Monday, March 8, 2010


There is this one thing that I realized today, that people are actually faceless. Not as in you're born retard or God forgets to give you a face, more like an element that people choose to change in accordance to the environment. People tend to go with the flow and seldom triumphs greatly over another. Even if there were, it's slight unnoticeable wons, mere lucks and as bad as it can be, undefined possibility of ways to get through.

I used to think that, as long as you give each other time, time REALLY do changes everything. I doubt that statement now cause if it were to be any truth in the old sayings, well, "Time", you're changing things way too slow and I can't seem to notice ANY changes nor slight brief hard work on changing. You may think "Hey, I had known her long enough to know that she doesn't eat cheese!", but you and her are in the midst of cheese eater and you and her will definitely be left out cause you don't consume cheese. And as you end the statement and turn around, its no longer a statement cause "Hey! She just nom a cheese!".
Cliche much? Time changes things slowly cause people choose to not change, on the other hand, the can choose to change in a jiffy. People are still categorized as one of the most hard to fathom mammals that has ever live on planet Earth.

People that bump into me everywhere, be it on the streets to KL Sentral, people that stuffed that arse into a well filled train or people that are closed by my side...They are all "faceless" to me. Hard to fathom yet easily to be changed. You cant say a statement out loud for fear that it would not be a statement anymore the next minute. You can't really trust anyone without thinking twice or unless you're in real deep shit and there is no one there but her.
This is not an emo post and it directly and indirectly hits to my readers, so if you felt any "ouch it's me", I guess it's time to change(?) and be truthful to yourself(most importantly)and you friends aound. This is random shits but I guess this is how the world revolves around now huh? Got to be a camelion to fit accordingly. What happened to egoism? What ever happened to self confidence? What happened to trust, love and care? All washed down the drain I believe so.
So are you one of the faceless people?
Or are you one of the people that does not want to be faceless but no courage to do so?
Or are you like me, one against the world?


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