Thursday, March 12, 2009


and so is my precious baby!

#2: 11/03/09

ok this was yesterday. the GreenTea Sedunia day and i totally missed it. not missed it like oh shit i totally forgot cause i am so busy that i got Alzheimer, but the cause was i could not go online! what turf~ and since brother damaged the house desktop computer, the modem was all alone and not butt connected to anything last night and i bet i heared it screaming outta loneliness on the cold hard floor. rofl what turff xp

and i finally got my notes too. and so i self buried my lazy face in front of the notes till it was around 10.45p.m, and remember that baby is not here~ so i went to sleep thinking what my friend would do to my precious.
cause she said she want to nodai it!
lol what turff~xp

#3: 12/03/09

yeay! as you can see, baby lappie is finally back at 'his' rightful place and so as my butt! lol what turf~ and my notes are now at it's not so rightful place as well~*winks*

Today had 8 o'clock class and i was outta the house at 6! yea! bloody odd hour of 6! and i woke up at 5. haix~ damn torturing! and i was on the verge of being late, again. omg! seriously, if and only if my mum would let me rent a house there nearby to the college, then this will safe me from waking up so damn early and her to be so damn rushing. and the jam was just as terrible as ever. haix~Malaysian drivers la right~ and i bet all they have in mind were why the hell would i want to let you cut in front of me? and even if you're Sammy Vellu i will still not let you pass!
lol what turff~

Fundamentals of Selling are as mental as ever. oh, i meant the lecturer actually. with her unruly hair curly non-chio and looks like aunty hair, her 70's glasses which made her look older, her ever hunching hunchback posture, and the part that i most beh ta han is her SKIN! omg~how can a girl's skin be as bad as hers! even buruh's skin is better than hers! lol what turf..

and oh! today the worst thing happen today! haix~
can you imagine that a lecturer, a tutor.. give a piece of his mind to his student without futher enquiring and on the very 2nd tutorial class, he kinda like swear to us that we will fail his effing unit! what turf lo~
ok~i was not the one who got this piece of mind but a friend of mine and she is damn pissed off and i think she will As it, cause everytime a tutor says so, she will prove with all her might that she will A it! omg~i must A it too!!


Jeffro said...

okaeri =D

Voxy said...

@jeffro::okaeri sweet home! kaeru bashite~~lol~

got the song!!! lol

Jeffro said...

kaeru bashite?
now this I dun get the meaning..

wait wait, got what song? *blurness*

Voxy said...

@jeffro::okaeri is a song's name! lol

fluotone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fluotone said...

lol~ malaysian drivers amuse me very much actually.. sometimes you see the "weird/awkward" things they do in the car(not to mention the famous nose picking act) hehe who ever said malaysian's aren't good at acting eh? :p

*on a less sarcasmic note*
hmm.. I don't think it is very nice of you to say things like that about your FS lecturer lo.. after all everyone wants to look like you right? hehehe! (sorry couldn't help it) but I do understand the stress you go through as well.. I know it isn't easy but its a valueble thing called "experience" and at the same time try to look at the brighter things and think out of the box for a minute. You will notice that it is fun too! =)

anyhow, you really should try putting your notes in the rightful place more often if you want to 'A' that lecturers unit.. Gambatte Vic!!

*disclaimer:the poster of this comment denies all rights that he/she had actually posted this comment, if there are any evidence that actually points that he/she did actually post this comment, this disclaimer is here to serve a denial to any links that this comment may/may not have with the comment poster hence, this will also mean he/she may not be associated to the much acclaimed title that was discussed in the previous blog post. The comment poster would also like to add that he/she may or may not actually be a he/she(with or without proof) but perhaps the comment poster is an intellectual life form from space trying to make contact with the planet called earth. However this disclamer will also attempt to deny that as well so you might as well stop right there. The poster of this comment also would like to note that he/she does not know zilch of the Japanese language and would like to thank for the referrence to the word "Gambatte"(also would like to thank the Japanese people for coming up with the word) Kuuru ne?

In simpleton words, I might as well drop a comment here while I'm still in the blog :p
see you guys in who knows when again.. perhaps a day, a week, a month, a year..

take care and yoi shuumatsu wo!!~

Voxy said...

@Floutone: lol, the malaysian driver thg is so random and i thought that u wna do a blog here as well!

hm~is that a compliment?i doubt u floutone, i doubt! lol~
hehe i will try my uttmost best to A it, without her help.xp

and and and and~ur disclaimer note is so darn long that i ony read the first part and the last part and where the heck are u going la?or more like where theheck are u from la?

Jeffro said...

Then what does kaeru bashite means?
I blieve it's rather an imcomplete sentence.. dun la bully me, i only starting to learn only.. =D

Voxy said...

@jeff:it is uncomplete and i duno also!lolwhat turf!

Jeffro said...

@Voxy: wtf.. LOL! but u do know what's the meaning of both the word right?

Voxy said...

@jeffro::those two dun even make a word~i think~LOL

Jeffro said...

LOL! hahaha.. okay okay.. next time put words that make sense.. or better still Dollars =D

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