Saturday, March 14, 2009

Having Mood Vox

I had finally accept the fact that there are trojan or what ever -jans in my computer and phone's memory card. and yes, i am still on the emo side of it although i had accept the fact of it.
I had let my cousin sister 'wash' my baby again, not format but just to catch out all the worm, although i had also accept the fact that it is no longer there, i still want to be emo!
*everyone throws banana skin*

#4: 13/03/09
oh my god! yesterday was such a bad day for everyone that's so ever superstitious huh?
well, i was and am still not a worshipper of '13th March Bad Day' but i will let you all know what i had been through for you all to analysis it yourself ok?
and no picture(first bad luck) cause my computer and phone's memory card are infested!
I was suppose to stay snuggled in bed but i have to go to Kepong to finish up my stuffs, which is not finish yet and i was all alone at the station platform to Rawang!(second bad luck) what turf! i was so scare, nearly to death i tell you! not even a single human on that platform! what turf~luckily, i only waited for about 5minutes and the next train came and poured out peoples from it's tummy!
and i day-dreamed and half happy that i nearly missed the train and was horned by the train guy! rofl what turf~

and yesterday rained the whole day!
i was 'wetted'!lol what turf(third bad lucks)
and when i was about to go back and waited for the train at Sungai Buloh, i was eye-scaned up to down and up again like don't know how many times by a group of lala looking chinese underaged punk(fourth bad luck)!what turf~ and i waited for 45 minutes for the train(fifth bad luck) while being scan like an effing awesome doll! what turf!

ok~yesterday was so what turf-kish that i notice on every line there is a 'WHAT TURF'. and i am such a 'what turf' speaking girl!? what turf!*seeeee*

#5: 14/03/09
today was a better day for me!
i love family moments! i love them so much that i would even be tired to death just to have a small moment of it. since i have lost it since i was in standard4*emo*

as usual, today was swimming day!yeay! and it rained in the morning! T-T what turf! but we went too~after i beg like hell for 15 minutes!
as soon as i reach with mummy and aunty, we were greeted by my darling nephews who were all eating coco crunch while waiting for us to bring them to swim swim! lol~
and they wife their hands on my newly bought white shirt! what turf! but i laughed my head off!xp
see~i love my nephew so much that i wouldn't even lift my voice to them! their are just to cute and wonderful to be spank! lol what turf
*and so we swam, no need elaboration*

after that, my mum let me drove home from Kepong to Cheras! omg! i was so happy! and without license! what turf right my mum! cause she said she was too tired and my aunty don't want to drive cause she want to sleep! omg! i was so tempted and reluctant cause i really want to drive but no license. but i did it anyway!
and prolly i look old or mature or it was bad luck~ there was so many police all the way back from OneUtama to Connaught! arh! and i wasn't stopped or anything!
i look old i guess!xp

that was the exciting part and my baby lappie is now heal but i doubt it is full healing and i am not that satisfied but all thankx to my cuzzie that now i could do my suckish 3 assignments and to be handed 2 weeks from now! please kill me, nicely and i want to wear red for my 'big day' lol what turf~
if i were to haunt here, i want to be known as the 'Red Chio Ghost'
lol what turf!

and and and, your blogger here is trying to ditch Manglish which involves massive usage of -la,-meh,-hor,-lo~~ and you got the lang~
I WANT TO DITCH EM' so don't tempt me into using it!

*arrh~shit, i saw a few in my post*


Jeffro said...

Woah.. So many unlucky stuffs.. O_O

*chants* mah leh mah leh hoom, mah leh mah leh hoom.. The spell is completed, good luck shall bestowed unto you.. =D

btw.. So many ppl checked u out.. O_O they gay ar?

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::what turf! im not a guy la! damn!

Jeffro said...

@Voxy: You're not?! OMG.. You lied to me! *sobs*

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

mui LAAA why HORRR u so the like that WANNNNN HARRRR

and LO, can't wait to see u LERR

jie loves u LAAAA
u dunno MEHHHH


Voxy said...

@Jeffro:sorry to mengdisappointkan u! lol~

@Jessjie::Because of you i have to use all the -lo,-la,-leh~
because of you i cannot find an angmohcai!! oh~ because of you..

haiya, why u like dat wan?why u must make me say all those wor??actually hor, fun aso ma hor~
*omg!im so annoying!*

Jeffro said...

@Voxy: DANG! =.=" I got punk'd

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::so now emo la?kurang satu gay fwen! LOL

Jeffro said...

Ter-sangat EMO weih~ T_T

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