Friday, March 26, 2010

Everything is Okay

Woots, To those that follows my tweet and gets flooded with emo shits, I'm sorry. To those that kena loads of my blabs yesterday on the msn, I'm sorry. Yesterday was not a fairytale and definitely was not a good day for me to harp about it here.

I just woke up, feeling like an avid blogger. Had a sudden rush to open Microsoft Word and just type all feelings out and then delete it wtf, so might as well I just write it in my blog right?

Yesterday was the last day of this whole semester that I am gonna work in(?)where ever I am working now, don't wanna disclose name la cause I wanna be mysterious like that wtf. It was quite a tough decision to make actually due to the not-really-bad working environment and the pay that they offer, not a lot like print something then you get RM1000++ a month, but just enough to make needy students like us go WOW! It's also a project based thing, thus the timeline and the existence of certain period where quotas needs to be fulfill and if that doesn't happen, we will all be facing jokingly-yet-meaningful vulgar words from the head herself. Me myself do not really mind cause I am quite vulgar myself as well, should have see me scolding fuck every time someone turns down my offer and slams my phone *annoyed face*

So, I chose laziness and the time needed to study over work where I will have quite an excellent pay, though I can predict not so excellent pay while doing this project cause WOULD YOU TALK ON THE PHONE FOR AN HOUR+ DOING DUMB FUCK SURVEYS?! The answer is a big NO! and if you said YES, you're an angel =)
Took half a day off and went back. Told mum on the news on the way back and through listening to her voice, can see that she is annoyed that I am once again unemployed *rolls eyes*.If only she asked and knew why I quit tsk instead of fuming over me and scolding me wtf. I hate accusation more than your grandmother's 30 days old unwashed panties or your tapping me on my shoulder(yes you shouldn't call me by hitting my shoulder.. I'l slap you back, Taekwondo reflex thingy.)

Story cut short, I was damn blardy angry and sad at first, thinking that the whole world owes me and that I am the only one doing the right thing.
"I don't fucking care, you owe me cause you don't let me study what I want and I end up resit-ing more than I eat rice everyday"
"Said I am rude? Now who the fuck taught me that(huh?!)!"
Was some what the things that ran through my mind repeatedly and I hate it. The feeling of defeat. You feel defeated where you wanna do something about it but you can do nothing about it just because she is much much more superior that me and I should respect her in the first place. "My ass" would be my answer last night. Everything is okay now =) I am feeling much better thanks to someone who "slapped" me awake, telling me that I am acting all childish even though I kept harping "I am 20 so let me do what ever fuck I wanna do".

"When someone's feeling goes down the drain(emo la), their intelligence goes double down the drain as well" was what he told me and I couldn't agree much and I was laughing my heart out. So people, don't be emo always, all your intelligence might just go down the drain and never come back and you will end up being a retarded person, and you live emo lives all your life!


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