Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project 365 Commence Today

LOL~ and so i have decided to do it since i have got one loyalstalkerthat prays day and night and daydreams noon to evening for me to this Project. lol what turf. now it sounds like i want to do 'what' project!swt~

Today was so darn shitty! omg! i left the house at 6.45a.m and i reached college at 10a.m! what turf what turf what turf~~
the roads were so so very jam that we were stuck there for 2 hours there and the LRT was as of the same condition and i was stuck there for around 45minutes before i could reach college.*slapshead* and if this continues on, i think i have to be out of the house by 5a.m just so to avoid the traffic and reach on time! what turf~

and i realized that when ever i start college, the first thing and the most popular thing that i would jot down here is the terrible-ness of our country's transportation and traffic. seriously... WA BEH TA HAN!!!!
but what to do right? since Samy Vellu has already worked and gave this road thing a think too hard that he has lost all his hair and we can't over pushed him till his head grew so big that those multiple side-swiping-style of his wigs can't fit right?! that would be too cruel and un-chio to Malaysia too~

#1: 10/03/09
ok now is the starting of my very very first Project365 which is something that i am not very sure what to blog about. actually i am not very sure what has this project got that is differ to the normal type of post that we blog about?
is it this project is suppose to be only about MY DAILY ENCOUNTER?


and so i was late to lecture for one wholeblissfulwasteful hour where i prolly can squeeze some tips outta theuselessefficient teacher. and the moment i step in, i realized that i am not the only one who was and utterly late.
and half way throughdreaminglistening to the lecturing, some big junior hooligans*if they see this, i die*just bust in and interupted medreamingpaying attention. lol what turf~
and it turns out to be that they are promoting Music Class which i know that they are a lot more cheaper than what we usually get outside cause it is sponsoredabitby the college, i think.

i was once and still very very much interested in music and making music. and i remembered the first day of orientation, we are to/encourage to choose one extra curricular to join and me and Vivian, without hesitation, signed up for this Music Class group.
and immediately too, we were required to pay RM5 on the spot. without any information about the group. without a thank you. and it was like makan duit! you know what i mean?! ish~
*that was what i was thinking while they present their slideshows*
and i got so fcuked up that i just took loads of their leaflets and intended to waste em'! i don't bloody care!! fcuktards!

ok fine! i ephic fail at attempts to waste paper too since i only took four.
i Go Green la~what turf xp
The best thing is, they came into our class twice! what turf~ i feel like slapping them kaukau lo~cause i was really really CONCENTRATING WHOLE HEARTEDLY to my Business Organization.

i got my very own copy of note for Fundamentals Of Selling and as i was flipping through the 46 pages, i saw something that made me stop and was trying to figure out what it means!


It was typed "How do you sell someone and be friends?"
what turf was that??!

and that was to show how 'VERY VERY GOOD' TARC lecturers are at English!
i am so so so proud!!*tears* what turf~=_=

p/s:: is this how Project365 suppose to be?


Jeffro said...

Someone loyal that prays day and night and daydreams noon to evening for you to do what??? O_O

and you agreed?? LOLx =P

Yi Ling said...

LOL. nice english there =.="

Voxy said...

lol what turf~why ur mind so dirty wan??serious shit dirty!

@Yiling::which part??lol

Jeffro said...

lol wtf.. who's the dirty fella? *points at Voxy and her post* xD

Voxy said...

@jeffro:ish~tau tau saje la yea xp

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. sudah lama tau pun.. =D

Voxy said...


Jeffro said...

@VoxY: ini hehehehehe ada something behind the rock is it??

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