Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day In My Life

Is a bore! LOL Such a spoiler entry wtf but that is the truth, and nothing but the truth. =)
I am actually longing to click the "New Post" tab to come to this white blank box where I can type what ever crap shit I want, acts like an inspiring writer, jotting down what is running through her mind. And all that came to my mind, somehow or rather, got blocked by the grey matter and only one thought came into mind.

Why did I start blogging?
I used to blog for myself, like an online diary where my mum would not be able to secretly rummage through my things, to find out I jot down whom I fought with, whom I had feelings and felt for, the things that I had done against her will etc. She wont find this out if I don't accidentally left my blog unattended lol, hey, I am 20, I deserve own privacy okay LOL.

As I was saying, i used to blog for myself, but nowadays I would have to think twice what I wanna blog about before logging in. This, lil space here, has become a lil too overexposed to the world, a lil too commercialized and had become a lil so-not-me thing. Which I hate. I want this lil space here to be all about me and the things I choose to be part of me, and not to think ten times whether should I blog about "A" or no and being scare that someone would read some entry and feel dulan and then leave their dumbfuck comments here.
So I am thinking of making my blog go private. Not that I got 1273557 readers perday but yea, private it away towards certain people.

If either you all read this boring post, leave a comment okay. Thanks much.


Amelia said...

lol i din think of doing another private blog also. so that i can write all my deep deep secrets inside. haiz even tough i dont have much reader reading my blog but its still not save enuf f3. my sister la, class punia ppl la, my church member la haiz...

Victoria said...

Lol!! same la

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