Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yesterday or Today or Never?

Ok the title damn lame cause i have no idea what to put there and i just realized that i misplace and mistaken that 29th was the 30th and today is the 31th! ok wait, now is the 31th cause now is 12.08a.m and yes, i procrastinated at blogging again. haix~


Although i am blogging at the 31th, i am actually blogging about my 30th cause i was tired just now and i was rushing my tomorrow's presentation assignments, yes last minute is my thing cause i do things better and more efficiently during the last wee hours in the morning.

Today was such a wasteful time and day for me cause i heated up the chair and enlarged my arse to don't know how many inches now for almost 4 hours! at the hot and stuffy canteen cause i was wearing shorts and no human with short shorts are allowed into the library although i have no idea why is that so and rather let us die out there!
I waited for 4 hours just for the 2 hour lecture and heck, lecture ended it like half and hour earlier. haix~ waste time right? and in case you wander why the heck am i so early there, just so you know, i HAVE TOO! Orelse i would not be able to make it on time to the lecture, yes even lecture also i go. cause i am stupid so i need to attend classes and cannot skip like how almost 50% of the student do and yet they still score! what turf!

So class ended early and i still need to wait for mummy to be off duty cause i am lazy to be on the same bus with loads of banglas! LOL~
Borders will always be the place for me to bunk in whilst waiting for mummy!

My all time favorite section! the young adult section. but i don't dig lovey dovey romance stories instead i go fof this~~

RAWWWRR!! Spooky and thriller and horror books me is like and me is crazy for it!

i is reading then the guard snap snap pictures of me!!
eek! no la~LOL~ i camwhored! LOL~

You know what! i realized i fat already! what turf~just so to prove!

see!!! the double layered thingy down there!!! fuah!!!
ephic phailed at being emo!

Presentation tomorrow!!! oops~i meant today at 2p.m something!! wish me lucks!

p/s::i lazy to beautify my pictures, so please appreciate my "natural beauty"LOL~
Monday, March 30, 2009

I Want to Cry! Shoulder Anyone, No?


I got fired by mummy today for something i did not do and till now i still don't know what i did tha is so wrong that she needs to scold me, in public, not loud but hear able! what turf! of my 19th years of life with her she has never blardy scold me in front of the public! and i am sad! yes, i want to be emo for today~well, not today already, was yesterday cause i hesitate in doing this post!

It has always the blardy brother do everything then it is right in her sight and what ever i did was never appealing for her! i hate it la~
Studies, pfft, i was never good in that and my brother is like super good in that, so i lose to him and he gets all the moo moo maa maa manja-ing and all the praises la~ blabla bla~
Polishing shoes, i was never ever good at it and obviously i don't do polish shoes cause i have my blardy ego and yes, you got it, my brother seriously damn good at this one, his is the unnoticeable type of shoe polishing.. and what else, mum digs those la~
And i don't have a 'stick' and obviously brother has it cause my mum fancy boys more than girls, she is quite the kuno thinking a bit la~a bit~

I always thought that hey, i might be dip out from the rubbish bin or some highway drain or maybe out of the forest and they saw me when they went trekking, cause i was different from the way we act to the way we think!
First of all, they all have names starting with J, what turf and i got mine starting with V! why can't i be given J too and name my Jane/Jessy/Jasmine/Jayme instead of Victoria. not that i hate my name, it means Victorious but this makes me think la~why V instead of the traditional J? Our family like digs the letter J one, cause most cousins of almost same age starts with J and i am the category of the odded name!what turf...
Secondly, all they had ever wanted to do during free time was sit at home drink coffee and watch stupid shows on television programme, while me on the other hand, i would very much appreciated it if you were to bring me out to explore eventhough is to the Bird Park(no bird there one, don't go) or the Tugu Negara! and stares at statue is better than enlarging arse at home sipping coffee! what turf
Thirdly, i hate coffee!! and they love coffee! i hate boring cheesy hong kong soap dramas and they love it! so sweat!

I am so unloved! lol~haix~emo sia~

Anyway, no mood and i want to go and explore the world! please let me study hard and get a scholarship and let me get sponsorship to UK or Aus or anywhere far far away from Malaysia and my shitty family! i don't hate them but am disappointed, really, really am very~
Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Still Love It With Occasional Hatred


Today was a great day cause i went out with Evelyn to shop! yeay! our first shopping spree and many many more to come!*hugs eve*

I reached earlier cause i hate people to wait for me but am ok if i am the one doing all the waiting. cause, it just feel.. right?! I have got no word to describe my weird attitude! xp
and so i think i get another title which i am already known as from Evelyn and that is the 'Shopping Queen'.
I did not do as much as i did the last time before cause first of all, i manage to persuade myself not to bring my 2 cards which is the credit card and the bank card. I am so proud that i managed myself today with just around RM150++, and i still have rm10 left ok! proud of me ei? lol what turf..

We had so much fun that i had no time to even think of camwhoring with her, sad arh! nyways, pictures from the moment i am in the bus till the whole wonderful event end.

You must be wondering why the heck i took a picture of a bus driver resting and not handsome too. Could you please see properly and let me just tell you that he is not any thing more of a resting but was at a current speed of around 90km/h! what turf right? i agak the speed cause it is impossible to see it from where i am sitting. and he just cant keep his blardy hands on the wheels properly! and and, i missed it when he was messaging at the same speed! and he was sleepy too! what turf happen to Rapid's bus driver? after so long not boarding their bus, i am now having second thoughts of either sitting with a smelly bangla in the Metro cheap and dirty bus or just risk my beautiful life for Rapid bus which is not that beautiful either, just that no bangla sits close...

After some deep thought, i think i will still take Rapid! LOLWHATTURF... can't stand banglas!

Then it was lunch time again! Evelyn can really eat and i am not suprised at all cause all skinny cat people can eat twice as much as me and still says 'I am not fulll!'
and that is when i go what turf la~ LOL~ sorry la, i have to be jealous cause you all can eat without thinking about pounding on the calories and no need to think about working it off later on!
I think Evelyn loves Mcd! LOL~
After all pack up and energized, a few more rounds and evelyn got what she wanted and we are off back home.

And i had actually thought of not whining about this here but seriously i have too!
i actually got scolded by the bus driver and yes is the Rapid driver but not the one on the picture above. what turf and i was so blur!
I have actually never take that bus before and i was wondering whether will it passby the destination that i wanted to go and asked and he said no, but then i saw another place that i could go home too and asked again, and that blardy pms driver scolded me and say where i wanted to go and why i asked two place?!
KNNBCCB!! Lao niang like la! Lao niang want to go where and ask what is to my liking~ why the heck you get all pms and all! what turf and he prolly thinks that he is some star in The Fast and Furious, cause he drives like he wants to drag us all to hell!


and i jadi-ed a good girl and even though i am damn tired and pissed off and also excited witht he things that i bought and want to check it out as soon as i am back home, but no, i still drove my mum to the clinic for her denture and the parking only cost me rm0.50!
seriously, the only place i love in Malaysia is my here, Cheras!


I guess that this two days i am really on the go the whole day and wouldn't stop till late evenings, like now where i have a little bit tad of time where i am not tired and not that energetic and all i want to do is just sit here and surf the net and yes, to blog about my days.
Although nothing fantaboulously happened, i still want to blog. for my own sake.=)

Today is Saturday and yes.. It is..(fill yourself) S- - - - - -g.
And i am really beginning to feel that i need to teach Yuan things about not to lie and to tell things as what it is and not to do pity faces so that us, elder people gets cheated and gives in to what you desires. that is never ever the way that kids should grow up and little spanking owuld do them good! Like me, i got LOADS of spanking and caning and i become responsible as what i am today! lol what turf, selfpraise.. but i am not that bad ok~

see, i am a good girl! i sit nicely with the belt and all in the car whut!

Later in the evening, around 3p.m, yes, awhile ago.. we went to the auntie's house cause my Kuantan auntie just came down town for a visit and bought us loads of things. Mostly cooking stuffs la and so i don't know what are all those.

Anyway, there is actually this particular sweet that i love to eat and mum always have it in the car so that i snack and suck on it hoping that i would just suck it and stop talking, lolwtf, got crushed and kinda melted and it has been in such state for the pass 3 weeks.
But mum did not throw it away and when i checked it out just now, it is no more crushed and i could eat it!

see! all nice and formed up with that wrapper's shape and it actually looks like it crystallized! looks like crystal kan! lowhat turf~ and something chessy to you all came to my mind.

If and only if broken friendship/loveship/relationship or whatever ship you could think of that i could not think off , all but except spaceship la~can be mended with a bit of warmth(sun) after all the harsh(crushing in the bag)and cold/chilly(aircond)things that happened between a relationship, wouldn't this world be a better and all around a peaceful without war to live in world!! all races, colors, mindset people and of all ages could just go about hand in hand, shoulders on shoulder or hand on shoulders or whatever that looks bonding, worked this God gifted world out to become a great world to live in! No more sufferings!

And about this world, today is that 60 Earth Hour! please do your part people and i am going to do so, that is why the early post!
And to those that think this is a blardy gimmick, and what about it if this is a gimmick?! and to those that think that it wouldn't make a big difference for that one hour so no need, well, that is a wrong thinking.
If you will do your part and off everything that works with electricity for just one hour tonight, and saves one hour each house and then you say is the same when you use double of the el;ectricity the next day, actually it isn't the same! what is lost/not used remains as lost and not used. nothing to what says, you use more and no difference!
same as saying you lost one bestfriend but you made ten more new friends, by the end of the day, you still lost that very particular friend.

I know i am right and i know you know that i am right! and please don't fight back cause i know i am very right! i am damn good with reasoning! and please think that you save one hour electricity bill la~ it is a lot i tell you if your house got like 5 air-cond with 2 television and prolly 6 lights and 3 computers all lighted up!

Do your part for the mother earth and also for your generations to come cause they don't deserve to 'enjoy' our left overs and be all miserable to accept a dirty and filthy and useless world!
Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emo Vox


If you asked me what am i feeling today, to be truthful, i don't even know or feel what i go through this days anymore. It has become more of a routine, a "word" that i might not even be able to use to describe my daily life anymore! cause i am repeating everyday and every week the same old routine and that pisses me off.

I want something different, at least a little spider encounter while i am in the college's toilet just to spice up my days so that it will not be so boring! i am so easy to satisfy so why doesn't God arrange my daily lifestyle to be a tiny winy bit tat more of an excitement?!
What pisses me off more than ever is when i see/read/heard/people share their life with me, they seemed to have all the time and moola to go mostly to overseas to chill and they sound like they don't have college/schools/work to go to?!! why is that so?!? and why people can be so carefree and got time to chill and still does fine with their studies and excel, when all this while, all i ever remember doing after college is sitting there and study and then go online.


and some blardy cat died in front of my house when i reached home just now. i did not bang the cat, mind you. i walked out of the car and saw it there lying motionless and i thought of meow-ing it for awhile just so to play with it, but the blardy cat was already died! whatt urf~
and my brother say maybe it starve to died or something cause he said he heard that cat outside there since like evening and we reached home around 6 ++. and it was raining so heavily today and prolly it starve and got cold to death! so pitiful!! what turf lo~ who ever leave that kitten around helplessly should go fly kite weh!
*may you R.I.P kitty*

I wish i could die now too... life is getting to effing bored and lifeless although i still waste oxygen and all~ nothing new and nothing to see forward too after everyday's stagnant routine!
why can't somebodey sponsor me to study overseas or maybe a small vacation would do?!
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Shall Shock Vox


I was so frustrated very early in the morning. Cause i have something that i need to have a small talk with mummy to get her opinion and also to get her permission. Which means this ain't any small normal talks any more~LOL~

Cause i have got this friends who wish to sell her hand phone at a price which is so irresistible and her phone is also the one that i had wanted since they launched it. cause it's so darn cute and it is pink so i want it la~what turf~ and it really looks like some Japanese phone which make me have even more of the desire to be one of the million proud owners.

And so, i missed the chance of asking her even we are in the car for about 45 minutes drive before i take my lrt. cause my mum has this really weird character. If she wakes up in a good mood that morning and you just have to spill the beans and pissed her up, she will be fucking pissed through out the whole day and she will scold even more when she picks me up. And that is why i don't dare to piss her off and so i did not ask. Then i went for some opinion whether is it worth it to buy that phone cause my phone is only 5 months old. what turf right?! xp
Then my friend(who noes me well)says that don't really love the phone like freaking will die for it that kind and second hands cant be trusted, bla bla bla~

But i still want to try~!
But, after all the craps, i did not asked her cause she was already in a bad mood later in the evening when she fetches me cause she had blisters in her mouth! what turf~

and so ends my sad day and i have to forgo(again)something that i like and that is also why i did not procrastinate and did not blog yesterday! *BLEK*


WAH! some fucking punk dude or was it a dudette cause i can't see his 'yong sui' face which is all covered up got the best of all of the monorail attendants today! I shall elaborate on that.

So let's start!
Today is darn hot again! seriously i can't stand it no more!!!*mumbles*
Nothing that special happen at college today except that we had something planned up for tomorrow to pissed the blardy college guards bitches who is so bias!! Another beh ta han thing!

Finally, i got my mag! It is finally out! Ohmygod, i thirst for this mag so long already! Why can't they make it thicker if it is published one a month and also at the last week of the previous month!

I waited for so long and turns out that this time around this is going to be a droll-not-so-worthy i think magazine cause this time around their main cover is the Eligible Bachelor whom i saw no one that i think is eligible! LOL~compared to the last time, this time around, it's either no face or no body!*shuts up*

Ok, that freaking punk human! what turf to the max i tell you!
Our monorail stop at Hang Tuah if i am not mistaken to take up more passengers and usually all those will go down at Imbi which is where the Times Square is.
I freaking can swear*if i would*that i did not see this human when the rail passby and certainly i did not see him entering tha train.
I must say, KNNBCCB him! should be a him la cause he stinks and he got manly hands! swt~
When i turned around just to position my ass la, i got the shock, the most shocking shocks that i have even experience in my life of "Shockness" cause that blardy human sits right next to me, no sound at all i tell you!
How do i even describe how he dress??!
Have you all seen those punk dude wearing male lolita clothings and usually a lot of this can be found at Times Square.. Arh~those~ and please imagine the worst of the worst that you have ever seen so far and compared to mine.
The one that i saw,
*knowing that you can't see him*

Seriously, what turf i tell you and the first thing i had in mind was is he trying to rob me using the scary method or is he just too blardy hot inside and maybe someone made him this way and he wants my help to unveil him!?LOL what turf~

All in all, he scares the shit outta an ang moh kiddo and drops his Aunty Anne! xp

a sudden thought, have you ever ever feel that you don't want to grow up?
Monday, March 23, 2009

Dum Dum You Give Me Gum Gum


That title is totally unrelated to this post but that is like my new lango or something like that cause i love watching Night in The Museum. If i did not get the the name of the movie wrong?!

Today is yet again another day where i wake up like freaking early and rushed my stuffs, packing up and all and no, i am not running away to get married or something,LOLWHAT TURF, I am going to Kepong, yes, all the way from Cheras to that unsightly rural area*i am so dead* hoping that we could at least FINISH UP Business Organization.
Fair enough, we got at least 80% of the things done and obviously they did not waste my time going there.

Then we went to makan at some chinese restaurant and it was damn freaking hot. Arhh~yes, talking about that, today is maladramatically califragilistically effing hot!!! WEATHER SO KNNBCCB HOT ARHH~~
Ok, KNNBCCB is also kinda our new lango, inspiration from Xia Xue! LOL~ credits to her and don't say she bad influence or what ever shits, cause you go take a piss and mirror yourself in it before pointing here and there.

Ktm was a blast today. For the first time ever, i have no issue with the ktm thingys today. it went as smooth as when i don't have constipation! LOL~

I realized that my Project 365 is getting more and more boring cause i am so lazy to take pictures cause Malaysia is too effing hot and no nice view. Over all, Malaysia is so damn hot that when you look up in the sky, all you can is loads of big fat and over stuffed clouds and all of them seemed like they are too darn hot that they got separated from each other and so explains the many-ness of it. And the sky is no longer sea blue, IT IS BLUE~ lol~so hot right Malaysians?
And i suddenly i saw a revelation! Malays actually drinks water!! what turf~ I tell you, they don't even drink 2 glass perday one, i bet. and all they actually drink is water that is sweet, not sweet no drink! what turf~ No wonder all also so fat!*shuts up*

Weather changes too brings changes in my immunity system. It got weak and so i am yet again, yes i repeat again SICK!
*touch head*
Yes, still got fever. and i am not 'yes-ing' like YES, i am sick and i am happy cause i can look tired and people will come up and ask how am i and i could be center of attention. That yes was a remark to approve that i still am feverish! what turf~
I woke up from nap then fever! Knnbccb~

And i still have not do my assignments~ and i am blardy dragging it. I simply slack, sort to say~
Ok la bye, i really need to do it least i want to get the 'talk-of-the-back' session! Toodles~

Something New


Today we had a Rev named George Bakalov invited to our church today instead of our very own Ps. Ong Sek Leang. Someone said, 'ok something new.' and i went, 'what turf, so you also do that and change gf and say ok something new?!'
I was quite furious when ever i think back what he said and thats the reason that i am blogging at wee hours now and ditching my assignments. But then again, blogging is darn addictive. As addictive as MapleStory, as Grey's Anatomy, as addictive as playing my Wii too~ Ohmygod, i think i got the blog-bug. I think about blogging all the time. Twas, am in need of blogging courses to mushroom from anywhere, and i will go! LOL WHAT TURF~

Actually, whoever takes blogging course is like a waste of time right?if there were any.

Nothing much happen today except that it was yes, AGAIN, damn blardy hot today. and i nearly fainted just by sitting in the room studying. with windows all open and yes, my house no air-con so safe your mind thinking why the hell got air-con also hot. Cause i love the earth and i want to contribute and so by not having air-con! what turf~
Air-con is bad and dries up the skin, that is why mummy took the air-con down and i vow for it too, cause when i am weather hot, my skin turns reddish and looks nice! LOL~

And oh, sunburnt finally no more! it cured!
and mummy say that that might be just be me and my own self conscience cause sunburnt don't heal in just one day. ok what ever~
Happy that i finally can wear my tees and still i want to wear the other type cause is effing hot now a days.

I am very very into nail art things and i saw something that i think is cheap on www.nailforall.com but then again, it is hard for me to order cause mum say need to get it from Sepang! i went what turf, no other place??
And i realized that as i grow older, i spent money furiously, without thinking.
eg,while walking and scanning through the mall and saw something attractive, walks over and see see abit, 'Eh, nice sia, i think i should get this one.' 'Oh no wait, this is nicer, but that is nice too' and will go how arh how arh, actually i do that to buy time till mum says she will buy the other for me. but that never happens, so just grab both, not even looking at the price and PAY!!
End of the month,rings friends, 'eh got job ka?'

So who wants to support me abit ei?*winks* I am cute! LOLWHATTURFF xp

Hm~now is 12.17 a.m of 23rd march.
and the reason that i am not sleeping cause i had blardy loads of assignments.

And i went blog surfing and i read XiaXue's blog and laughed my arse off at her newest vids. seriously, i salute that girl. she speaks her mind and her niche is that blardy no insurance mouth of hers and her she is, earning big bucks and not a single sweat.

I wander, what do this famous bloggers do??

You mean they have no steady job and just depend on advertisers?
or they actually have all and the enough moolah to start their own small business which is part time and their fulltime is BLOGGING?

That would be so cool i tell you~
and i back to assignment! cherrios people!
Saturday, March 21, 2009



I hate to repeat stuffs as what and how i repeat myself every Saturday that i go swimming and all, so please remember ok~LOL~

Seriously, i have got no idea why the hell i am so blardy moody today. I think it's PMS on the way. what turf.
and so i went swimming today and a long one too. 3 hours i tell you. In the water for three freaking hours! ohmygod! and if i were not sunburnt by then, i would blardy change my surname to Wow man!

The story was, as we had promised my nephews, we would bring them down to swimsplashwaterevery Sat. But they weren't at home today but went to their Po Po's house and spent the night there.
and we was there by 7.30 a.m. and my 'wonderful' mum suggested that we swim till around 8.30 a.m then we go fetch them and then we change into the already soaking wet swimsuit and swim again. I was like what turf~they are already awake, so why can't we blardy bring them here now? and she nagged, saying it would ter-cold-ed their small young intolerable-to-cold lungs and bla bla bla, rant rant rant, you got the jingomingo~

So i just went along cause i don't know that area and she don't want to let me drive! what ever~
but at the end, i made up my mind that i will just stay in the pool and cont swimming few more before the monkeys come! LOL~
Needless to say, swim again lo and mum complain that it is eeky to rewear the already soaking swimsuit! not my blardy business sia~nabeh, don't want to listen to me then come and complain~

Tralalalala~story or rather ramblings short~ I was at the adult pool then the children then the adult then children then adult~arh~u need to get my jingmatashits now~
cause i blardy ran up and down to take care of them and to cont swimming too~
All this till 10 a.m~
And worse of all, the thing that i hate most, the thing that i always thought swimmers will have no matter how they hide from the sun and i was so darn happy that it has never happen to me... NOT TILL TODAY!
what turff~


Luckily nothing wrong with my arse, or else i would have difficulty in sitting down too~arrh!
ok~i want to distress by watching NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM.

Bye~i emo sia~
Friday, March 20, 2009

Teeth Day for Vox


It rained half of the day today and i like! cause today has no pasar malam for me to go, no outing to dinner since it is not weekends yet and definitely my home is warm enough for me to be all cozy and comfy in with.

But no, mummy had a better idea. Says she,
"Girl, it has been half a year since your last teeth check up~righhtt??"
I was like ohmygod and what turf~cause i hate dentist!
and the another thing i hate is clinic! i hate medicine and anything that has got to do with drilling~

But we went to the dentistry anyway...
*sulks like anything*
but luckily the doctor say that my teeth is perfect and i am a good girl to come on time! arh! the praises make me happy! lol what turf~

On the way there, camwhore in mummy's car cause i suck camwhoring with the mirror..

#1st picture.

#2nd picture
fail la this picture~

#3rd picture

Arh! i am so vain and i am loving it! ROFLMAO!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Outing To KLCC


I saw a rainbow today! I was so darn happy to see that because i believe that rainbow brings joy and happiness!

I know that i have said before that i will not be free to go out anywhere during this time cause of assignments and all, but i any how went to KLCC

is here in KL!

To those that does not know who she is, her real name is Ying Zi and is a Singaporean blogger which i chat a lot to in Innit.

This is Ying Zi and she is so cute i tell you! her character is cute! and i was happy that i made a decision to go to the outing today.

Ying Zi has been to Kuala Lumpur a couple of times and her purpose here is non other than what girls does best, SHAAWWPINGG!
So we wasted no time, after the value meal of McDonald in which Jackie did not get, LOL, we set our foot out to roam the KLCC. all while Jackie tagging along and no, he did not i turn into a slave to bring and carry our things. ROFL~

So we started off at Miss Whatever shop and Evelyn got her desired 'E' blingee chain and i got something that i think it might be useful to blingee my phone and also my lappie! and the sticker that i bought has 20% off! ohmygod! happy to the max! am so going back to KLCC's Miss Whatever shop. The things there are nicer and not so ah lian~LOL

Moving on to the next shop which is right beside is the Teddy Tales. and i love this shop!! LOL~ We saw loads of cute stuffs and i realized that this girls love to hang a lot in the shop and really check out their things and then not buying any thing! ooh~ my type!my style!i like! LOL what turf..

lo and behold! i saw my uttmost all time favorite word that i will not not say even for just a day!

That was actually a shop la, like duh~ France Connection something~
And yes, i was not the only lame one, Evelyn the sweetie has her own lame sessions too and it is related to her name. OMG! she is lamer la~ LOL~

seen this shop before right and yes it is CRABTREE & EVELYN.
and EVELYN was pointing at the board like 10 feet away and she still continues pointing when she is in front of the shop and make gestures that the shop belongs/is hers! lol what turf weh~LOL~

After the lame-ness, we procide to Lovely Lace. a place where i feel that thousands of needles are pricking my nose and i could smell the scent of the parfume-filled shop like 10 feet away! not that i hate it, but my nose hate it and my eyes love it! lol~but i went in anyway, to see what they are doing and to see whats new too~
I saw loads of new in stick of nicer design doggies and bears and we saw this~

i think that this is ugly! how can this(i think)sheep thingy have zebra's pink in color legs and it is wearing like a Christmat hat?!
And me and angel was like 'No wonder it is 50% off la~'
we are so what turf i tell you!


Then we went to Parkson cause Evelyn wants to get a formal looking dress or something for presentation. But we were drifted to the toy side and THEY(not me and Jackie)around 10 minutes looking at Barbie Dolls. I hate em'! They are effing scary!
So i grab people to camwhore! LOL~

me and Angel

yes! it's us again!
Just to prove that angel likes to use her hair to cover her eyes when she camwhores!

It;s Evelyn! the ChinaDoll looking girl!
and yes, she is cute and i think she is pretty and she is not that quiet actually, she talks a lot when she is alone with me. but she is kinda shy girl!
*hugs u babe*

and yes, zis' iz zur's author!

Angel and I later on found some new board games that i myself have not seen before~

can anyone tell me what this two games are and how do you play it? cause this looks kinda interesting and if i am interested, i might buy it for thy nephews!

All's well and ends well, so we went all together gether to the LRT station and went separate ways half way cross the rail and departed. I will miss Ying Zi and not that much of the others cause i still can ask them out any time i want and i think Ying Zi say that she might be here again some where in June! so till then babe~


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vox's Memoirs Of National Service

A year ago today, i was not in Kuala Lumpur and definitely i would not be onlining as what i am doing now and blogging. A year ago today, i remember sitting at the hall a.k.a the place that we have our dinner at a place called Kuala Kubu Bharu. A year ago today, i remember how wide eyes i was when we were asked to go to bed and turn all lights off. Ayear ago, was also the day that braced myself to be far far away from my comfort zone which is definitely my own home sweet home and of course my faithful mum.


A year ago, i was sentunwillinglyto the National Service. To somewhere that i never knew existed, a place where i have no idea how long it is going to take me to reach, a place where i have no idea what awaits me.

Nevertheless, being a traveller me, i was very much exited to the thought of going some where far far for the very first time and i was even thinking that this is some kind of a honeymoon and i happily hop onto the bus, nearly forgetting and leaving all my world behind to explore. I was so excited that i forgot to bid mummy goodbye in which i will never see for three whole months. what turf~

This is what and all that i see as i was on my way there for a good 4-5 hours. and i still remember that blardy bus made a wrong turn! what turf!

Finally, some civilization! i was actually wanting to capture the picture of the pretty flowers on that tree but i was in the bus.. so~xp

The first thing/room/space that i saw the moment i stepped down the bus was our next 3 months dining room. It was huge, not the normal canteen size that we usually have in primary and secondary schools. This canteen can fit well around 400++ students and a big stage and a big space which on the floors were drawn badminton courts! and two of it too! what turf right?!

Ok~so you see bald people! and so you see that i took this picture when i went back there for the second time to celebrate together the closing of siri5/2.
realized how i love the place and the friends i make there so so very much that i went there again and now i am blogging about it after like one year!


the place that i need to get into line for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper for supplies of food!
yea~what turf right? they asked us to eat 6 meals perday! 6 MEALS! what turf lo~
and obviously i did not eat 6 times, i ate like 3 times a day. the most 4 and that is when i am super tired and hungry like crazy after all the marching, the flyingfox-ing, absailing..

Talking about friends, i think that is the one and only priority that actually made me like National Service. Fyi, i had a very bad impression about NS and i teared my heads off every single night while i go to sleep cause i was counting my days till i leave my comfy bed to some bed that prolly millions or gazzillion people slept on and drool on it before!! eewww~ what turf.
No worries, the first thing that we were ordered to do was to collect our new and freshly washed bed sheets and all the blankets and the pilliow. But no boaster! what turf! so torturing you know! i need boaster! LOL what turf~

this is the shit that i need to accomodate for three months, but later it became 2 months cause i cabut earlier for college! yeay for college!

Arh~the memories we had in this room consisting/living all under one roof of 22 girls, consisting of all races. and yes, plus me, this super duper racist girl! what turf!
And i was then appointed to become their room leader and so i lead, and i heart each and everyone of them for they have not and will never ever cost me any troubles. No doubt that there were small little misunderstandings leading to fights here and there, but all well and ends well! and i bet to those that have not given up their grudges, they do regret it now.

this young and cheerful lady here is my bestest buddy ever and it is like faith that we ended up besttie and she is the first person that i talk to when i reached.

To those that knows me well, i am very blur and i don't and can't recognize places that i went like gazzilion times before.
and so on the very first day, i accidentally went into the wrong room, room that is not meant for us, i actually bumoed myself into the trainer's room! what turf. and i got the shock of my life cause i saw televisions and all nice comfy sofas, all in one confined room and immediately i went oh shoots! i am in the farking wrong room! whadda! so embarassing! f~
And the girl above were there right beside the wrong room i went into, and directed me to OUR room which was beside! what turf! and yes, i was in the same dorm with this cheerful babe!

I was so fussy and i still remember when she helped me to straighten my bed sheets(obviously i have never put on my own bedsheet before)cause i don't know how, and i fussed about the amounting cobwebs at the end of the bed and says that i will sleep the other way round where it is cobweb-free, and then i moved on to how hot the weather was and how i need a bath to cool off and being scare too cause what if i am half way bathing and they require us to go up or something!
So Say Kee accompanied me and talk. and all that i remember after that was loads of talking from either both of us and we click real fast! like in a day, i know from what kind of shampoo she like to the type of guy she like! lol what turf.
Though we had a few arguments, mainly cause by me, i just don't give in that easily, but then again, she is the first babe that i heart so much!
Thankx for all the time that i shed tears there and you were there to comfort me and to whisper to me that it will be alright cause you were and will be there to keep me safe. Thankx also for all the things that you have done for me and although i seemed not to appreciated it, but i actually do and very much too! and thankx a lot also for all the girly talks and things that we shared all this while and that is still going on now huh?!*winks**hugs*

Say Woon and Say Kee, according to order. and this two girls make my days all the while i am there! LOL i sound like i went to jail! LOL~

this is like the most desirable male trainer there! LOL cause he is the youngest, nicest looking, funniest, friendliest and all the -est est that you can think of la~
he looks bad in pictures actually! swt~he looks much much better in person.
*clarifying my taste*

that is yet again one of my besttie, named Peggy and she kinda like disappeared from the midst of us after all the girl and chi mui bonding! haix~
and the male trainer beside is someone that i actually feel comfortable talking to while most people hate him to bits, i like him to bits! LOL~well, at least he don't have the looks and neither act like some people that wants to come up to you and talks to you with an intention.
He was more like a daddy to us there!
At least he was for me!

ok~some lame semangat patriotik moments! LOL what turf~
and realized that i dressed differently from the girl beside me?
I got a badge written my name and i got a pangkat badge on both side of my shoulders, and that represents i have some kind of jawatan and people needs to know my name!
arrh~ the shiokness of fame! LOL FTW~

we need to do chicken dance every morning!! what turf~

smexy muchy??
girls in uniform!you have got to love us!!
Muackx to all my babes!
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick Vox


Woke up with a terrible headache this morning and i felt nausea. Fiddle my way down the stairs and i half sat and walked down the stairs this morning cause of morning nausea. what turf, i thought only pregnant ladies got morning nausea?!LOL~xp

Nevertheless, got myself all prim and ready to go to college within 30 minutes, when i only need 15 minutes!haix, the sickness is slowing me down and i hate it. it's like my brains are working slower and slower by the minute. maybe it is the think mucus that has reach up to the brains and stuck all the neurons together and so the electric pulse can't flow that efficiently to the grey matter, thus the slow response??!what turf, but looking at the statement that i just made, my brains ain't that retarded either!! LOL~

I think i am coming down with a flu and most probably sore throat! arrh! no! haw can you treat me like this, body of mine?! after all the request that you made and i fulfill! remember the urges, oh body of mine for the so ever salivating piece of choco that cost me a fortune but i bought it for 'you' just so to satisfy 'you'? and that urge to go eat KFC and now your're giving me sore throat?! and the ais cream that 'we' ate the other day while it was raining under the stupid bus stop? and the Pizza Hut that was not what 'you' wanted to eat but since people invited, so 'we' went!?

In a nut shell, i ate a lot of stuffs or should i say junk food that i would never ever eat so frequently in just mere two week!! For the past two weeks, what i remember eating was things that fattens me and became what i am now! i meant sick not fat, ok?!*sensitive*
I ate like thrice of nasi lemak, twice of KFC, once of Pizza Hut, twice of Dim Sum after swimming every Saturday, i went to mamak almost every night, i met up with friends at Kenny Rogers the other day, and then i mamak-ed again.. and the most important thing is, i did not gulp down 8 glasses of water per day! what turf~or else i would be finding for the restroom where ever i go! oh my poor weak bladdery~LOL~

Not forgetting the contribution, in fact the biggest contribution of all, the WEATHER!!
Like my teacher said today, "Sekejap panas, sekejap hujan, sekejap ribut, panashujanribut, panashujanribut, so kamu pun macam mayat sekarang!"

And i hate medicine!!! arhh! have to gulp down AGAIN two Panadol!?
what turf~what if i over dose and i pass out and i have to be taken to the hospital and i have to stay there overnight and then in the middle of the night i suddenly wake up cause i feel that someone is watching over my bed and then i saw something there and when i blink my eyes the shadow is no more there and then i begin to scream my head off and the nurse rushes in and then the doctor inject some mind-calming shit to my hand and then i pass out again and when i wake up again and found out that i am in my own bed and when i read back what i just type here, i felt so lame that i need to stop now and take the two effing medicine and continues my Web Page Design.

p/s:: i hate hospital to the max and i always pray that i will not have any major sickness.
p/p/s:: i once read this book and i still remember every thing about a girl seeing things in the hospital!ftw~
p/p/p/s::my brain is still working! yeay!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Run Around Vox


It's been so long, so long that i had gone shopping for computers and things related with computers and laptops. and it was so much fun today, bargaining and all like we are at some cheap markets! lol what turf.. according to mummy, we must get anything and everything at as low price as we can cause now recession!


Reached Times Square around 10.30a.m today to meet up with old National Service friends. Actually they are 'friends' that i have never talk to before in the camp except for occasional HI BYE and that is also like once in 2 weeks! and now that we are out and free from NS, they start digging up my and practically everyone's contact number and wants outing almost every month! what turf.. and they don't even click with me i tell you, but since he went to almost the extend of begging and coincidentally i will be around that area, so no harm at dropping by and say HI right?ngehehe~
and what turf! they are so typical Malaysians and that pissed me off! He told me that the time was 11a.m but they all reached around 12p.m! what turfff~>.< style="text-align: right;">BLARRDY PEOPLE!!

And so i met up with mummy at Pavilion and went to Harvey Norman! yeay! my all time favorite shopping-for-computer shop ever! Cause i know that i can trust such a huge company that has branches world wide instead of computer shops that looks like ah long penhouse at Low Yat! and yes people! LowYat is so not my standard and s if you love that place so much that you feel annoyed seeing this, please press the little red innocent X on the top right hand side of your blardy screen!

So i shall declare why the heck i hate Low Yat so very very the much.. lol what turf.
First and foremost, that place is not to my standard. Meaning they watermark their stuffs as thing that comes from Korea and Japan and what ever country that to them is very the maju, all but except Malaysia! LOL and my brother some how or rather found out that the once handphone that he bought was made of China and cost him RM800++, when the price of it was only around RM300++. LOL WHAT TURF. and that bloody pissed him off and kinda ward me off from Low Yat.
Secondly, that effing place always, and i meant ALWAYSSS are so jam pack with people that look see look see around aimlessly and not buying a thing. they do nothing there but waste Low Yat and oxygen and the parking for those that really want to buy something there. Conclusion, Malaysians very the free and overly wuliao that they would very much spend their time sauna-ing at Low Yat.


Brother's bank savings are finally empty. KOSONG. BLANK. ZERO. COBWEBS. YILEKK. Just like mine cause he finally got himself a desktop that cost him rm3000. and i flared at him saying why would he buy a Vaio laptop instead! what turf. why the hell he wants a desktop for cause he cant go online when he is out of house what! haix~
but he is so proud of it and he is at it now. doing i don't know what but i amm contented too cause now finally i don't have to plug and uplug and wait for him to finish his online time cause i had finally forked out money for WiFi! yeay!


bro's brand new HP desktop with Intel Core2 Quad.

here is the massively large 19 inch of flat screen lcd monitor and I LIKE!!

and i am now watching Vivien's old time movies and i love it! and i am kinda distracted to blog now! LOL WHATTURF! but i did it right?

and so that is my story for today. thank you for reading! toodles! bye! chiow! adious! cahneh!
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Excited Vox

Nothing really special happen to me today. I kinda realize that my life is actually very stagnant now that i am now only at the 1/3244652 part of my project 365. and i am near to giving up doing that. But then again, i would still need to blog everyday right? Cause i feel that blogging is a disease. If you don't do it one day, your sickness will never ever cure and it might even get worse. I often find myself thinking,"How good it is that i have a smaller version of lappie, Sony perhaps, that i can bring every where i go and do my post, and then post it up when i have internet connection.." that would be blissful, huh!?

My inspiration and the need to blog comes at unrightful times and times when i am not having pen or pencil, let alone laptop. I have sudden urges to blog while i am in the LRT which i have to sit for 12 stations before i reach my college, the urge to blog when lectures, and if i can, i would even want to blog/go online while i have 'Victoria moments' in the toilet! lol what turf.
I would always think that, 'oh, ok.. as soon as i get back i would immediately blog about this so that i would not forget" and i will forget all about it as soon as i wait for Streamyx to connect! arrh~cause to me blogging is my online diary, not a private one cause you all read ma right?! ROFLMAO.

i spent my entire day after church today doing my Web Page Design. and i got really frustrated over it and also the missing-ness of my Messenger Live Plus(or what ever it's name), and i hate the very old Messenger which i have not use before. I was a MSN, the not the oldest version user before i change to the Plus. and i don't know what my cousin did to it. and i bet she uninstall it or what the shit. haix~
anyone whould like to help me out??
pretty pleeaassee~~*big wet puppy eyes*

And i went to sleep at 2 a.m this morning and i need to wake up for church at 6a.m. which means i only had 4 hours of not so beauty sleep and no wonder the back of my head is thumping and it feels like the veins of it are being pull by invisible hands. I am so tired yet exited.
Cause i have no class tomorrow, my Sir weds, according to him which i doubt cause he already had a wedding ring and tons of baby's pictures..
maybe he wants to go Bali and start a new life and family! lolwhat turf!

So, tomorrow is a shooping day/meet up with NS friends day/buying new desktop day/me spending money day/i want to get new i-Pod day/i am going to get my 18th birthday present day/i want to get a new tee day/i have to finish up my WPD day/....



p/s:: ohmyfgod! i dreamt about him again!and i don't want it to come true! i don't want to see him ever evvveerr again! he is nothing but a leech sucking all my happy things in life!!
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Having Mood Vox

I had finally accept the fact that there are trojan or what ever -jans in my computer and phone's memory card. and yes, i am still on the emo side of it although i had accept the fact of it.
I had let my cousin sister 'wash' my baby again, not format but just to catch out all the worm, although i had also accept the fact that it is no longer there, i still want to be emo!
*everyone throws banana skin*

#4: 13/03/09
oh my god! yesterday was such a bad day for everyone that's so ever superstitious huh?
well, i was and am still not a worshipper of '13th March Bad Day' but i will let you all know what i had been through for you all to analysis it yourself ok?
and no picture(first bad luck) cause my computer and phone's memory card are infested!
I was suppose to stay snuggled in bed but i have to go to Kepong to finish up my stuffs, which is not finish yet and i was all alone at the station platform to Rawang!(second bad luck) what turf! i was so scare, nearly to death i tell you! not even a single human on that platform! what turf~luckily, i only waited for about 5minutes and the next train came and poured out peoples from it's tummy!
and i day-dreamed and half happy that i nearly missed the train and was horned by the train guy! rofl what turf~

and yesterday rained the whole day!
i was 'wetted'!lol what turf(third bad lucks)
and when i was about to go back and waited for the train at Sungai Buloh, i was eye-scaned up to down and up again like don't know how many times by a group of lala looking chinese underaged punk(fourth bad luck)!what turf~ and i waited for 45 minutes for the train(fifth bad luck) while being scan like an effing awesome doll! what turf!

ok~yesterday was so what turf-kish that i notice on every line there is a 'WHAT TURF'. and i am such a 'what turf' speaking girl!? what turf!*seeeee*

#5: 14/03/09
today was a better day for me!
i love family moments! i love them so much that i would even be tired to death just to have a small moment of it. since i have lost it since i was in standard4*emo*

as usual, today was swimming day!yeay! and it rained in the morning! T-T what turf! but we went too~after i beg like hell for 15 minutes!
as soon as i reach with mummy and aunty, we were greeted by my darling nephews who were all eating coco crunch while waiting for us to bring them to swim swim! lol~
and they wife their hands on my newly bought white shirt! what turf! but i laughed my head off!xp
see~i love my nephew so much that i wouldn't even lift my voice to them! their are just to cute and wonderful to be spank! lol what turf
*and so we swam, no need elaboration*

after that, my mum let me drove home from Kepong to Cheras! omg! i was so happy! and without license! what turf right my mum! cause she said she was too tired and my aunty don't want to drive cause she want to sleep! omg! i was so tempted and reluctant cause i really want to drive but no license. but i did it anyway!
and prolly i look old or mature or it was bad luck~ there was so many police all the way back from OneUtama to Connaught! arh! and i wasn't stopped or anything!
i look old i guess!xp

that was the exciting part and my baby lappie is now heal but i doubt it is full healing and i am not that satisfied but all thankx to my cuzzie that now i could do my suckish 3 assignments and to be handed 2 weeks from now! please kill me, nicely and i want to wear red for my 'big day' lol what turf~
if i were to haunt here, i want to be known as the 'Red Chio Ghost'
lol what turf!

and and and, your blogger here is trying to ditch Manglish which involves massive usage of -la,-meh,-hor,-lo~~ and you got the lang~
I WANT TO DITCH EM' so don't tempt me into using it!

*arrh~shit, i saw a few in my post*
Friday, March 13, 2009

Tired Vox *now irritated*

Today was suppose to have no class but i guess we had a lil' class of our very own huh peeps??*winks* lol what turf~that sounds kinda wrong but we had HTML-FIGURING class people... ngehehe~

Ohmygod! seriously, all those Html nearly made me feel like pulling out all strands of hair that are on my head and dig out my brain and give it a good massage and good stretch of wakeup-ness!what turf~and this morning was such a nice condition to be all snuggled under the heavy cotton-made blanket.

*after 30minutes of fighting trojan!*what turf

now i have got no mood to do this post and my 365 project of today needs to be on hold again! what turf! everytime i plug in my pendrive to my college's COMPUTERS! and i meant all the computers that are in the compound and owned by my college are bloody infected with worms!(trojan)
and now the bloody wormy ran to my memory card for my phone and it is still lingering somewhere in drive c! what turff~

infected phone means no picture, no picture means i need to held my project unless u want to read loads of words and start imagining, and when you do that my blog would be a bored and long breathe as if i want to write a book, and when that happens no one will read it anymore, and when that happens i will be so boring of blogging and might stop, and if that did not happen i might go and open another blog account in which i would rather not blog, and when that happens, i feel that i am so longwinded now as if i am doing myself a practice if my hand phone is not fixed and not pictures to see and i have to beg mummy to buy a camera for me since camwhoring is my part time.. and bla bla bla..

fcuk! the bloody trojan babi worm thingy is out again!
super knnccb!!!!

i want to blog! super knnccb punya trojan babi worm!!!!!!!
Thursday, March 12, 2009


and so is my precious baby!

#2: 11/03/09

ok this was yesterday. the GreenTea Sedunia day and i totally missed it. not missed it like oh shit i totally forgot cause i am so busy that i got Alzheimer, but the cause was i could not go online! what turf~ and since brother damaged the house desktop computer, the modem was all alone and not butt connected to anything last night and i bet i heared it screaming outta loneliness on the cold hard floor. rofl what turff xp

and i finally got my notes too. and so i self buried my lazy face in front of the notes till it was around 10.45p.m, and remember that baby is not here~ so i went to sleep thinking what my friend would do to my precious.
cause she said she want to nodai it!
lol what turff~xp

#3: 12/03/09

yeay! as you can see, baby lappie is finally back at 'his' rightful place and so as my butt! lol what turf~ and my notes are now at it's not so rightful place as well~*winks*

Today had 8 o'clock class and i was outta the house at 6! yea! bloody odd hour of 6! and i woke up at 5. haix~ damn torturing! and i was on the verge of being late, again. omg! seriously, if and only if my mum would let me rent a house there nearby to the college, then this will safe me from waking up so damn early and her to be so damn rushing. and the jam was just as terrible as ever. haix~Malaysian drivers la right~ and i bet all they have in mind were why the hell would i want to let you cut in front of me? and even if you're Sammy Vellu i will still not let you pass!
lol what turff~

Fundamentals of Selling are as mental as ever. oh, i meant the lecturer actually. with her unruly hair curly non-chio and looks like aunty hair, her 70's glasses which made her look older, her ever hunching hunchback posture, and the part that i most beh ta han is her SKIN! omg~how can a girl's skin be as bad as hers! even buruh's skin is better than hers! lol what turf..

and oh! today the worst thing happen today! haix~
can you imagine that a lecturer, a tutor.. give a piece of his mind to his student without futher enquiring and on the very 2nd tutorial class, he kinda like swear to us that we will fail his effing unit! what turf lo~
ok~i was not the one who got this piece of mind but a friend of mine and she is damn pissed off and i think she will As it, cause everytime a tutor says so, she will prove with all her might that she will A it! omg~i must A it too!!
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Away For A Little While~ El... El...

Hey people, me now from college. i wont't be going online tonight cause cause cause cause my 'hubby' going to be reformated!


So, my Project 365 will be on hold for today sahaja!
*pats on Blog Stalker*
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project 365 Commence Today

LOL~ and so i have decided to do it since i have got one loyalstalkerthat prays day and night and daydreams noon to evening for me to this Project. lol what turf. now it sounds like i want to do 'what' project!swt~

Today was so darn shitty! omg! i left the house at 6.45a.m and i reached college at 10a.m! what turf what turf what turf~~
the roads were so so very jam that we were stuck there for 2 hours there and the LRT was as of the same condition and i was stuck there for around 45minutes before i could reach college.*slapshead* and if this continues on, i think i have to be out of the house by 5a.m just so to avoid the traffic and reach on time! what turf~

and i realized that when ever i start college, the first thing and the most popular thing that i would jot down here is the terrible-ness of our country's transportation and traffic. seriously... WA BEH TA HAN!!!!
but what to do right? since Samy Vellu has already worked and gave this road thing a think too hard that he has lost all his hair and we can't over pushed him till his head grew so big that those multiple side-swiping-style of his wigs can't fit right?! that would be too cruel and un-chio to Malaysia too~

#1: 10/03/09
ok now is the starting of my very very first Project365 which is something that i am not very sure what to blog about. actually i am not very sure what has this project got that is differ to the normal type of post that we blog about?
is it this project is suppose to be only about MY DAILY ENCOUNTER?


and so i was late to lecture for one wholeblissfulwasteful hour where i prolly can squeeze some tips outta theuselessefficient teacher. and the moment i step in, i realized that i am not the only one who was and utterly late.
and half way throughdreaminglistening to the lecturing, some big junior hooligans*if they see this, i die*just bust in and interupted medreamingpaying attention. lol what turf~
and it turns out to be that they are promoting Music Class which i know that they are a lot more cheaper than what we usually get outside cause it is sponsoredabitby the college, i think.

i was once and still very very much interested in music and making music. and i remembered the first day of orientation, we are to/encourage to choose one extra curricular to join and me and Vivian, without hesitation, signed up for this Music Class group.
and immediately too, we were required to pay RM5 on the spot. without any information about the group. without a thank you. and it was like makan duit! you know what i mean?! ish~
*that was what i was thinking while they present their slideshows*
and i got so fcuked up that i just took loads of their leaflets and intended to waste em'! i don't bloody care!! fcuktards!

ok fine! i ephic fail at attempts to waste paper too since i only took four.
i Go Green la~what turf xp
The best thing is, they came into our class twice! what turf~ i feel like slapping them kaukau lo~cause i was really really CONCENTRATING WHOLE HEARTEDLY to my Business Organization.

i got my very own copy of note for Fundamentals Of Selling and as i was flipping through the 46 pages, i saw something that made me stop and was trying to figure out what it means!


It was typed "How do you sell someone and be friends?"
what turf was that??!

and that was to show how 'VERY VERY GOOD' TARC lecturers are at English!
i am so so so proud!!*tears* what turf~=_=

p/s:: is this how Project365 suppose to be?
Monday, March 9, 2009


Which ended up that i put something there! lol what turf~ so lame. haix, i can't even make myself crack up today. cause, i finally blew the big result news to dear mummy! and what i get in return is, A BIG FAT 'BAN-FROM-GOING-OUT'! yeay!*sarcasm*

So, now officially and unofficially, for this one whole month, i am not suppose to go out, according to mummy at 11.30 this morning. and her mood got better later in the evening and she asked me out! what turf!

I thinks what she meant is outing with friends! lol~but i know her too well, like duh~ she would eventually be all jolly-two-goody after 2 weeks and i will then be able to go out and shop! yeay!

Cause!! due to my epicly failed results, i can't go to KameHameHaa~ Haa~ Haaaa~~*too disappointed till tak jadi* *urhuk huk huk~*
haix, i am so sorry la to those that i kinda 'date' so to say to go watch the movie! hope you all, guys and girls have the bestest time there yea! got lengcai must leave some for me yea! lol what turf what turf~*winks ev*

So, i have been very very loyaly following blogs of the owner of people like Sweatli, Xiaxue(she did not update for so long!)... ok that came out totally unrelated to what i wanted to blog about now..
I was thinking, should i or should i not do my own Project365??
i was very skeptical cause i don't live life as wonderful, as exciting, as new-event-everyday, as explorasive as many many bloggers do. but my life-a-day ain't that freaking bad either la~
I bet you will get to see/read Victoria's different style of bitching about different type of people like really a lot! *pst kidding nia~*
Hm~ so please comment and give me your opinion whether should i or should i not. cause if i do and people gets tired reading loads of wordings, then it isn't worth it right?
Although my policy is blog to my own liking~LOL

Ok~it was a rough day for me.
not rough as in i fell down on the floor and there was a total makeover to my face, bloods dripping down aghastly and mum screams her head off and faints at the sight of blood.. and i was rushed to the hospital with the help of neighbours and ended up the doctor doing like 100 stiches to my face and i look horrendous!
Not that kinda rough la~
I finally told my mum about thy results. like after one day. and i kept saying that Streamyx is too shitty cause i cant brace myself just yet to tell her and i finally found my guts lying under my blanketS this morning when i woke up. and i burst the 'good' news to her.
i GOT ONE HELLVA 'good' news too~
I get to sticky butt at house with no where to go except for college for one whole month!
*sounds happy hor*
ok~i don't spend extra unnessacary money when i dont go out, so i save right?which means i get to have more money save up and go out when i got my freedom back right?and by that time i would have so much money with me that i can buy things i like without thinking twice right?which means i will be so happy that time that i would forget my shitty result and what i been through right?which means by that time i don't have to pretend that i am happy and nothing has happen like what i am doing to myself now right???!!

Hm~since that's the case, i bloody annoyed my mum today by spending almost 3hours doing my nails.
i design, drew on the nails, let it dry, take a look and realized i hate it.. and i began all over again! and i think i did this around 20 times in mere 3hours and i annoyed my mum kaukau~

And so, i got tired of it*i got annoyed too* and this is the outcome~

There! my creation according to mood today!
and eh~ who wants me to do their nails can contact me here. this is like a family business, still on hold but it is not wrong that i get my own client first right?
so comment me girls! and guys~if you're interested, cause i am no sexist and i think guys that does nail art is cool!

p/s:: i feel better after crying in bathroom today.
p/p/s:: should i do Project365??

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