Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Rain Broke My Twinny!

As much as i would love to swear all my heart out here today cause it had been a really hot, boring, tiring, shoe breaking day for me! and not forgetting the early raining of buffaloes and monkeys! nothing went all-alright-okey-dokey-ing today for me! what turff~

Remember me saying that i bought a few new shoes for the past one week and one of the NEW shoe got soaked into the puddle due to the heavy rainstorm... and i really really like that shoe though.

i wear size 7 la and yea i got big feet.
The above were the new shoes that got soaked the other day and i was dumb enough to not check the condition of the shoes after the big storm the other day. cause it never crossed my mind that the glue would worn off so fast! cause today was the third time i am wearing it, and it would be the last time i am wearing it too! xp
i should have be more alert that the shoe has already gotten so loose, and there were something wrong to it, but but but~~ like i said, NEVER CROSSED MY MIND that it has actually BROKE! what turff~ and it was raining too. and i live like 100 miles away from college. and i need to walk pretty far. and the bloody shoes broke!!
THANKX TO my COURSE REP that is willing to lend me her shoes.
or else, i wouldn't be here blogging leh! lol xp

Today has only 2 lecturing and the first one was so boring

that my friend really had the best-test way to protest and will not get caught! she was like that for the past 20 minutes or so. damn chio right! and later, i got tired of listening to the lecturer that tries to hard to sound and make herself sound like she is a walking dictionary, i too resorted to sleeping. not in that pose for sure! and my hands were numb cause i slept on it right through out the rest of the 1 hour or so lecture.

my knn and kns lecturer who blindly reads through out the whole lesson from the notes that she has already given to us without any proper and understandable explanation. she always make lame jokes and laughs herself which shows that she is actually kinda retarded. not only looks but her mind too. and i am pretty happy that i had only need to face her for 7 week instead of 14 weeks.

When i finally woke up cause my hands were too numb to be felt even though i was jamming my heavy head in top of it, i started to do camwhores and i realized that eating is more exciting than what she preaches!

this poking posture of the pen was actually to poke at the lecturer but the guy's head in front of me got in the way, so this is going to shoot right through you and to her! woot~xp

Cherrios! i have got no class tomorrow but am going out to go get my certificate for SPM! arrh~good old memories that i would want to relieve once again~T-T


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