Sunday, March 8, 2009

Something Horrendously Unhelpable

Arh! at last Streamyx is Shitmyx no more! which means it will be a shitty day for me today cause i finally can log in to the college's email and i saw my 'wonderful' results! what turf~

Why do we even need to go and study first of all?? Can't god just make us born intelligent, ok, let's don't ask for so much Vox.. then god should at least make GOT INTELIGENCE, MEDIUM INTELLIGENCE & SUPER INTELLIGENT la right? then i would want to be mediumly intelligent! thats not much to ask for right?!
No~ the big question is, why must we learn Mathematics? and who turf create Mathematics? so wu liau lo and you're making your descendants*erhem*like me suffer ok!!
arrrhhh!! what turfff~

I was actually so happy today and now is like dark clouds surrounding my rooms! is it just me or is it going to rain outside??*peeks outside*
Neh~ difinitely me!! T-T what turff~ i hate calculations!

I finally saw the results and it is effing bad lo like seriously!
those that i expected to pass, well, some did pass but some did not and i was back at square one! after the wastage of rm50! arrhh~ what turf~ and they raised the price to rm80/unit this year! what turf lagi la~ why must they raise the price la? those papers made of gold ka?
eh eh eh~ i pay an effing rm50 for just a paper, at least show some compasion while marking the resit papers la u effing old people! you think paying rm50 for one hell paper is fun arh? you think my rm50 drop from thy heavens ka? it is my hard earn freaking money! what turs!

*emo time over*

talked to someone about it and felt abit better. ABIT only la cause he is unexchangeable to become a toothfairy or at least an examfairy, so that i can pass la~
what has been done remains a history right? so i should have the rights to emo but a while nia cause it is kinda my fault to for having a linguistic brain and not a calculating brain!
*back to rummaging old notes*


fluotone said...

haha from your post u seem to be able to calculate money just fine vic ;) I would pick Extraordinarily Intelligent

Jeffro said...

LOL, if he can exchange himself with the examfairy, he'd definitely will.. Just to cheer u up..

now STOP emo-ing! let the Voxy-ness ARISE~~ *mah leh mah leh hooom, mah leh mah leh hooom* *deep breath, chanting complete*


Voxy said...

@floutone:: lol~money wise, i am abit better and more alert la~ haix
lol~mostly people would pick that la but i was so random and u actually layan me! lol

@Jeffro:: eekk!! no more emo! semangat Voxy ARISEE!!! lol~
ur chanting made me sleepy! lol

Jeffro said...

LOL~! Hmmm.. I think i must gotten the wrong chant.. ei?! That means it's working.. It's suppose to make you sleepy.. =D *winks*

Voxy said...

Jeffro::lol~anyway thx! ey, i told my mum ard and the result was~~JENGJENGJENG~


Jeffro said...

@Voxy: LOL! awwwwhh.. poor Voxy Woxy has been grounded.. =(

dun la, it's probably for your own good.. =)

kalo tak boleh keluar physically, then u keluar virtually lo.. ada technology panggil video chat ma.. xD

Voxy said...

arrrhh~my mum everytime aso like that! when shes angry, every thing aso keluar~

haix~ nevermind la~i can safe money!

*i broke down today*

Jeffro said...

@Voxy: hahaha.. good good, save more.. coz more for me then.. XD

awwwwh.. *hugs* Chill la k? look at it from a bright side, at least u could let it out.. =D

The sun will still be bright as ever tomorrow, the birds will still be chirping away, the trees and grass will still green every moment.. (LOL random sia)

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::whadda??i thought that was some song lyrics and as i was still reading, my mind was thinking what song??lol

so random! ahaha~so jiwang what turf~

Jeffro said...

LOL.. not song la..
hmmm.. is there even a song that has those lyrics?? they must have plagiarize me! ROAR~

Voxy said...

@jeff::lol perasan!! i thought ony~

Jeffro said...

*Measures skin on face*
Weih~ only 1 inch only la..


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