Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too HOT 2 Handle!

Are you too HOT to be handled?
If you are, great then! But if you're not, then you will soon be because EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound presents "Too HOT 2 Handle"


Come and join us for a day of fashion, beauty and style at the trendiest club in town! Amidst the fantabulous shopping, get treated to sizzling performances, mini makeover workshops, awesome lucky draw prizes, best dressed prizes and more lined up for a marvellous girly day out!

Highlights for the night are:

+ Lucky draws
+ Goodie bags
+ Best Dressed Award - So be sure to dress up ladies!
+ Dance performances
+ Fashion shows
+ Special appearance by Shawn Lee
+ Stand a chance to win Jason Derulo's albums and posters
And so much more!

Not only that, if you want more exclusivity, get your own Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA Ladies VIP Card by signing for one at http://ministryofsoundeuphoria.blogspot.com/p/ladies-vip-card.html ! Because, you will be treated like a HOT to handle Queen with :

+ Priority shopping - You get the 1st pick at everything! ;)
+ Free flow of Beefeater cocktails
+ Complimentary manicure & pedicure
+ Complimentary eyelash extension
+ Complimentary hand and head massage
+ Exclusive discounts with participating vendors
+ Complimentary pass to Kaskade on the same night + 1 girlfriend! - http://bit.ly/9oXeia

Flash out your Ladies VIP Card NAO! Priority to shopping okay! Means you don't need to push and get pushed by other bitches, you just go "Excuse me*shows card*" and the bitch would just automatically give in wtf, I was joking =)


kenwooi said...

lucky ladies =)

Victoria said...

I noe! LOL But why there arent event where all HOT mens are gathered?LOL

kumfye said...

men are not hot but they are cool...are you heading to MOS???


Victoria said...

Lol kumfye~ I might head to MOS fer this event! So say hi to me if you're there and you see me okay?? =)

Pork Chop said...

wow i see complimentary meni pedi, eyelash extension, hand and head massage.. I LIKE! haha how r u? hope u are doing good :)

Victoria said...

yeayea I like too seeing all those and yea I am good =) But i dun think I will be going fer this though and sorry fer the later reply yea! =)

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