Friday, March 6, 2009

i Grew Up, Grew Out and Now I Am Back!

I really missed my secondary school! my fame there, my friends that i made there, the teachers there, all the activities that i had done there, the things that i learnt there that makes me who i am today, and most importantly all the laughters, joy and sorrows that i had been through in SMK Cheras Perdana.

There, the school where i spend my last 5 years learning and letting the teachers to mould my future. if this weren't here where it is now, neither would i be where i am now. Ok~ i made my school sounded like this is the best and the most great school ever, but no. I used to hate my school. to tell you the truth, what ever i imagined a school should have, they had none of it here! during my time la that is, cause i am not sure what changes that they made here which i am so sure that now is way better than during my time.

But, when my friend were about to park his car, i saw the biggest signboard filled up with words of encouragement for the students that came to school! fuah! i nearly laugh my ass off knowing how many people would ponteng school. even though some of them do come, they would not last till 6.45p.m cause we had a jalan belakang! lol~and i used that before! xp arhh~those wonderful moments when i pulled up my baju kurung to knee length and climbed across the wall and go under the dog hole! lol what turf right??! xp
when i think back, i totally missed it although it's so not me now la! i don't go under holes now anymore! never! il die of shameness if i do now!xp but it was all good times! *daydreamed about it*
the signboard says "Tahniah! Anda berjaya ke sekolah hari ini!!"
Lame~i know you know we know but i think the students do feel abit encouraged cause i felt that too when i saw it just now and make me feel like jumping into my secondary pinafore(if i fit)and attends school! what a cliche! now that i am outta it, i missed it when i have hated it all my life there! T-T

We were then greeted my the newest headmistress, and i thought that they changed it AGAIN cause no one can really stay long there, and you know why la~ all the fights, teacher's car scratched and all.
but it was still good ol' Puan Hamidah! aww~ and she remembers me! remember me about saying that i am famous there! LOL what turf~ and she was like why are you all here??Mau tengok saya ka? LOL xp still the old funny her! i still remember we took a group picture the day we left school but i duno where i kept it.

And so after writting down names, we proceeded to the office to claim my SPM certificate.

there! cannot see my result right??! lol i know you all this ill fated people la~but am not afraid to expose my results too and it is bad!

nah!xp if you all can see it la, click to enlarge.

Actually, i really have got lots of things that i would want to tell you all during my secondary! lol~all the funny and embarassing things that has happened and done by Victoria! lol~ that on goes to another post la~^^

my driver for the day! actually is my driver the whole time! lol what turf~i actually feel bad, cause where ever we want to go we would asked him to fetch! lol and he would want to tag along too! what a good buddy right? he is a 'sister' to me cause he 'kap' lengcai with me and i 'kap' lenglui with him! xp

My secondary besh buddy since form 3(i think), dun care la~ and she is my besh friends 3 years to come, 5 years to come and i would like it to be 30 years from now! hehe~ *hugs* and i freaking imagining me and her sitting down at a bench in a park cuddling our baby and talking back what happened and what we been through 30 years ago! lol what turff~
that shows how close am i with her! *hugs babe*

and i manage to sell the idea to go eat at McD! LOL~ fuah~i am so satisfied now cause i had been craving for this since like months ago cause i am sticking to no McD cause i wanted to diet. and so i gave up today!xp
nevermind, tomorrow i will swim more rounds! lol~xp

and my Puan Hamidah know feng shui! lol what turff~
I will be back there some where June/July to get my triple 1(something)certificate. cause i got A2 for my international English Language paper! yeay! told ya i am damn good with languages!xp


fluotone said...

Im pretty impressed with the umm results... did u get an A+ in photoshop as well hehe :)

Voxy said...

lol~told ya that i am not good! lol~urm~i noe that the photoshop shop thg is sarcasm la kan!?lol~i got a bad camera phone so thats why with the blurry pictures and all~cx my damn fone needs alot of lighting~

anyway, thx fer reading!^^

Jeffro said...

chill la.. at least you got A's *pats back* Well since you're already in college, there's no point of worrying about the SPM results.. the last time I checked, the results are meant to get you into college, but YOU'RE ALREADY IN.. So you're not that bad after all ei? *hugs*

Voxy said...

Jeffro::hahaha~i guess so but mummy say the people out there would still want to see the spm thing when job interview!
arh! im just no good in theory! what turf~

*hugs and massage*

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