Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Yours~

That was so totally random cause today is the day where Jason Mraz is performing life in Malaysia. and it is such a nice weather! and i am sitting here blogging, heard some lame ghost stories from Pasir Ris's Sungai Api Api hosted by VJ Utt also lengcai la. LOL~

Today class was rescheduled earlier and so i went out quite early to beat the traffic. and everything moved so fast today that i did not even realized that i had actually reached my destination.

i was waiting for my friend to fetch me cause i thought that the bus would wait freaking long and on the other side of the grey matter was thinking that i was freaking late so i would reach faster if i pester my friend like a pest to fetch me.

I was staring at the signboard of Wangsa Maju for 20 minutes and something jiwang came to me. "have you ever felt that you are already there but you are not actually there YET? have you ever feel that something was so near to your reach but what's not yours will never ever be yours?"
although i was just thinking randomly but i was actually referring the question to myself. geddit??cause i am blurred to what i just said here too~xp

Maybe due to the tired-ness of waiting, i suddenly felt that there are way too much taxis that are jobless today and they are waiting for rich noobs students who needs a lift and is rushing. and there were the another random and jiwang thinking.. "have you ever felt that there are way too much opportunity open up in front of you but you are not eligible/able to cease the opportunity and there are too many expected duties from you and are binding you from doing what you love??!"
yet again, was referring to myself.

"have you too ever felt that there are way too much danger out there for you alone to handle and hey, the words STAY TOGETHER sounds kinda comforting! ain't it?"
but reality is harsh and STAY TOGETHER doesn't exist anymore, so *slapslap* wake up people and stand on thy hard ground using thy given strong legs by thy self! xp

eventhough life sucks hard time, being students will always have studies as priority first and no matter how hard and heavy the storms are, we will always stick to our loyal pen and papers and heavy lecture notes and mind-boogling tutorial questions.
and i will always be as hardworking as her and to write everywhere i go no matter i am sticking my butt to the chair or standing upright in the middle of hot-ness!

easing stress-ness with a good bowl of food will totally dizzle me down and relaxes my mind for the next up coming challenging day and here is another stress-free therapy from me to all~

please do and go spulrge big time on yourself and waste money! and after that please pay attention to lecture! roflmao! lol~

even so, after the big rainy storm entering and dissolving in and outta your lifes, there will always be a clear bright future and challenging one too ahead and you are all chyped up to face it and you will and must be singing "I Will Survive" through out the whole course so that you can taste the reaping of bundle-ness process.

SO, Lets All Start Wandering cause you could actually plan your life and letting yourself know what are the things that are acheivements to you and what are not and what you should do to ful fill it all. and you could do wandering-s/daydreaming everywhere...

*tries posing sexily like him*


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