if you really know me, I am a shit ass bitch when I am at my baddest mode and the word fuck is what you hear more than thrice on every sentence LOL.

Silly baby =D

Looking out the rainy sky,
Thinking hard and wondering why,
If that only I could fly,
I would be by Victoria's side.
Love you Sweetie =)

Was what I found while I wanted to clear my MMS inbox. The message is still there and in fact, I did not delete any of his but that was the only poem he had ever conjure for me, cause he said he got inspiration that time.
Pulled his leg just now and asked for a sweet and "aww" poem, he said no inspiration LOL...

Thanks Bie for everything during this 4 months =)
This was what I forgot during my frustrating moments fml. How can I!!?


Anonymous said...

......................yuk ma la!!!!! =)

Victoria said...

Amelia:: HAhahahahahaah!! bluekkk

Samantha Kong said...

so swwwweeeeettttttttttt!!!!!! I'm so happy for you babe! *hugs*

Victoria said...

Same goes to you =) Happy First month and many many more months to come!
That sounds like Cina New Year wishings right??? wtf hahahahahahahahah

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