Monday, March 22, 2010

Life in Pictures

Since I am quite out and about now and the mojo to take pictures with my old phone is on again, I took really a lot of random pictures that only mean something and a lot to me and you probably wont get it, but I will try to caption it till you get it wtf.

Scare you all with a big arse picture of my face and the main highlight is my new Nudy Grey contacts! It isn't really that obvious compared to my green one but if you would only look closely, this lens has very nice flowery patterns at the side! Major love.
*sorry fer the disturbing eyebags wtf, I just refuse to sleep till it's 2a.m wth*

work place has the smallest toilet cubicles and least one EVER! And the worst lighting ever. Emo, don't wanna caption much. Bestie showing off her finger designs but light too sucky to see it at all, double the emo.

Went to my second home on my rest day cause I felt that there's a need to shop! LMAO XD
And i saw this Arab performance thingy, talk about culture invasion!

I felt, I went, I see, I shopped, I pose LOL

This thing here meant a lot to me, I nearly teared when I see this. Yes, "you", "You" din't know cause i hid the tear and thank "you" =)

Mine! xD
Meant the whole world. See caption also cacat-ed LMAO xD

Okay, next blog post would be the HA one. LOL lazy wanna do it.


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