Monday, March 29, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Aftermath 2010 (Pt 2)

Picture post. No mood to type all the thingajingamy things.

Cause we are atas like that =)

Bart and Bie came in the same color shirt and same color jeans, were they wearing the same shoes as well? LOL, drunk and out before the event even started.


Bunkface, the drummer halang-ed

Shawn Lee. I got conned, thinking that they guy on the balcony is him. But there is a difference in voice between the fake "Shawn Lee" on the balcony and the real Shawn Lee on stage, he is truly a small boy with loud voice, unique =)

I love DJ Sarasa! See her muscular hands woots woots.. Sexy breakdancer =)

Though we got the upper sit, we spent our whole entire night, downstairs and I was obviously dancing away, see my sweating face raawwrr fucking disgusting LOL
With non blogger kawans ...

See! We are all looking sober... Some of the girls went missing LOL, barbeque-ing at the longkang wtf

We were about to go off, and we went upstairs to er supposingly rest wtf and I met up with Leonard there =) Yes, the AHM bassist.

And do you all wanna see what does he do when he is not strumming and jamming or "molesting" his bass?!

Need much explanation?


Mr Lonely said...


*Ynot said...

The last picture explains why I will never let my future girlfriend and future daughter (if any) to go clubbing.

Victoria said...

MR Lonely:: Huh?
Ynot:: Seriously,Ynot? LOL you got a catchy name there =)
You should let he go and let her see the world, else she will be hidden from all this scene and she will eventually rebel,I always believe in that =) My mum is a sporting one and I turned out okay =D

Stephen said...

It's just the angle the photo was taken! HAHAHA...Just dance!!

Victoria said...

Stephemn: He really went and grind the girls or vice versa wtf wtf LOL

Dewi Batrishya said...

Woot~ Woot~ Interesting Life! *winks*
-Leaving my foot prints here-

Victoria said...

Lol Dewi~

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