Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Eastern

Though people say that I am a real nuts not learning how to drive and not owning a car but goes to the other side of the world just TO ATTEND SCHOOL, I have to admit, I am nuts BUT this place where I go to ATTEND SCHOOL has the most places to noms for very reasonable prices, awesome taste and most importantly I do not need to pay for food services that I find it very unsatisfying and taxes that is non of my business(at least for now).

We went to Little Eastern today right after my classes with Jackie and Amelia. I had no idea what are served there but the little small cottage-look-alike restaurant that resides behind this filthy looking alley, has the warmest and most inviting "I am here" sign... But I don't get why does it looked country-homey on the outside but decos inside are of horoscopes?! Mix match concept perhaps?wtf.
Since I was feeling a little kiam, I ordered food through their offered set lunch. I chose Oriental Spaghetti over Spaghetti Bolognaise and a cooling Ice Lemon Tea to wash it down =)

Oriental Spaghetti.
I did not know what or how was this made so I asked,
Me: What is Oriental? What kinda sauce is that?
Waitress: *stoned face* Huh?
Me: (in my heart)*Are you dumb?* How you cook this? Got sauce?
Waitress: *blur face* No.
Me: *chooses that* (in my heart)*WTF!!!*
And oh, that happened when bestie asked her the almost same question as mine. Picky eater we are but I DO NEED to know what I am gonna get, right??

Our drinks. No, we don't drink that Ketchup, itu tumpang glamour saja wtf LOL.

And to end my boring life, I shall spam our pictures that we are rajinly collecting since its LAST SEMESTER fol!! Its gonna be HELLO EVIL LIL WORLD soon!! Catastrophe!!

I look unflattering from this angle but never mind, I like muka bodoh wtf. Please concentrate on my bow tee, ME LOVES!

The three most camwhore shits in class! LOL
People getting into groups to discuss aboutoutingsstudies, and we are here doing our thang wtf =D
And I tahan-ed this pose for so long cause we got another person to help us get this shot, TEEHEE, so you all must say nice wtf HAHAHAHA....


Isaac Wong said...

I thought little india. Haha.

Victoria said...

Lol!! Suddenly only Little India! xD

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