Monday, March 23, 2009

Something New


Today we had a Rev named George Bakalov invited to our church today instead of our very own Ps. Ong Sek Leang. Someone said, 'ok something new.' and i went, 'what turf, so you also do that and change gf and say ok something new?!'
I was quite furious when ever i think back what he said and thats the reason that i am blogging at wee hours now and ditching my assignments. But then again, blogging is darn addictive. As addictive as MapleStory, as Grey's Anatomy, as addictive as playing my Wii too~ Ohmygod, i think i got the blog-bug. I think about blogging all the time. Twas, am in need of blogging courses to mushroom from anywhere, and i will go! LOL WHAT TURF~

Actually, whoever takes blogging course is like a waste of time right?if there were any.

Nothing much happen today except that it was yes, AGAIN, damn blardy hot today. and i nearly fainted just by sitting in the room studying. with windows all open and yes, my house no air-con so safe your mind thinking why the hell got air-con also hot. Cause i love the earth and i want to contribute and so by not having air-con! what turf~
Air-con is bad and dries up the skin, that is why mummy took the air-con down and i vow for it too, cause when i am weather hot, my skin turns reddish and looks nice! LOL~

And oh, sunburnt finally no more! it cured!
and mummy say that that might be just be me and my own self conscience cause sunburnt don't heal in just one day. ok what ever~
Happy that i finally can wear my tees and still i want to wear the other type cause is effing hot now a days.

I am very very into nail art things and i saw something that i think is cheap on but then again, it is hard for me to order cause mum say need to get it from Sepang! i went what turf, no other place??
And i realized that as i grow older, i spent money furiously, without thinking.
eg,while walking and scanning through the mall and saw something attractive, walks over and see see abit, 'Eh, nice sia, i think i should get this one.' 'Oh no wait, this is nicer, but that is nice too' and will go how arh how arh, actually i do that to buy time till mum says she will buy the other for me. but that never happens, so just grab both, not even looking at the price and PAY!!
End of the month,rings friends, 'eh got job ka?'

So who wants to support me abit ei?*winks* I am cute! LOLWHATTURFF xp

Hm~now is 12.17 a.m of 23rd march.
and the reason that i am not sleeping cause i had blardy loads of assignments.

And i went blog surfing and i read XiaXue's blog and laughed my arse off at her newest vids. seriously, i salute that girl. she speaks her mind and her niche is that blardy no insurance mouth of hers and her she is, earning big bucks and not a single sweat.

I wander, what do this famous bloggers do??

You mean they have no steady job and just depend on advertisers?
or they actually have all and the enough moolah to start their own small business which is part time and their fulltime is BLOGGING?

That would be so cool i tell you~
and i back to assignment! cherrios people!


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