Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Still Love It With Occasional Hatred


Today was a great day cause i went out with Evelyn to shop! yeay! our first shopping spree and many many more to come!*hugs eve*

I reached earlier cause i hate people to wait for me but am ok if i am the one doing all the waiting. cause, it just feel.. right?! I have got no word to describe my weird attitude! xp
and so i think i get another title which i am already known as from Evelyn and that is the 'Shopping Queen'.
I did not do as much as i did the last time before cause first of all, i manage to persuade myself not to bring my 2 cards which is the credit card and the bank card. I am so proud that i managed myself today with just around RM150++, and i still have rm10 left ok! proud of me ei? lol what turf..

We had so much fun that i had no time to even think of camwhoring with her, sad arh! nyways, pictures from the moment i am in the bus till the whole wonderful event end.

You must be wondering why the heck i took a picture of a bus driver resting and not handsome too. Could you please see properly and let me just tell you that he is not any thing more of a resting but was at a current speed of around 90km/h! what turf right? i agak the speed cause it is impossible to see it from where i am sitting. and he just cant keep his blardy hands on the wheels properly! and and, i missed it when he was messaging at the same speed! and he was sleepy too! what turf happen to Rapid's bus driver? after so long not boarding their bus, i am now having second thoughts of either sitting with a smelly bangla in the Metro cheap and dirty bus or just risk my beautiful life for Rapid bus which is not that beautiful either, just that no bangla sits close...

After some deep thought, i think i will still take Rapid! LOLWHATTURF... can't stand banglas!

Then it was lunch time again! Evelyn can really eat and i am not suprised at all cause all skinny cat people can eat twice as much as me and still says 'I am not fulll!'
and that is when i go what turf la~ LOL~ sorry la, i have to be jealous cause you all can eat without thinking about pounding on the calories and no need to think about working it off later on!
I think Evelyn loves Mcd! LOL~
After all pack up and energized, a few more rounds and evelyn got what she wanted and we are off back home.

And i had actually thought of not whining about this here but seriously i have too!
i actually got scolded by the bus driver and yes is the Rapid driver but not the one on the picture above. what turf and i was so blur!
I have actually never take that bus before and i was wondering whether will it passby the destination that i wanted to go and asked and he said no, but then i saw another place that i could go home too and asked again, and that blardy pms driver scolded me and say where i wanted to go and why i asked two place?!
KNNBCCB!! Lao niang like la! Lao niang want to go where and ask what is to my liking~ why the heck you get all pms and all! what turf and he prolly thinks that he is some star in The Fast and Furious, cause he drives like he wants to drag us all to hell!


and i jadi-ed a good girl and even though i am damn tired and pissed off and also excited witht he things that i bought and want to check it out as soon as i am back home, but no, i still drove my mum to the clinic for her denture and the parking only cost me rm0.50!
seriously, the only place i love in Malaysia is my here, Cheras!


I guess that this two days i am really on the go the whole day and wouldn't stop till late evenings, like now where i have a little bit tad of time where i am not tired and not that energetic and all i want to do is just sit here and surf the net and yes, to blog about my days.
Although nothing fantaboulously happened, i still want to blog. for my own sake.=)

Today is Saturday and yes.. It is..(fill yourself) S- - - - - -g.
And i am really beginning to feel that i need to teach Yuan things about not to lie and to tell things as what it is and not to do pity faces so that us, elder people gets cheated and gives in to what you desires. that is never ever the way that kids should grow up and little spanking owuld do them good! Like me, i got LOADS of spanking and caning and i become responsible as what i am today! lol what turf, selfpraise.. but i am not that bad ok~

see, i am a good girl! i sit nicely with the belt and all in the car whut!

Later in the evening, around 3p.m, yes, awhile ago.. we went to the auntie's house cause my Kuantan auntie just came down town for a visit and bought us loads of things. Mostly cooking stuffs la and so i don't know what are all those.

Anyway, there is actually this particular sweet that i love to eat and mum always have it in the car so that i snack and suck on it hoping that i would just suck it and stop talking, lolwtf, got crushed and kinda melted and it has been in such state for the pass 3 weeks.
But mum did not throw it away and when i checked it out just now, it is no more crushed and i could eat it!

see! all nice and formed up with that wrapper's shape and it actually looks like it crystallized! looks like crystal kan! lowhat turf~ and something chessy to you all came to my mind.

If and only if broken friendship/loveship/relationship or whatever ship you could think of that i could not think off , all but except spaceship la~can be mended with a bit of warmth(sun) after all the harsh(crushing in the bag)and cold/chilly(aircond)things that happened between a relationship, wouldn't this world be a better and all around a peaceful without war to live in world!! all races, colors, mindset people and of all ages could just go about hand in hand, shoulders on shoulder or hand on shoulders or whatever that looks bonding, worked this God gifted world out to become a great world to live in! No more sufferings!

And about this world, today is that 60 Earth Hour! please do your part people and i am going to do so, that is why the early post!
And to those that think this is a blardy gimmick, and what about it if this is a gimmick?! and to those that think that it wouldn't make a big difference for that one hour so no need, well, that is a wrong thinking.
If you will do your part and off everything that works with electricity for just one hour tonight, and saves one hour each house and then you say is the same when you use double of the el;ectricity the next day, actually it isn't the same! what is lost/not used remains as lost and not used. nothing to what says, you use more and no difference!
same as saying you lost one bestfriend but you made ten more new friends, by the end of the day, you still lost that very particular friend.

I know i am right and i know you know that i am right! and please don't fight back cause i know i am very right! i am damn good with reasoning! and please think that you save one hour electricity bill la~ it is a lot i tell you if your house got like 5 air-cond with 2 television and prolly 6 lights and 3 computers all lighted up!

Do your part for the mother earth and also for your generations to come cause they don't deserve to 'enjoy' our left overs and be all miserable to accept a dirty and filthy and useless world!


fluotone said...

well all I can say from my observation, Malaysians from my point of view are pretty ignorant. Especially those typical ones. I didnt see any lights turned off at 830pm from my condo's balcony! apart from the huge Gardens-Midvalley sign on the top of the building.. other than that.. lights were still bright everywhere

Voxy said...

@Floutone::omg!!!yea! my area here too! it seemed like only our one and only house turned off the entire house electricity cause my mum was like keeped peeking on the outside and all are on, whats worst, the neighbour went and turned on the spotlights! what turf!

saving the earth from global warming la people not destroying it with more warming! ish ish ish~~
campaign only cantik gila! what turf

fluotone said...

what to do.. malaysia boleh :) boleh pasang lampu.. hehe. Sometimes I pity our poor earth :/

and here's a joke I heard from a local comedian, he asked the audience..

Comedian: You all excited about Earth Hour?
Audience: replied YEAHHH!!!
Comedian: I'm not.. you know why?
Audience: Huh? Why?
Comedian: Actually you see in our country we celebrate earth hour more than a few times in a year because every now and then.. there will be blackouts from north to south of the country.. so what the hell are u guys all excited about 1 hour of switching off the lights?

lol.. this one really got me thinking.. 1 hour a year? Worth it meh? Since every now and then we experience blackouts due to the highly effiecient staffs at tenaga nasional.

hehehe.. Just a penny for your thoughts.. :)

Voxy said...

@Floutone::LOL~yea hor!hm~not that im excited or what la~but but~like i said, do what we can lur~and yes i pity the earth that im living in and hoped that i contributed at least 1/6572894561083 of saving global warming caus eby the others

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