Monday, March 30, 2009

I Want to Cry! Shoulder Anyone, No?


I got fired by mummy today for something i did not do and till now i still don't know what i did tha is so wrong that she needs to scold me, in public, not loud but hear able! what turf! of my 19th years of life with her she has never blardy scold me in front of the public! and i am sad! yes, i want to be emo for today~well, not today already, was yesterday cause i hesitate in doing this post!

It has always the blardy brother do everything then it is right in her sight and what ever i did was never appealing for her! i hate it la~
Studies, pfft, i was never good in that and my brother is like super good in that, so i lose to him and he gets all the moo moo maa maa manja-ing and all the praises la~ blabla bla~
Polishing shoes, i was never ever good at it and obviously i don't do polish shoes cause i have my blardy ego and yes, you got it, my brother seriously damn good at this one, his is the unnoticeable type of shoe polishing.. and what else, mum digs those la~
And i don't have a 'stick' and obviously brother has it cause my mum fancy boys more than girls, she is quite the kuno thinking a bit la~a bit~

I always thought that hey, i might be dip out from the rubbish bin or some highway drain or maybe out of the forest and they saw me when they went trekking, cause i was different from the way we act to the way we think!
First of all, they all have names starting with J, what turf and i got mine starting with V! why can't i be given J too and name my Jane/Jessy/Jasmine/Jayme instead of Victoria. not that i hate my name, it means Victorious but this makes me think la~why V instead of the traditional J? Our family like digs the letter J one, cause most cousins of almost same age starts with J and i am the category of the odded name!what turf...
Secondly, all they had ever wanted to do during free time was sit at home drink coffee and watch stupid shows on television programme, while me on the other hand, i would very much appreciated it if you were to bring me out to explore eventhough is to the Bird Park(no bird there one, don't go) or the Tugu Negara! and stares at statue is better than enlarging arse at home sipping coffee! what turf
Thirdly, i hate coffee!! and they love coffee! i hate boring cheesy hong kong soap dramas and they love it! so sweat!

I am so unloved! lol~haix~emo sia~

Anyway, no mood and i want to go and explore the world! please let me study hard and get a scholarship and let me get sponsorship to UK or Aus or anywhere far far away from Malaysia and my shitty family! i don't hate them but am disappointed, really, really am very~


Jeffro said...

*lends a shoulder to Vox*... *pats back*... chill ler.. life's a bitch you know? you gotta know how to treat a bitch the way it is - Move On..

Nways, I like the name Victoria.. So pls pls pls dun change it.. =) You know why the V? *shows a peace sign* easy to do it.. =D

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::LOL~ok that made me laugh! yeala~how the heck the wna do J? eh wait!!!doing J is easier la~what turf

*jadi emo balik*

Serge Norguard said...

apa ni emo balik ?

*pats vox*

Voxy said...

Serge::*smiles smiles*

Serge Norguard said...

if you are by any chance attending the nuffnang event or maybe one of this days, i'll give you a treat.

Voxy said...

serge::treat of what??

fluotone said...

hmm.. okay since today ur feeling down I'm not going to mention sarcastic things like, why V is so cacat or why the bird park actually sucks etc..

Just hang in there ya, everything will be okay :)
there.. there.. *pats vox head*

Serge Norguard said...

a treat lar. a nice one =p

Voxy said...

@Floutone::LOL~ish~dun mensia sui kan lagi the V la~^^

@Serge::i wan baskin robin!! LOL

Jeffro said...

eh eh.. jgn senang emo can?
*massages Voxy's face* next time you emo, remember what kaichi tot us: Squeeze the lemons! LOL!z

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