Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milo Addicted

Yes, I blogged an impromptu post this afternoon cause it was boring during lunch time and we dread to walk out and be under the blazing sun of we stayed in! And conquered the office wtf.


Used to walk for 2 minute from Wisma Genting to Menara UOA last time when I started my job as a telemarketer for this company and eons years later, the center moved back to its former building which is now 5 minutes walk from Wisma Genting. No more Subway! No more shoe shopping! No more walking around the building talking to the guards! Cause Menara DHL is a bore! =(
Waited for an hour today infront of the hazard door and telling Amelia that I would totally freaked out if the door were to suddenly burst open wtf. Imagination gone wild lol!


And anyone who had experience in telemarketing would totally understand the boring-ness of being in the call center dialing up random numbers and ended up hitting a blank wall and you have to start calling all over again! So toilet breaks are the most looked - forward - to time ever, where I could slack behind the corridors, messaging, or just taking my own sweet time walking along the corridors without my boss noticing. But, Menara DHL doesnt allow me to do so cause the way to the toilet is to walk straight ahead where there would be no corridors for me to slack awhile =(
Toilet got lift samo wtf, I don't know why but Amelia said that that is to bring convenience to the worker with their ka-changs LOL.


After 20 years of life snorting and condemning how smelly Milo is, just a day at work, made me turned over a new leaf and I am officially addicted to Milo powder. Yes, powder as in noming it in powder form cause I still think that the taste and smell somehow changed when you add steaming boiled water to the Milo powder, idk, It is still smelly in water form lol...
Totally fattening, I'm sure. And oh, I am back being sugar addicted fml!


fluotone said...

eh VP, menara DHL? u sure? =P

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