Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Racist World

Malaysia is a country where multiracial people lives together and as days goes by, we tend to forget the purpose why our old Prime Ministers do so much to achieve ownership of this country and what our country are made out of. Needless to say, this is a COUNTRY made out of the people that resides in it and we are all called Malaysians for a reason.

There is really no such need to address people by their skin color, by their dressing, by their spoken languages or their beliefs. There is really no such need to differentiate our race into Malay, Chinese, Indian and Others when there is a need to fill out a form, I am sure everyone has come across this section in a form. If you did not realized such unnecessacity, then confirmed, you're one of those super racist retards that does not understand simple "Live Together Happily".

Main purpose of this post in not that I want to give everyone my political side of view, in which I had none either, plainly because our country's politic is screwed up to the stage where you would need a blue fairy to appear and safe the day. This post is all about what me and Amelia experience today while we were on our way to town after our class sessions.
The bus would be our main transport to the nearest Monorail, and we would pass by much housing areas and the last main location would be the Tawakal Hospital, where loads of old and sick people would board our bus. I really hate the sight of all this old people and sickling to be on the same bus with me, cause I am very fussy like that and usually I would not give up my sit UNLESS they are very very old people or ladies with big pregnant tummy or parents with a baby and another kid or two!

Seriously, why the fuck they wanna give birth to so many children?! If you're damn rich and you can support them all, then go ahead, and made a football team for all I care. But this kinda people that I see everyday, seemed like they can't buy a pair of shoes for their kids as they would carry their shoeless kids, instead of letting them walk on their own!

Back to my story and the thing that we encountered.
As usual we will get down right after we passed by the hospital and we saw a Chinese uncle, we assumed that he is pretty old as there are no more strand of black hair on his head and so Amelia stood up and wanted to give up her for the old Chinese man... We were actually on our down. And I stood up as well cause right behind the old man, a Malay lady was carrying her newborn baby and on another hand, there is a small boy. The bus took off while all the "I try to spare my sit and move away from the sit for them" commotion was taking place in the sardine-packed bus.

The lady whom is a Malay, pushed his small kid into the inside sit and took the another sit! Our intial intention is to give one sit to the Chinese man and the another for the Malay lady. But she took two instead of one! I was furious and yes, was being racist as well ( I did not say I was not Racist, I AM VERY RACIST), I tapped on her shoulder and said "Kak, duduk dalam la, so that Pak Cik ni boleh duduk". In a jiffy, she turned and looked at us, fumed up and stand up abruptly and said "OH! nah~ duduk la Pak Cik, Saya tak nak duduk sudah! Duduklah~ Duduk~" and literally pulled her young boy out of his sit!
"Share la~ Saya tak suruh kamu jangan duduk, saya suruh kamu kongsi" was what I said after I see her "so now you all racist la~" face towards us! I was fuming inside and I don't give a fuck anymore and pushed the Uncle and sat him down, all the while mumbling "Kamu tak nak duduk, tak payah duduk, berdiri jerr". But I pity the son and the husband for such humiliation created by his wife, his mom.

No doubt I am a racist shit inside but I don't really showed it out cause I don't want to be ISA or what ever shits, and she was the one that kinda "brought" out this racist side of Malays. Chinese were never as calculative as this as the Uncle was "practically" begging her to take the another sit and she "Tak Mau la~" all the way! Seriously lady, fuck your life if you had a bad day cause I had nothing better than your day as well and too bad for you for meeting people like me and Amelia cause we don't give a fuck on people like this lady.
You don't see us being racist with the Malays and Indians that are in our college, you don't see me moving out from this Taman that I am staying in which fully consists of Malays and you surely don't see that I had no Malay friend on my Facebook ( I have tons of them!)
And Lady, you should not show such attitude in front of your younger ones, and it is due to close minded people like the lady mentioned, racial issues are turning our country's politic upsidedown.

More over, after such awful commotion of you shouting your head off in the bus filled with people, you would be the one people who be back-talking about you cause I don't fucking believe that you did not that take sit when we get down. Seriously, that lady is the most PMS-ed lady I have ever met and you're such a shame. She shouted loudly first.
So yes, that is what we encountered today and yes, a very lengthy post but I don't assume that you will read all, just focus on highlighted words will do.

I still have my writing skills, and please ignore my vulgarity cause it's just so hard to not use them on brainless, racist fuckers like the lady mentioned. Okay, I am off to bed now, now that the burden and fumings are left on this blog, I shall see back 10 years from now and laughed at such damn Malaysian kinda incident and say, ONE MALAYSIA.


Unknown said...

Thats a really fucked up bitch. Got children still can act like that. Don't know how to use the brain given by God.

joshuaongys said...

i cant belif i'm commenting here. Nah comment already HAHHAHA

Victoria said...

Samantha: Yea weh~ bad influence to the children pftt


Sarah said...

OMG..... if i were u, i would have shouted back at her man. dun give her a damn shit! why can't she think la? why canot share meh? the small boy can sit on her lap rt? -.- wtf.
n nobody even said she CAN'T sit there. =.=" just that they can use the brains to SHARE! urghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i damn bo song ppl like this la. -.-" i also bo song ppl who dun let u come out from lrt or monorails, u name it, n pushed u back inside. fucking sial! >.< u knw what i do? i would push them out back. HAHAHAHA damn them! :P then if i canot tahan, i wud scold them lo.

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