Friday, March 6, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 is Here!

Let's all say yeay to Malaysian Dream Girls (MDG), the largest and well loved by all ages reality show to find new talents in modeling! and i am sure no one would go 'huh' and 'whaa?' at the speak of MDG and now MDG2 is back! and what's best is, i could now watch this on my laptop! which also means that, i would never ever miss a single new episode of it even if i am too on-the-go or the electricity broke down at my house! xp

the last 12 smexyly hot and beautiful girls that made it to top 12.

Watching reality shows such as this really brings a lot of talking to self in front of the laptop, and the next thing you know, you will be watching some chicks that rather embarrassed themselves by performing dances that seems weird to me just so to hope to impress our judges. OK, they failed at that part but they do make me remember of them for as long as i still remember about Malaysian Dream Girls. they even make me remembered in which episode they are in! what turf~

Other than that, there are a lot of my "top favorite" ROFLMAO session, all thanks to contestants like...

a screen shot.
When she was asked by our very own ex-Miss Malaysia, Elaine Daly asked, "Whaa.. what do you think*shrugs*you have what it takes to become a MDG?"
and this girl said, "I..I to shoot myself in front the camera!*smiles*"
and i nearly drop off my chair after hearing that and i nearly drop even more and plus puking when she did her most sexay pose ever when Julie asked her too~

"am i smexy??!"
me:: what turf! *drops off chair and pukes*

Ok, let's stop harassing my number one top most favoritedreamingbitchcontestant. cause i do have a few more! xp
and i particularly selected this girl from Ipoh out cause she shocked me to the brim dressing like she has just gotten outta bed with her 2-storey ala hair cut to Malaysian Dream Girl audition! if it were me, i would dressed to the nines! xp

eeekk!!! la la-ness!!@@
see the clothes!! see the hair!! see the face!! see the eyes!!
now i want to faint!

and she was said that she looked younger than 27, the judges thought that she was 20 and she was happy to the max and did..

in front of the live camera where the whole nations and nations beyond could see you! omg! jaga poise a bit la!

Let's move on to the third Victoria nominees, is this over self confidence girl that i feel like giving a slap to cause she shamelessly said that she has got a pretty face. and i think she kinda lied also when she was asked whether she had any modeling experience, cause she said she was OFFERED(with that face??pfft)to do so but she was busy with degree! what a liar! and she can't named out what was it and she was stuttering all the way! owh owh~~ and she is not tall enough to do catwalk which she has always wanted to(according to her)! yeay! dai sei!*slaps*

here, she was saying that she had self confidence or what i forgot la~see the face?! @@

and see Elaine's stunned face after hearing that she wants to be on catwalk! i bet Elaine must be thinking, "Cukup la, you're not pretty but you said you were. so obvious you're bullshitting!"
LOL what turff~just random la~xp

Ok, let's end the laughing session and into nominees that i quite like.
the accent speaking girl!
i think she has the shizzle looking face that models usually has~

this Malay girl from Johor.
i actually like her face features and the way she dress! but weren't selected. and she's only 17! what turff~

the smiley girl!
Julie:: what is your strong point?
Girl:: my smile?!*smiles*
All:: yea yea~~she really got the smile, it's a yes!
and so she got in! and i love her innocent looks!

this sarawakian girl too!
and her body is worthy to drool! she really has got the model body. but not the face and the English speaking thing i think~hm~

she was asked to come closer and she went and bended down towards our judges like she is expecting to receive something from them! rofl~ that was the one and only odd scene in MDG2. i think she don't quite understand English.

Enough said. Time to introduce our judges! they are~

from left:: Julie, from Beautylicious - Elaine Daly,Ex Miss Malaysia - Andrew.

They have now actually got down to the last three contestants through voting by all Malaysians. and the lucky three are..

They are Adeline, Cindy and Hanis. to tell the truth, i totally hate the 2 except for Cindy! not that i am racist or what, the other 2 just don't have the looks and the model height like Cindy. even in this picture itself, you could see that Cindy is like taller than the other 2.

Enough said, am not going to bombard the other two kau kau and we will just see what happens later on. and it is so clearly stated on who i would be voting la kan~ LOL..
Let's all continue watching Malaysian Dream Girls 2 anytime everywhere and no worries of missing another episode again!
*runs fingers to MDG2*

p/s:: according to someone, Cindy has actually won it. i don't know cause im not a keen follower!


Jeffro said...

I think I look better than most of them there.. ROFLMAO~

Voxy said...

then why aren't u in??
oh wait, i noe, cx u dun have the 'assets'.. and the *erhem* better not say cx i dun have that too!!


Yi Ling said...

haha. i guess they are pretty in their own way la. (:

samanthacje said...

what do u mean they have got down to the last three contestants? I thought that cindy has already won it?

and, now only you get your SPM slip? 2 years already!

oh wait, do i have mine already? =.=

Voxy said...

@yi ling::hm~i guessed so.

@samantha::really??hm~im not a keen follower!*slaps head* i go update now! ahaha

Spectre said...

Vic u should join in too !

Simon Seow said...

Well but Hanis is the only one with AndrewsModels now currently.

Voxy said...

spectre::ROFLMAO!!!!! you must be joking! the height itself only, im out!

@Simon Seow::oh okok~thankx fer the update man! cherrios~

Jeffro said...

LOL.. Wait wait.. You don't have assets? *thinks* I think I must have missed it, I shall have a better look at you the next time.. to VERIFY it.. XD

Voxy said...

jeffro!! what turf! i meant height la shit!!

Jeffro said...

LOL you said assets.. Height is not an asset, it's an attribute.. xD


Voxy said...

@jeff::okok~~my assets pun memang tak cukup xp

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