Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Outing To KLCC


I saw a rainbow today! I was so darn happy to see that because i believe that rainbow brings joy and happiness!

I know that i have said before that i will not be free to go out anywhere during this time cause of assignments and all, but i any how went to KLCC

is here in KL!

To those that does not know who she is, her real name is Ying Zi and is a Singaporean blogger which i chat a lot to in Innit.

This is Ying Zi and she is so cute i tell you! her character is cute! and i was happy that i made a decision to go to the outing today.

Ying Zi has been to Kuala Lumpur a couple of times and her purpose here is non other than what girls does best, SHAAWWPINGG!
So we wasted no time, after the value meal of McDonald in which Jackie did not get, LOL, we set our foot out to roam the KLCC. all while Jackie tagging along and no, he did not i turn into a slave to bring and carry our things. ROFL~

So we started off at Miss Whatever shop and Evelyn got her desired 'E' blingee chain and i got something that i think it might be useful to blingee my phone and also my lappie! and the sticker that i bought has 20% off! ohmygod! happy to the max! am so going back to KLCC's Miss Whatever shop. The things there are nicer and not so ah lian~LOL

Moving on to the next shop which is right beside is the Teddy Tales. and i love this shop!! LOL~ We saw loads of cute stuffs and i realized that this girls love to hang a lot in the shop and really check out their things and then not buying any thing! ooh~ my type!my style!i like! LOL what turf..

lo and behold! i saw my uttmost all time favorite word that i will not not say even for just a day!

That was actually a shop la, like duh~ France Connection something~
And yes, i was not the only lame one, Evelyn the sweetie has her own lame sessions too and it is related to her name. OMG! she is lamer la~ LOL~

seen this shop before right and yes it is CRABTREE & EVELYN.
and EVELYN was pointing at the board like 10 feet away and she still continues pointing when she is in front of the shop and make gestures that the shop belongs/is hers! lol what turf weh~LOL~

After the lame-ness, we procide to Lovely Lace. a place where i feel that thousands of needles are pricking my nose and i could smell the scent of the parfume-filled shop like 10 feet away! not that i hate it, but my nose hate it and my eyes love it! lol~but i went in anyway, to see what they are doing and to see whats new too~
I saw loads of new in stick of nicer design doggies and bears and we saw this~

i think that this is ugly! how can this(i think)sheep thingy have zebra's pink in color legs and it is wearing like a Christmat hat?!
And me and angel was like 'No wonder it is 50% off la~'
we are so what turf i tell you!


Then we went to Parkson cause Evelyn wants to get a formal looking dress or something for presentation. But we were drifted to the toy side and THEY(not me and Jackie)around 10 minutes looking at Barbie Dolls. I hate em'! They are effing scary!
So i grab people to camwhore! LOL~

me and Angel

yes! it's us again!
Just to prove that angel likes to use her hair to cover her eyes when she camwhores!

It;s Evelyn! the ChinaDoll looking girl!
and yes, she is cute and i think she is pretty and she is not that quiet actually, she talks a lot when she is alone with me. but she is kinda shy girl!
*hugs u babe*

and yes, zis' iz zur's author!

Angel and I later on found some new board games that i myself have not seen before~

can anyone tell me what this two games are and how do you play it? cause this looks kinda interesting and if i am interested, i might buy it for thy nephews!

All's well and ends well, so we went all together gether to the LRT station and went separate ways half way cross the rail and departed. I will miss Ying Zi and not that much of the others cause i still can ask them out any time i want and i think Ying Zi say that she might be here again some where in June! so till then babe~



Mr Awesome said...


Voxy said...

Awesome::sorry la dude~seriously, i thought u noe. cause u were in innit yesterday night and i wasn't there all the time yesterday and i thought of not going at first but then i ponteng! lol~chill la~

next friday ok!?

Black Jeopardy said...

Last picture is the best. =P But where is VOXY?

Okay, so AngelKein IS TALL O.O

I'm taller! xD

Jeffro said...

O_O Eh.. tot you had class the whole day? cancel ka? lol!

I vote for the picture with 50% discount! errr.. coz it's 50% cheaper.. =D

Serge Norguard said...

ahahahahaha ... and my office is just next to klcc

fluotone said...

Black Jeopardy:
I think its not Angel who is tall but hmm.. how do I say this, perhaps a particular someone is "not so tall" Thats the reason why the other 2 are sitting down, because if all of them stood up...

i vote for wtfcuk~ outlet picture lol.. thats the only picture i found slightly nice(lower the camera exposure a little next time lar) and oh the picture of ze author is not too bad.. ok so I lied :p

Voxy said...

@Black Jeopardy:see! the last picture was taken by me that's y i was not in the picture and the 2nd last picture was taken by Jloi(the guy in blue)

and i said he tak pandai take pix then he say camera prob! what turf~

and Angelina is tall!

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::*hugs* please don't bash me up, I ponteng=ed class~ what turf right?
cause my fwenx all ponteng and i don't want to go lecture alone and anyways i will be sleeping there, so i ponteng to see Ying Zi!

i ask u to vote the last two la~

Voxy said...


@Floutone:if i were you, i would vote for that too but i meant the last two pictures.

and i simply contrast it so that the WORDINGS are clearer! LOL

Jeffro said...

LOL.. ponteng class? bash you up??
why would i wanna bash you up ler?

i would ponteng, if i could.. unfortunately it's better for me to sleep in class, and get the information on the spot (as soon as I wake up) than to go out, then tak dapat information until bila bila masa.. LOL

Voxy said...

@Jeffro:my that lecturer only read from the notes yang takde seberapa information..its like wasting time even to sleep there! LOL

anyway, yesterday was fun!it was short but sweet!^^

Jeffro said...

Haha.. well that would be understandable.. Btw, awesomeness for the small gathering.. =D More More More!

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::yea it was an awesome one, just the way i like, a grp of people that is quite close and all we do is eat and talk and a lil stroll~

hey another one next friday yea, one o'clock at pavillion.. zhao all goin~

Jeffro said...

Well unfortunately next friday also I cant attend, as I've explained to jackie, next friday, 2 assignment submission.. VERY Important day.. *blink blink*

yingzi said...

Hey,can I koup your pics? I'll credit you! :D

Voxy said...

Ying zi::ok~since i wrote ur name wrongly! LOL~

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