Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emo Vox


If you asked me what am i feeling today, to be truthful, i don't even know or feel what i go through this days anymore. It has become more of a routine, a "word" that i might not even be able to use to describe my daily life anymore! cause i am repeating everyday and every week the same old routine and that pisses me off.

I want something different, at least a little spider encounter while i am in the college's toilet just to spice up my days so that it will not be so boring! i am so easy to satisfy so why doesn't God arrange my daily lifestyle to be a tiny winy bit tat more of an excitement?!
What pisses me off more than ever is when i see/read/heard/people share their life with me, they seemed to have all the time and moola to go mostly to overseas to chill and they sound like they don't have college/schools/work to go to?!! why is that so?!? and why people can be so carefree and got time to chill and still does fine with their studies and excel, when all this while, all i ever remember doing after college is sitting there and study and then go online.


and some blardy cat died in front of my house when i reached home just now. i did not bang the cat, mind you. i walked out of the car and saw it there lying motionless and i thought of meow-ing it for awhile just so to play with it, but the blardy cat was already died! whatt urf~
and my brother say maybe it starve to died or something cause he said he heard that cat outside there since like evening and we reached home around 6 ++. and it was raining so heavily today and prolly it starve and got cold to death! so pitiful!! what turf lo~ who ever leave that kitten around helplessly should go fly kite weh!
*may you R.I.P kitty*

I wish i could die now too... life is getting to effing bored and lifeless although i still waste oxygen and all~ nothing new and nothing to see forward too after everyday's stagnant routine!
why can't somebodey sponsor me to study overseas or maybe a small vacation would do?!


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