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Vox's Memoirs Of National Service

A year ago today, i was not in Kuala Lumpur and definitely i would not be onlining as what i am doing now and blogging. A year ago today, i remember sitting at the hall a.k.a the place that we have our dinner at a place called Kuala Kubu Bharu. A year ago today, i remember how wide eyes i was when we were asked to go to bed and turn all lights off. Ayear ago, was also the day that braced myself to be far far away from my comfort zone which is definitely my own home sweet home and of course my faithful mum.


A year ago, i was sentunwillinglyto the National Service. To somewhere that i never knew existed, a place where i have no idea how long it is going to take me to reach, a place where i have no idea what awaits me.

Nevertheless, being a traveller me, i was very much exited to the thought of going some where far far for the very first time and i was even thinking that this is some kind of a honeymoon and i happily hop onto the bus, nearly forgetting and leaving all my world behind to explore. I was so excited that i forgot to bid mummy goodbye in which i will never see for three whole months. what turf~

This is what and all that i see as i was on my way there for a good 4-5 hours. and i still remember that blardy bus made a wrong turn! what turf!

Finally, some civilization! i was actually wanting to capture the picture of the pretty flowers on that tree but i was in the bus.. so~xp

The first thing/room/space that i saw the moment i stepped down the bus was our next 3 months dining room. It was huge, not the normal canteen size that we usually have in primary and secondary schools. This canteen can fit well around 400++ students and a big stage and a big space which on the floors were drawn badminton courts! and two of it too! what turf right?!

Ok~so you see bald people! and so you see that i took this picture when i went back there for the second time to celebrate together the closing of siri5/2.
realized how i love the place and the friends i make there so so very much that i went there again and now i am blogging about it after like one year!


the place that i need to get into line for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper for supplies of food!
yea~what turf right? they asked us to eat 6 meals perday! 6 MEALS! what turf lo~
and obviously i did not eat 6 times, i ate like 3 times a day. the most 4 and that is when i am super tired and hungry like crazy after all the marching, the flyingfox-ing, absailing..

Talking about friends, i think that is the one and only priority that actually made me like National Service. Fyi, i had a very bad impression about NS and i teared my heads off every single night while i go to sleep cause i was counting my days till i leave my comfy bed to some bed that prolly millions or gazzillion people slept on and drool on it before!! eewww~ what turf.
No worries, the first thing that we were ordered to do was to collect our new and freshly washed bed sheets and all the blankets and the pilliow. But no boaster! what turf! so torturing you know! i need boaster! LOL what turf~

this is the shit that i need to accomodate for three months, but later it became 2 months cause i cabut earlier for college! yeay for college!

Arh~the memories we had in this room consisting/living all under one roof of 22 girls, consisting of all races. and yes, plus me, this super duper racist girl! what turf!
And i was then appointed to become their room leader and so i lead, and i heart each and everyone of them for they have not and will never ever cost me any troubles. No doubt that there were small little misunderstandings leading to fights here and there, but all well and ends well! and i bet to those that have not given up their grudges, they do regret it now.

this young and cheerful lady here is my bestest buddy ever and it is like faith that we ended up besttie and she is the first person that i talk to when i reached.

To those that knows me well, i am very blur and i don't and can't recognize places that i went like gazzilion times before.
and so on the very first day, i accidentally went into the wrong room, room that is not meant for us, i actually bumoed myself into the trainer's room! what turf. and i got the shock of my life cause i saw televisions and all nice comfy sofas, all in one confined room and immediately i went oh shoots! i am in the farking wrong room! whadda! so embarassing! f~
And the girl above were there right beside the wrong room i went into, and directed me to OUR room which was beside! what turf! and yes, i was in the same dorm with this cheerful babe!

I was so fussy and i still remember when she helped me to straighten my bed sheets(obviously i have never put on my own bedsheet before)cause i don't know how, and i fussed about the amounting cobwebs at the end of the bed and says that i will sleep the other way round where it is cobweb-free, and then i moved on to how hot the weather was and how i need a bath to cool off and being scare too cause what if i am half way bathing and they require us to go up or something!
So Say Kee accompanied me and talk. and all that i remember after that was loads of talking from either both of us and we click real fast! like in a day, i know from what kind of shampoo she like to the type of guy she like! lol what turf.
Though we had a few arguments, mainly cause by me, i just don't give in that easily, but then again, she is the first babe that i heart so much!
Thankx for all the time that i shed tears there and you were there to comfort me and to whisper to me that it will be alright cause you were and will be there to keep me safe. Thankx also for all the things that you have done for me and although i seemed not to appreciated it, but i actually do and very much too! and thankx a lot also for all the girly talks and things that we shared all this while and that is still going on now huh?!*winks**hugs*

Say Woon and Say Kee, according to order. and this two girls make my days all the while i am there! LOL i sound like i went to jail! LOL~

this is like the most desirable male trainer there! LOL cause he is the youngest, nicest looking, funniest, friendliest and all the -est est that you can think of la~
he looks bad in pictures actually! swt~he looks much much better in person.
*clarifying my taste*

that is yet again one of my besttie, named Peggy and she kinda like disappeared from the midst of us after all the girl and chi mui bonding! haix~
and the male trainer beside is someone that i actually feel comfortable talking to while most people hate him to bits, i like him to bits! LOL~well, at least he don't have the looks and neither act like some people that wants to come up to you and talks to you with an intention.
He was more like a daddy to us there!
At least he was for me!

ok~some lame semangat patriotik moments! LOL what turf~
and realized that i dressed differently from the girl beside me?
I got a badge written my name and i got a pangkat badge on both side of my shoulders, and that represents i have some kind of jawatan and people needs to know my name!
arrh~ the shiokness of fame! LOL FTW~

we need to do chicken dance every morning!! what turf~

smexy muchy??
girls in uniform!you have got to love us!!
Muackx to all my babes!


Jeffro said...

OOoo.. uniforms!! =D

Hmmm.. the place look darn familiar.. like one of the training camps I've been too.. even the dormitory looks like that.. *blink blink*

Voxy said...

@Jeffro! LOL~u sure u have been there before?it is somwhere deep down the heart core of kuala kubu bharu~

but then again, all the site of ns camp looks almost the same

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...



awesome shyt! jie last time wanted to go NS in form 5 but then wasn't picked =(
count urself lucky!

Yi Ling said...

interesting O.o

fluotone said...

interesting facts: "(obviously i have never put on my own bedsheet before)cause i don't know how"

Jeffro said...

Oh kuaa kubu bharu? then definitely been there.. when i was a police cadet, i went there for training.. No wonder it looked so familiar.. hahahaha.. =D

Spectre said...

wah u really attend NS no wonder lah

Spectre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Voxy said...

Jessjie::hehe~i was and am sure to think that i am very lucky and made the right decision to go, cause i enjoyed gilagila la~

the menembak is the bestest of the best!

Voxy said...

YiLing::it was a very good and worthy experience!

Voxy said...

floutone:sarcasm again! and i realized u would only comment when theres something that you can pick it out on me! whadda~

but thats a true fact, i duno how to set up my own bedsheet~

Voxy said...

Jeffro::u kadet polis?untuk sekolah mu ke?

Voxy said...

Spectre:omg!what do u mean no wonder la tht i have been to ns???

Jeffro said...

yeapz.. one of the top.. =D
unbelievable? believe it.. *winks*

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::i did not say that i don't believe~

Jeffro said...

lol.. that line there was suppose to be a catch line la.. taken from Ripley's believe it o not.. =D

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::i noe la~LOL

samanthacje said...

whoa, i thought u reaaaaally like NS, until I read this post. But u seemed to like it in the end as well, eh?

Voxy said...

@Sammie::yea, i do actually, the friends part.. other than tht, hm~mostly people there are not as bad as what people say, or is it just coincidently my place got no hamsup trainers la~

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