Monday, March 23, 2009

Dum Dum You Give Me Gum Gum


That title is totally unrelated to this post but that is like my new lango or something like that cause i love watching Night in The Museum. If i did not get the the name of the movie wrong?!

Today is yet again another day where i wake up like freaking early and rushed my stuffs, packing up and all and no, i am not running away to get married or something,LOLWHAT TURF, I am going to Kepong, yes, all the way from Cheras to that unsightly rural area*i am so dead* hoping that we could at least FINISH UP Business Organization.
Fair enough, we got at least 80% of the things done and obviously they did not waste my time going there.

Then we went to makan at some chinese restaurant and it was damn freaking hot. Arhh~yes, talking about that, today is maladramatically califragilistically effing hot!!! WEATHER SO KNNBCCB HOT ARHH~~
Ok, KNNBCCB is also kinda our new lango, inspiration from Xia Xue! LOL~ credits to her and don't say she bad influence or what ever shits, cause you go take a piss and mirror yourself in it before pointing here and there.

Ktm was a blast today. For the first time ever, i have no issue with the ktm thingys today. it went as smooth as when i don't have constipation! LOL~

I realized that my Project 365 is getting more and more boring cause i am so lazy to take pictures cause Malaysia is too effing hot and no nice view. Over all, Malaysia is so damn hot that when you look up in the sky, all you can is loads of big fat and over stuffed clouds and all of them seemed like they are too darn hot that they got separated from each other and so explains the many-ness of it. And the sky is no longer sea blue, IT IS BLUE~ lol~so hot right Malaysians?
And i suddenly i saw a revelation! Malays actually drinks water!! what turf~ I tell you, they don't even drink 2 glass perday one, i bet. and all they actually drink is water that is sweet, not sweet no drink! what turf~ No wonder all also so fat!*shuts up*

Weather changes too brings changes in my immunity system. It got weak and so i am yet again, yes i repeat again SICK!
*touch head*
Yes, still got fever. and i am not 'yes-ing' like YES, i am sick and i am happy cause i can look tired and people will come up and ask how am i and i could be center of attention. That yes was a remark to approve that i still am feverish! what turf~
I woke up from nap then fever! Knnbccb~

And i still have not do my assignments~ and i am blardy dragging it. I simply slack, sort to say~
Ok la bye, i really need to do it least i want to get the 'talk-of-the-back' session! Toodles~


Jeffro said...

LOL.. so fast stop ka? ^_^

fluotone said...

wtfcuk! the weather should be described as wtfcuk! lol KNNBCCB-this is a new lingo.. I like :) lol. Hmm.. one thing boggles me tho, what gives you the impressions before that Malay's dont drink water? haha not that I am a Malay or a racist.. but the post could sound offending to certain people lo.

Victoria said...

@Jeffro::what so fast stop?

@Floutone::my malay friends told me that they seldom drink water cause water does not taste good but sirap taste good~swt~

Jeffro said...

i meant your project 365.. so fast wanna end it?

Victoria said...

@Jeffro::i dun think il end it but~~~ i think il be lazey lazey~~LOL

Jeffro said...

haha.. well u seemed lazy lazeey anyways.. hahahaha.. =D

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